A Lange & Sohne VS Patek Philippe

These are two of the most sought-after watches on the watch team. Which is better?

Many view loved ones are fascinated by all kinds of watchmaking. The makers of two of the most advanced watches here are all at the top of their game. Let’s see how they compare with each other from each perspective.

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Patek Philippe and A Lange & Söhne are well-known watchmakers in all their countries. Instead, many viewing conflicts end up in jeopardy when it comes to arguing for the better of both types: and for good reason. Obviously, there are brands like Rolex that are more popular everywhere because their brand is well positioned with the market price to somehow reach your average. However, there is a luxury, then there is an über-luxury.


All Lange & Söhne and Patek Philippe with the festival name most distinguished top shelf watchmaking higher in each of the countries themselves. Although most people recognize as Patek Philippe, one of those affected, fail to realize that they can not be touched by others. Swiss watchmakers because Patek does not consider others Swiss consider race to be any major competition. While this may be true for watchmakers in Switzerland, this fact is no longer the case with German watches pulling them to the Saxon region of Glashutte. Lange & Sohne is probably another magician who can keep Patek Philippe at their feet. In any case, Horologists often have one of their watches in their divisions. Both models have an impressive track record and have contributed to the ancient technology of making traditional clocks.

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People often ask us “What is the cheapest A Lange & Sohne watch?” or “Which is the cheapest Patek Philippe watch I can buy?”. This question makes a person in – realize that chuckle since none of their watches are always said to be cheap, and most quite ‘cheap’! When you buy new watches from the manufacturer of these watches, they are always, at least, priced at 5 and start at over $ 25,000. The best-selling patek Philippe ever sold was a kind Grandmaster Chime known as the reference 6300A-010 which sold at the charity market for $ 31,000,000 making it the cheapest watch ever sold.

The Lange & Sohne watches have an entry price (at full retail price) of about $ 18,000. This is a small 35mm 3 wrist watch called ‘Saxonia Manual wind’. A larger 39mm or 40mm self-propelled watch can cost you between $ 27,000 and $ 30,000 in the United States. Some of their top horology artists cost more than a quarter of a million dollars or more as well as the famous Grand Complication which only six have been designed to cost around $ 2.5 million.


This comparison team is irrational. Patek is much stronger than A Lange & Sohne when it comes to resale. Instead, their entire race was built on this idea of ​​longevity and kept something of value for your family to inherit. That is why their famous slogan “You do not have Patek Philippe. You are only looking at the next generation.” Do A Lange and Sohne value each other? * Not as Patek did. Patek Philippe and Rolex.

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All manufacturing mechanical clock makes the most difficult. A Lange & Sohne has revealed their Grand Complication in 2013 that challenges many of lust. Watch 3-train barrels, the gears had three endless calendar, large bell, small bell, minute repeater, part of the moon and a monopusher (mono-pusher) chronograph ratrapante in a5th for a second a lot (Seconds of flight). No need to say that it looks amazing and many times, this can only be a clock more than anyone to carry. This is why only 6 nations made of Lange & Sohne Grand Complication L1902.

Patek Philippe, on the other hand, outshined the brand more than any other watch when it comes to watch the main problem The most difficult and difficult mechanical movement. Recently, they unveiled the Grandmaster Chime, their most sophisticated wristwatch ever made. Traditionally twenty different problems, were two separate dials and editing issues and was a total of five certificates of technical company. Their website states that the process of making, producing and assembling the clock was over 100,000 hours. There have been some very pocket watches in the past, such as the famous Patek Philippe Henry Graves as well Vacheron Constantin 57260 which we learned a lot. But Patek was able to alleviate these problems which in itself is a challenge.

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Famous for verifying the accuracy of the Swiss clock is 3rd Party Swiss lab called COSC. Clock yaku Swiss would be tempted to COSC, and achieves the accuracy of seconds -4 / + 6 per day, is considered as a watch most accurate and receive a special called Chronometer, a name well-known mechanical more accurate that is. The test according to ISO 3159.

German watchmakers have to go the other way and use a German site called Wempe that tests according to DIN 8319 standards which is equivalent to COSC’s -4 / + 6 seconds each day. The Lange & Sohne have the most accurate watches. Instead, I have heard of a Saxonia species that completely detached only +3 seconds in 7 days. One thing German scientists are known for is their accuracy so it should not be surprising there. Some models such as Lange 1 are known to maintain their accuracy for up to +2 / -2 seconds per day, which doubles the accuracy of COSC specs, even after years of wear. But Lange’s responsibility is that their clocks are accurate within a minimum of +/- 3 seconds per day which, regardless of the one-second deviation, is still more accurate than the COSC standard chronometer.

That said Patek Philippe, like many other high-end Swiss watchmakers do not use COSC as a standard, since for them the bar is set at a low point for their watches super (most important thing). Patek Philippe developed their own test systems that allow their watches to meet regularly at the top of the COSC and hear their unique Patek Philippe Seal. This special seal found on its movement means that their clocks are accurate within -3 / + 2 seconds per day. The seal covers a wide range of not only accuracy but, rather, the shape of the entire clock. Depending on their location, they set the final requirements, the quality of the materials used, the integrity of the gemstones used and the placement of the gemstones. In addition, it works for the rest of the life of the clock and ensures the repair and maintenance of any watch made by the watchmaker since 1839.


Many would say that A Lange & Sohne is a masterpiece, especially when it comes to fashion finish (finish) and decoration (i.e. sculpture). They are known all over the world for their hand-crafted designs on their various items and dishes. Make no mistake about it, Patek Philippe are some of the most interesting finishing touches and decorations in the market. However, when you consider Patek that A. Lange & Sohne, in terms of finishing and ornamentation, it appears through the sapphire case in the background, that German watches A. Langa and cut on top of its Swiss counterpart.

a lange sohne movement decorative finish


All these nations is proof chazaka two. Nations give warranties extras if you register clock on the manufacturer you bought or, in the case of A Lange & Sohne, will develop the certification of two years and one year to three years after purchasing. the Boutique.

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