Q. Dear Gonzo,

Lit comes as a surprise to you, I want to say at once – I am not interested in watches and trying to hide; or show an example of wise inquiry into watches that contain something hidden. What I am asking is obvious; whether it is verbal or not but certainly a dead and unpleasant question for you I am sure – It is money.

“What watch should I buy now to make a good profit if I sell it 5 or 10 years later?” –

A. THEh mai… What should I do with a man like you?!? I can’t decide if I can hug you or hug you! Men like you always surprise me with your honesty and then confuse me with your insulting words; not how amazing, however. Therefore, I answer this question and you have to act rudely in retaliation.

Do you have bags deep enough to sell five or more numbers? If the answer is yes – “No.! “then there is not much I can do for you other than tell you everything you can find with assurance”Yes.”. If it’s a company “No.”; I try to find changing spots within this dynamic and revolve around it – as they think extensively – gemstones of horology. This will not damage your arm and leg and will still be worth your money and pride.

Display – Your watch must be ‘Special‘to help you recover the money you spend later and more, if not more over time, if you want to sell. Sitting special they want a price. The silent speaker proves to be a dangerous money.

However, this does not mean that every watch with an item on the list will have a retail price. What causes them or breaks them at that time will be the beginning of a great upheaval with no exception Omega, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, Rolex and Grand Seiko they will come out alive. But those are big ticket numbers. We draw from the ideas that lead to – if not, then – box-filled clocks that will not be frustrating not naturally, or professionally or financially. On the flip side, this is not a great choice for a newcomer plutocrat, whose regular entertainment includes media updates on purchasing, dressing and turning everything he mentions. handmade or limited edition, regardless of whether they are or not.

Take what you want for your money back by reselling it and adding a little more even if you use the watch correctly (more or less than 4 days a week) and not what you can take out of the metal chest every day to rest. and wipe it, and put it back where it was before.

But before that, if your answer was correct “No.”, I would like to draw your attention to a few others except the survivors chaos. They would be IWC, Vacheron Constntin, Piaget, JLC, A Lange & Sohne and Zenith. While it may not sound like the old 5, it is a good watch, far from a world full of people. high of uneducated and intelligent people.

Why do we view clocks as the world’s most powerful forces? Yes, a Rolex Submariner nothing like Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime if we look at the problem but it will not happen again Chime settling in difficult aquatic environments where a Sailor he would. Or, even it can’t stand Space like that Moonwatch! There is no thinner than the APJUMBO FEARLESS and no one speaks a better language GS. All meet the COSC standard. GS is over!

That said, I think you probably are in good hands when you consider this:

Before investing in a watch, remember:

  • Investing in watches attracts risks and rewards based on your choices.
  • Clocks do not make history and profits can be small compared to goods or goods.
  • Your chosen watch should be based on your design. That way, if you change your mind and plan to save what you think of selling, do it happily.
  • Buying watches is not a bet on horses. Clocks are appreciated by time.
    Keep logging in leave your answers below. Which of the above points do you need to work on most, and why?

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