Ask for a Gonzo Wing (XLIII): Christmas Gift Ideas for Women 2021

Q1. Dear Gonzo, I have come back for more ideas. While still young, I was looking for advice and wisdom in the great world of horology; you are one of the few who really helps me develop my interest in watches that I have made over the past few years.

Recently, the grace of the Lord began to fall, giving me an excuse to buy my friend the best gift I had chosen this Christmas and a watch on this subject and my thoughts. Her ex-boyfriend who had the same name as the Swiss recently lost her beauty.

I have limits on my budget, though Rolex or Chopard is not something I am looking at right now. If Diamond had been her best friend, my job would have been easier and I would not have bothered you as much as I do here (at this point). I just choose a Seiko Classic Women’s and call it a day! Or, I would choose him East Sun and Moon; or, a Citizen Silhouette Eco-Drive.

The only information I received was that – A watch that could be worn for the wedding and to go to the mall with his friends. She is in the media and is wearing the Casio BABY-G working differently.

A. Therefore, YOU WANT to give your wife a good watch! I understand your little reliance on the gut in this case has a reason; anti-culture is not always fun and it comes back, often very badly, leaving strong men shaking on their knees and as a point of relationship, I have to share your burdens. You are not alone. However, my dear boss, some do not seem to be educated; glad to see you are not in their group.

Among the few life lessons learned through the years, it does not try to force – at least, on taste. You can give the best ideas to your ladylove. However, the miserable behavior of men – with obvious consequences – falls into the notion of love for time and with difficulty, they tend to imitate their wives in terms of their perception of time. Good to see you cross that barrier

The situation of sleeping differently can be just as annoying to him; trying to get her to like you can cause a lot of frustration. He will procrastinate – with a good temper, I may add – to enter a world that you find very interesting.

In the case of the ladies’ watch under Rolex or Chopard prices, the simplest answer would be Morellato. There will not be much reason for him to dislike Ninfa; Gaia or Incontro. However, for the wedding itself, Drops or rose Gold Ninfa should be something you should pay attention to. Morellato also makes excellent metal jewelry; combine it with a watch to enhance your success.

Alternatively, Trussardi – Morellato’s sister-in-law – also has something to offer in this regard. See T-Complicity or T-Light with crest; they will all provide you with additional information that enhances your credibility as a decision maker in the future.

Q2. Hello Gonzo! This can be surprising, since your active followers are the ones who write to you and men but yours

Seiko Presage Cocktail Time - Updated Time

Fun and insightful reading is no longer just for men, is it? Thank you for all those parts; By developing my knowledge of magic a little but I am afraid, I have not yet been able to accumulate enough to meet the demands of two gentlemen – one very active with his precious Harley even at the age of seventy-one, approaching the age of seventy. and sleeping potatoes from 20 years ago. One is my dad and the other one, my mother-in-law, who, this Christmas, I want to give each of them a watch. My mother-in-law is Russian and when she goes to Russia, a watch is a great way to wish a man a long and successful life while my father, a gentleman and a lover of the best things in life. a difficult man to please, though the clocks were not his luxury items as a dish in another bone with good wine.

A. It is wonderful to hear from you Madam; to say a word Autolycus – “it would be nice to have a girlfriend to change.” I remember meeting the Russian people at work even though it was not related to magic science stories but caviar breakfast, cold rivers and all the other entertainment, which I still remember with unadulterated fun. It is interesting to hear that you want my opinion so that you are not referred to as a vyezhestvennyy.

As for the gentleman who loves good dishes, do not look beyond the Seiko Presage Arita Porcelain Automatic where for the young Septuagenarian, there is nothing better than the Garmin Instinct Solar Tactical Edition Graphite Camo. However, if you want to have the options, check out the new versions of Seiko Presages and Casio G-Shocks. You do not even need to be told who they are.

Keep logging in leave your answers below. Name the watches mentioned above that you would like most and why.

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