2 easy ways to match your outfit and watches!

The power of the wristwatch, the gentleman – like that belt, tie and shoes – can make your look as easy as it can be!

In the past, we have had similar discussions on this; now, we’re developing a side.

As a good example of immodest dress, nothing can compare to a sharp saying, a sharp gentleman in a tuxedo showcasing a digital / analog-digital watch! No, not mixed watches, not always; a Skagen Signature T Bar has no problem walking with tux; even Xiaomi Mijia face every challenge as you try to accompany one another. Things to go with are as skillfully as Lange Saxonia or Patek Calatrava if the budget is not an issue; the problem starts when it is a mechanical, digital or analog clock; including smart watches.

Leaving a bit: How do you differentiate hybrid and wise?

  • Wise: Complete digital tools designed to deliver the latest and most innovative styles through the latest technology. Views are essential for smart watches (Tissot T-Touch had a matching feature), allowing the user to have useful, useful features (tracking changes during work hours, measuring and analyzing equipment; texting, calling, social networking, receiving notifications from to a connected device and more). You also need to charge for it if you have other equipment, though not often.

Combined: Combined watches – some also call them smart watches -carry the expertise of an intelligent watch in traditional design and design. You can call them VinTech and depending on the format, it allows you to send calls and voice notifications, often as a little vibration; edit music and volume, take pictures, follow the sequence of events – you can even split indexes to perform other tasks by hand! Battery life is longer (up to 6 months depending on usage) and even longer.

Osati tux; they use sport jackets, sweatshirts and even leather jackets. Men with limited options for jewelry, find the watch with the words – one – of their personality. But there is no reason to think that men who like to have more have more or less personality; it is about their awareness of the need to go with the nature of certain events. We found them following a few tips that make each of their watches more versatile in their wardrobe rather than having too many distractions among us.

  • Matching Formality: There are analog clocks and digital clocks, the latter with an LCD / LED face to display information related to athletic performance. Obviously, in the case of black, you don’t have to do anything. As a result, the digital watch emerges in the league – not with tuxes, but – with any type of formal dress. Here, a clear, simple and sophisticated look and the success of a white face; there should be no complications (as good as two) or especially – a small second-hand counter or an open heart. With a thin, black cord, it will be as stable as it used to be. Horse symbols and Roman numerals add another touch of beauty; others like Movado keep without even that.The hard part is choosing the right place between the two types! There are many analog clocks with two or more hands, some showing a 24-hour rotation and two times; often through GMT hands and rings – the choice can be dizzy! Just remember – dresses / chronos are not associated with tuxes but are best with business attire and golf attire; The latter also include swimwear, sports and games – of all kinds – even digital and smart. No car / race car or airplane title, please; even if you are a big fan of Grand Prix or Lindbergh! This is for the times you are in the same circles.

  • Suitable clothes: Knowing a little about dress makes your job easier. In the case of Black- / White -Taye, do not wear a watch-watch – if you have to wear one! Traditionally, you should not look at the public because a formal event is considered a long-term event, done so that you can throw yourself on the occasion. Only the chain needs to show and here we have a good idea. Follow the simple, clear and slightly clocks on her face or body. A black leather belt also works here. This is where business attire comes in handy, looking great from a wide range of simple, classic gold or silver colors with slim dials. There are a few problems (day / day) but most of all, with ‘day‘. The black, protective clothing looks great paired with high-end watches. For short or short dresses or festive attire, select the Moon Side.

A Stroke lighter is it was common to arrive! With so many styles with bottoms and khaki on one side and black denim and jackets play the other side. The straps are not part of this side of the circle, but leather shoes and sandals are. These you can wear to the workplace or to the day, so large watches with very complex faces are not a problem. Here you can wear everything – pilots, running, dresses / chronos and various; digital no bar! This can also be combined with casual clothing – apricot shirts, chambrays, jeans and tees.

In the end, remember – black leather is more durable than purple leather or metal / rubber / silicon / plastic / resin bracelet.

Leave a comment about your options for choosing the right watch for the event. We want to hear it!

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