Are you buying a watch? Here are 5 things to keep in mind!

Preferences: The way they move

It is a well-known fact that women – almost all of them – love watches as another bright, time-honored accessory. They tend to be very careful about the shape of the clock, to make it more comfortable in their appearance, it is usually a signature; of Coach Park Jacquard for example, from the Movado group. Many other methods are often overlooked, which this blog post will try to address and help women choose for themselves and / or others the most appropriate watch of all!

The same can be observed among a few men; this post was also made for them. Maybe you’re on the side of the $ 50-ish watch, but the $ 50 should be spent well without the big pieces, shiny ones with idle dials, hands, crowns or towels with a funny name on the dial.

Notice here: The $ 50 watch is not Chinese in origin. The biggest examples are probably Timex and Casio; however, you will turn around when you see China’s billions of movements; to say, to Peacock or Memorigin, making the prices of watches vary from a few thousand dollars to a quarter of a million.

Decorating and Save Time

Greedy women, when it comes to watchmaking skills, are inferior to men; while men are often more selective when it comes to choosing their watch. Differences in the psychology of craving and buying a watch are what make men and women different animals; methods that make men happy almost always do not work for women and designs that find women full of happiness have nothing to do with most men.

But women in high-tech watches often spend less money than men on each watch and on average. And men, all right; we do not have many options.

What this means: Women enjoy choosing from large, well-dressed, and high-profile groups. On the sidewalk, they have handbags, jewelry in a variety of colors and textures, shoes and makeup while men are locked inside the set limits of shoes; purse or card, pen, tiepin, sometimes ring or glasses other than a watch. That is why a man looks more closely at his watch than a woman.

Important factors that affect selection

gold and white analog clock

It has already been discussed many times with others, so we cannot focus on marketing and advertising. Apart from that, the endless question for viewing companies – “What does a woman want in a high-end watch if she is not buying Cartier; and Chopard or a Chanel? ”

  • Good performance: Women are disgusted by any combination (non-counting pets) that requires the most attention; men or guards; cars, equipment… are the same for everyone. This is why quartz-colored clocks are so appealing to their appearance, and with small floral ornaments or other similar designs, their excitement grows exponentially. Some go to extremes with Casio Baby G and Enticers; they are usually professionals or hobbyists with a career / hobby history similar to that of men. Overweight women tend to wear men’s watches, whether at work or not (Luna from Expendables III?).
  • Romantic: Women love when their partner wears a male version of the watch he wears (the Presage Blue Moon Automatics, for example; there is a type of men and women) or, when it comes to pleasant emotions, heads or memories.
  • Soon: Names like Cartier and French Connection offer lasting appeal in the fashion world; women just want to make sure they don’t look old-fashioned and come out in their groups.

Men, on the other hand, will go:

  1. Visual aids: Almost unlimited list that is; starting with stainless steel (with coating or coating or dyeing) and expanding into titanium, resin, rubber and ceramic… All these materials are very durable and durable but most of all, a human watch must be in good condition.
  2. Growth: The proper size of a watch does not mean a few millimeters across; that’s the way it is on your hand. A good watch with a diameter between 38mm and 44mm; others prefer extremes (34mm or 50mm is rarely seen). The quantity of a watch with a watch determines whether the watch can appreciate your style and not look strange on the wrist; However, you need to remember – You need big hands to remove the big clock. And remember the belt / bracelet; avoid narrow mechanical wires for best results.
  3. See Group Tools: Leather, stainless steel, titanium, nylon paracord, silicone and polyurethane rubber, ceramic – the list is quite large. However, leather always represents class, order and beauty but it also requires special care and everything else.
  4. See Appearance: Round is the most common although four-dimensional shapes, squares or polygonals are also required. However, if you want a more stylish look, head to Ventura XXL. Or, if it is too big on your hand, choose a smaller Ventura Open Heart Automatic. You could buy it for your wife and she might want to wear the same ones as you.
  5. Watch Motions: This does not need to be explained; a man loves the engines of his cars, bicycles, computers, smart phones and watches to be strange, if not complicated with many functions on the watch. Quartz, Mechanical, Mecha-quartz, Spring Drive and Eco-Drive – simple or complex – you have to choose; to compare well, go here. For cheap watches with respectable mechanical movements, see here. And this; if you want to know more about the movement of quartz.
  6. Watch Singing: Now, we come to what you will find in the first watch. Go to the previous post about penyani dials simple explanation. There are often drawings (on dial, case or back); now it is entirely up to personal choice. Just make sure it fits the clock and not the meaningless or trivial thing.

End of lesson

Everything is important on the watch and in particular, when the market is full of so many different types, you have the opportunity to choose the one you want; to you or someone whose happiness means the world to you. Just remember:

  • Black: A type that is closely related to dynamic and natural.
  • White: Holiness and liberation.
  • Blue: It means intelligence, trust and self-reliance.
  • Gold: Beauty and appearance.
  • Types of power: Eccentricity and against what is known.

These are the many variations that are played out and your preferences speak the last words here.

Keep logging in leave your answers below. Name the watches mentioned above that you would like most and why.

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