Breguet VS Patek Philippe: Which is better?

Two of the famous clock shelves go head-to-head with detailed comparisons where we re-enlighten all these colors from multiple angles. Shall we start?

There are people who like to collect watches so there are those who appreciate good watches. The first one usually has watches ranging from several mid-range watches to low-end market watches. Followers often have a high level of appreciation for the skill, history, and dangers of the clocks that go to these high-end bands. Today, we will divide two such types and find granular in what makes them different from each other. Let’s get started, shall we?

To simplify the information you want, we have divided this comparison into sections that describe different ways to compare watches from these two manufacturers. Feel free to use the links below to navigate them.

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Both the watchmakers and the watchmakers are the oldest, each with about 200 years of experience in the watch industry. All of these are highly esteemed names that attract the attention of the public by collecting watches, especially in the world of special clocks.

What color is it? Breguet is. They are one of the very few 18-year-oldsth Twentieth-century watchmakers have abandoned the business, making them one of the oldest. Their company was founded in 1775.

Patek Philippe is 64 years “younger” than Breguet and has been making watches since 1839 and is popular among many collectors.

Brand Prestige

Nowadays, like most consumer goods, the popularity of a watchmaker in public often stems from a number of factors but especially the popularity of celebrities. Both Patek and Breguet have had people in high places, very high places, they have their watches, and they wear them proudly. These were politicians, corporate leaders, the royal family, famous artists, actors, and actors.

However, when this popularity is realized in the presence of magicians, watchmakers, and those who appreciate the technology, there is more to it than just wearing your medicine to make it stand out. For them, fame is closely related to the complexity of their watchmaking skills, and they have contributed to a long-standing technological achievement. All watchmakers have provided many useful features through their design and many innovations.

Patek Philippe Contributions to Clocks

One of the first features of Patek Philippe was in 1845 with a patent granted to keep pocket keys leading to a crooked crown.

In 1868 he actually invented the first Swiss watch.

Then, in 1881, they corrected the correct one by setting up the correct controller. Then came out a a timeless calendar in 1889, a sophisticated machine that is also known to be the most expensive and available on the most expensive watches.

Permanent Patek Calendar Chronograph Chronograph 5270R-001

1902 released two chronographs (stopwatch).

First 20th in the seventh century, he brought about a radical change and a new and more sophisticated approach, which he always challenged himself to succeed with the most recent developments.

It was in 1933 that he excelled when he developed the Henry Graves Supercomplication which kept a record as the most difficult clock until 1989 with 24 complex. Then he broke his record in 1989 to celebrate his 150thth a reminder by Caliber 89 which had 33 episodes. Recently another very old artist “disturbed” them and took over the song. However, celebrate their 175th in 2014, he made it one of the most challenging in the world wristwatches and 20 different challenges. They had received many other famous beatings between 1933 and today but I am sure you have now found this picture.

Most importantly, Patek makes up one-third (and no doubt the top three) of the so-called “The Big 3” or “Holy Trinity” swiss watch makers in three popular colors: Patek Philippe, Vacheron. Constantin (the oldest artist who still works incessantly, and who has the most difficult watch in the world), and Audemars Piguet (also known as AP watchers and collectors and famous for their Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watch). Some argue that Jaeger LeCoultre could be 4 strong but even Vacheron or Audemars Piguet would not want to lose their footing in the top three Jaeger LeCoultre.

Breguet Contributions to Clockworking

Breguet has also provided many essentials. Breguet developed the first self-propelled (self-propelled) clock called the Forever. few are the ones who make the most famous watches in bringing this to the watch business.

They are also known to be the originators of the tourbillon crisis, one of the most exciting machines you can see on a high-end watch. It is used to combat the force of gravity on the movement of a watch.

Breguet Tourbillon Watch

Brand recognition

With all of the above, it is not surprising that these two brands are among the best-known names in the Swiss watch industry.

Is Patek Philippe the best watch? Patek Philippe is at 3rd the world-famous name in the Swiss watch business. They are the third in the brand to remember only for the two most accessible so many are known low-market luxury brands; Rolex and Omega. The initial absence is more closely related to the marketing and advertising methods of these low-cost markets than anything else.

