Breguet VS Rolex Clocks: Which is better?

Today we compare and contrast two major watchmakers, Rolex and Breguet to determine the color is the best choice for you.

We have listed the comparisons in separate sections to make it easier for you to compare them to what is most important to you. For example: if someone asks us: “Is Breguet better than Rolex?” This question can be from a variety of sources and can be filled with any number. So, use the menu below to jump to the section where you want to find out how the two watchmakers compare.

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When it comes to chronometry accuracy, this is the part that watchmakers have on the date of the discussion. Some common words like COSC certified by Chronometer are often thrown around. For those who need to know what it is, COSC is a French version of the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute. It is a third-party laboratory that tests the movement of the clock to display accuracy and rewards a unique ‘Chronometer’ for those who achieve a minimum deviation of no more than -4 / + 6 seconds per day. For mechanical watches, this is considered to be the most accurate.

However, not all high-end watchmakers use COSC in their testing. Instead, some of the most popular watchmakers do not use them at all and prefer to experiment in-house and often have good results. That said, Breguet became known in the early 1800s on the Marine Chronometer of 1815 for the Royal Navy. At that time, however, the word Chronometer meant something very different.

Rolex uses COSC to verify their movement out of court. When tested using COSC standards, they reproduce the motion and set the motion and test again until they reach a accuracy of -2 / +2 seconds which is twice the accuracy of the COSC standards. This has become the standard of all modern Rolex watches with the word “Superlative Chronometer” printed on the dial; their name in the house.

Although the Breguet company does not guarantee their watches at COSC, they have confirmed in the past that they can produce more accurate watches than COSC standards, such as the Classique Chronométrie 7727 which had a very high-precision timing. twice the frequency of 4Hz at the highest frequency of 10Hz. It used a silicon spring, a lever, and an escape wheel as well as electric pivots. Note, this is not their entry clock. In addition, they do not advertise their products to be more accurate. They are accurate but are known to be the most well-known type of history compared to Rolex.

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According to a recent study by the price rating agency, Rolex is not the most popular brand compared to Breguet but actually, compared to any other type of Swiss watch out there. With almost 100% worldwide recognition, they have made themselves one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-end watches. Maybe that’s why they have a crown as part of their logo?

Is Breguet the most advanced watch? Breguet is very a well-known name 6th The most popular artist on the same list when Rolex appears in 1st place. Breguet is especially known to those who know the mechanics and love the history of making clocks. It is the most well-known in history compared to Rolex and has made it information valuable on the ancient mechanics of mechanical engineering, especially in their early years. In terms of brand popularity, Rolex is more popular than Breguet.

*Source: Interbrand, an organization that measures brand value and brand identity. [ See ]


When Rolex is very well-known, well-known super clock brand, they are not considered super type like Breguet. Breguet is one of the oldest and most reputable watchmakers still in business. Their many innovations, innovations, and assistive devices have made them capable of producing watches with a good track record. Rolex has an advertising and branding system that helps the general public while Breguet, which has a high entry price, supports the well-to-do and the watchmakers and is therefore a well-known and well-known brand. In terms of brand popularity, Breguet is better than Rolex.


This is another easy victory for Breguet. Abraham Louis Breguet created many amazing things that have added to the mystique and esotericism that revolves around modern clockmaking. A good list might be included tourbillon complication, automatic clock (automatic), electronic pivot, Pare-chute (the world’s first self-defense mechanism), Breguet Overcoil, Gong-spring (a result of repeated minutes), 1stan endless calendar of handwriting clocks (probably) and much more.

Although Rolex has made improvements to the automatic watch that Breguet co-produced, it has not yet made nearly every game change in the watchmaking that Breguet has. In addition, Breguet has a number of complex clocks incorporating Grande Complications with many complex functions that work in conjunction. Interestingly, the watch in the pocket of Marie-Antoinette, the smallest one in the world, had the title of the world’s most sophisticated clock. It was created without budget and time frame to be developed. It took 44 years and two generations of Breguet watchmakers to complete. This success earned Abraham-Louis Breguet as the greatest artist of all time.


Here is a place where Rolex shines more brightly than any other brand. In addition to being a popular brand, Rolex watches also have a very high value for re-selling the business. Rolex keeps its price better than any other brand.

Are Breguet watches a good Investment? Breguet, especially since it is becoming more and more popular, does not sell and Rolex in the existing market and does not keep its price around and Rolex watches. Most importantly, watches often do not benefit from wearing them. It’s consumer stuff not money. Sometimes when they appreciate its value it is very low and cannot be accurately referred to as money. To think so is gambling more than money.


Although the entry price of a Breguet watch is almost double that of the cheapest Rolex, its retail price depends largely on it. then the selling price provided by the manufacturer. Breguet has a higher retail price list compared to Rolex. However, Rolex prices like the last few years have risen sharply, especially in their popular sport. Some may be reselling at double the price of the trade. This is mainly due to the obstruction of the Rolex installation and the need for the passage through the roof. Moreover, every time we doubt that we have seen it reach its highest value, it rises again. There is no word on how long this will take, but it does make their most popular varieties inaccessible.


Both Breguet and Rolex have swimming watches in their notebooks and even jumpers can wear them A Breguet Marine Royale watch with 300m / 1000ft water resistance (although many prefer Rolex Submariner), deep-water swimmers need more water than that. The best example is the Rolex Sea-Dweller which provides 1220m / 4000ft for water resistance. Another excellent example is the Rolex Deepsea # 126660 D-Blue James Cameron model. This watch provides over 10 times water resistance with a rate of 3900m / 12800ft.


Rolex has a longer shelf life. The warranty period for Rolex is 5 years. Breguet only has a 2 year warranty compared to Rolex and in the advanced watch business, a two-year warranty is average.

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