Breguet Marine Royale Alarm 45mm Comment

Let’s dive deeper into the comments of the swimmer from a highly regarded watchmaker who designed the Marine marble machronometer of the French Navy.

From its 18kt white gold polka dot bag to the tight strap and the final move, Marine Royal Alarm will pull you in and pull you inside. The round fabric is 45mm thick and uses a combination of polished and polished. The silent bezel rotates on one side and has Arabic numerals in the old serif type written from between 4 and 5 o’clock until between 11 and 12 o’clock. Although this is a very serious matter, it wears a small watch since, in the dial, the Roman numerals are in the middle of a black musical instrument with a wavy shape around it. There seems to be a lot going on on the dial. I’ll break it down for you to understand what these things are.

Breguet Marine Royal Alarm Dial

The black ring that runs through the center of the ring has clear blue dots that are used to indicate where the alarm is set. The middle blue hand with the tip, and the alarm arm. This is a 12-hour automatic alarm that can be set up and adjusted with a rubber crown between 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock to the right of the case. On / off work alarms can be easily adjusted by a wavy-shaped button located at 8 o’clock to the left of the case.

Breguet Marine Royal Alarm Dial Luminous material

The diamond-shaped clock notes rotate along the edges of the ring and are filled with light-in-dark objects in a lighter shade of blue than an alarm. This was done to differentiate between the brightness devices used to save time and additional functions such as the 10-hour power saving signal and the aforementioned alarm function.

The opening date is at 6 o’clock in the morning. And in the middle of the song is a section with the signature of the Breguet Marine wavy form. This one looks outward from the center with a wavy guilloche shape. The same type of guilloche is on the verge of singing with hourly and secretively recorded notes.

Breguet Marine Royal Alarm Rubber Strap Clasp Closed

This Breguet Marine watch has a Breguet signature on the side of the case and a rib shape. On the right side of the case between the two curved crowns there is a tilde-shaped barrier that allows the bezel to rotate around. The fabric consists of twisted strings that twist slightly like an ‘J’ and the rubber cord connects to the strings using small polished straps. The rubber strap is hand-stitched with 18kt white gold welding knitting (folding).

Breguet Marine Royal Alarm Review Deployant Buckle Open

The sleek sapphire crystal is a refinement that you can find very interesting because it reveals the engine that gives the heartbeat of this watch. Looking for an internal Breguet caliber 519r self-winding (automatic) that strikes at 4Hz or 28,800 VpH. A group of 36 gemstones has a solid 18kt gold ring that is beautifully decorated with rounded shape. Some plates in the process use a combination of different colors and pink sapphire gemstones can be seen painted on different plates. The Breguet 519r caliber has an average power of = / – 45 hours. The rear case is tightly connected with six polished straps and provides water resistance of 300m / 1000ft resistance.

Breguet Marine Royal Alarm Caliber 519R

Summary of articles: This watch is from a reputable watchmaker whose name is synonymous with expertise and many magical skills. The contents of this watch are some of the features that you will not see on a swimsuit. It has a much larger size of 45mm, gives it a more transparent appearance especially in low light. It can resist water by diving slowly and tossing on the water and is so strong that it can be worn every day. If the rubber belt is too easy for you, a metal bracelet can be imported from Breguet or you can simply choose the type that comes with an 18kt gold bracelet.

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