Is Breguet the most advanced watch? Breguet is at 6th All over the world of Swiss watches based on brand identity so they are all very important and respected but Patek Philippe is well known, both by the common people and by the watchmaker.

Source: Interbrand, a geographic organization that produced a report on the Top 50 Swiss brand names that can be found online at.

Accuracy & Accuracy

Most watchmakers send their watches to third-party labs as most advanced watchmakers have to obtain a COSC certificate with the name of the chronometer meaning it has a minimum accuracy of -4 / + 6 minutes per day. This is considered to be the most accurate of the mechanical watch and adds to the popularity.

Patek Philippe stopped sending their calibers to COSC. They instead started issuing their certificates and to the highest standards. If the watch has a Patek Philippe Seal on it, it means it has a accuracy of -3 / + 2 seconds per day, twice as accurate as a standard COSC watch.

Breguet also does not send their calories to obtain a COSC certificate and tests themselves correctly. The watch features a 10Hz high-speed clock called 7727 and is said to be accurate to about + 1 / -2 seconds per day.

However, this is not the case standard accuracy of each one of their watches. This is a special piece. Breguet does not provide details about whether their standards are accurate, per se. The best thing you can come out with is that their clocks are very accurate. Some enthusiasts who love accurate measurement say that other colors were more accurate than watches with a Patek Seal. Without any standard or any official statement from Breguet, it is difficult to say for sure. However, there are now mobile apps that can be used by watch aficionados to test the accuracy of a watch.


We are often asked: “Are Breguet clocks good?”. All brands offer more expertise compared to most brands. However, Patek Philippe is a top-of-the-line Breguet, especially since Breguet watches began to be widely manufactured by the Swatch Group in 1999, an integrated global corporation that has invested heavily in high-end watchmaking. In addition, Patek does not consider Breguet or any other artist from Switzerland direct competition. The only competition that can produce direct clocks could be the German top artist named A. Langa.

Royal Navy

Water resistance

Both Breguet and Patek Philippe have sports watches that give the crown, as well as higher than water resistance. Breguet has a small group in the Marine group called Marine Royale (pictured above) which provides water resistance of 300m / 1000ft.

Patek Philippe has an Aquanaut (pictured below) that delivers 120m / 393ft, not the same resistance as the Breguet Marine Royale, but and about 20% more than all other Breguet Marine Collection watches that only deliver between 50m / 150ft and 100m / 300ft. To find out more about what vote censorship means, and the functions that each level would allow without damaging your watch, click here.


Retail Price

Too often people ask a question about commodity prices as follows: “Which watch should I have money in … this or that? ”It is a misnomer to call a watch, any watch being money. buyers of goods products to be reduced, and like anything else, once used once, loses its original value.

Money, on the other hand, is designed to benefit time. Of course, there are times when a watch may be more expensive than what it was originally purchased. It occurs once a month in blue. However, when this happens, it is very unlikely that the thought of it could happen in advance is gambling, not money.

That is, it exists one species that will have a larger share of their old value than others.

Do Breguet watches have a price tag? No, not more than the common race.

Does Patek Philippe watch have a price tag? Of course, compared to any other brand apart from the Rolex, Patek Philippe has the highest retail price in the business and the fact that his company tends to emphasize that point wisely and kindly.

Sales Price

Patek Philippe watches and no made as much as Breguet watches, so they are rare and needed. Breguet has a very low entry price whereas their most affordable brands are about half the price or less of Patek Philippe. In addition, brands like ours that sell watches at discounted prices often offer more interest on brands that are more available than those that are left on their own. While you can easily get a Breguet watch with about 18% off sales, Patek cannot be reduced that way. The market does not allow for this type of refund. At times, they even sell high-quality products because of the difficulty of finding other types.


Both Patek Philippe and Breguet offer a 2-year warranty period. This is a warranty period for high-end watchmaking companies. However, more and more brands, especially those with the Richemont group such as Paneria, now offer a longer and more secure guarantee if you can register the watch online. However, Breguet and Patek did not take this to heart.

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Patek Philippe VS Breguet


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