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Let’s take a closer look at Bulgaria’s new and exciting watch.

This Italian manufacturer is known for starting systems and thinking outside the box. Historically, you can see it in any of the products they produce high fashion and soon to them Making high-quality watches. Let’s start with our detailed and intelligent analysis on one of their most recent watches.

Gerald Genta is one of the world’s leading watchmakers. Some of the most memorable and well-known clocks in the world today have come from his right brain as well as some of the most popular clocks in the world.

Not surprisingly, BVLGARI endeavored to find any ideas available when he acquired Gerald Genta SA in 1999. This allowed Bulgari to associate with others who had excelled in its design under their watch label. It became a clever tool and avant-garde design.

Today we are reviewing the Bulgari Octo Bi-Retro 43mm. Exciting and welcome to Octo’s successful collection featuring exciting watches such as the Octo Finissimo Tourbillon, the world’s smallest tourbillon watch, among them. several one.

BVLGARI Octo Bi-Retro 102210


As the name suggests, this watch is a timepiece. Bi-Retro demonstrates double use of back-to-back hands in its operations. I must admit that I was intrigued by the idea because the clock seemed to go from bad to worse. We were always prepared from a young age to think about the time and shape of the archetypal clock as the arms rotated in a circular motion.

This watch also records this and features a form and functions that are reminiscent of the dashboard of a high-end Italian sports car. Now we are going to give a good description of the singing with his many hands. The middle hand is made up of a few bones and is a minute hand. It starts its journey at between 7 and 8 p.m. It sweeps the arched path with 7 sections to it with numbers ranging from 00, to 60 separated by 10 increments. It is good to follow a minute but what about an hour?

The jump hour is displayed in the center window where you would expect to see the old hole. This window is located at 12 o’clock above the center sign of BVLGARI. So, if the hour is in the window, where is the day?

The day of the moon is displayed in a small path at the bottom of the clock and with the hand moving backwards like a minute hand. They like to look like RPM music and speed dial. The rear arms sweep along the tracks and return to where they started when they reached the end. Hence the name Bi-Retro.

BVLGARI Octo Bi Retro 102210 Dial


Aside from the singing style and the re-enactment of the two hands, one of the things that makes this watch different from most other watches in the Octo category is the black ceramic bezel ring. It has 7 closed holes that appear to be used to fix the bezel on the cases using polished screws.


The case is made of stainless steel and ceramic materials using a combination of matte and polished. It is 42.5mm x 48.5mm in diameter and 12.35mm thick. Like all Octo watches the case is octagonal and has curved straps that connect to the belt.

The right side of the watch has a black onyx kabochon on top of a twisted crown and on the left side of the case has a fixed stitch. These are used to rotate a large part of the clock and set the time and date of the clock.

BVLGARI Octo Bi Retro 102210 Case of Thickness and Crown


The lower back is flat and matte. In the center, it has an octagon-shaped cap with a sapphire crystal mixed to help you navigate its interior. The back of the watch is fitted with a central pentagonal 8 strap with polished ends.

The word “LIMITED EDITION” along with the clock number is printed in the form of an arch, black below the crystalline half. Other records in the case include “10 ATM” to the right of water resistance which means 100m / 330ft. It has the words “Stainless Steel” and “Ceramic” inscribed on the left. The serial number is written down. Finally, a Double-G image with Gerald Genta’s two G’s is engraved on the right-hand side of the case.

BVLGARI Octo Bi Retro OBR.Y.1C


In the Bulgarian house Caliber GG 7722 written by Gerald Genta is a self-propelled rotator that operates at 28,800 vibrations per hour or 4Hz. It is a group of 26 gemstones with a storage capacity of approximately +/- 45 hours.

The various dishes have a warm color and are well finished perlage, a round-shaped circular shape that connects. The name ‘Gerald Genta’ is engraved on a heavy rotor that allows the watch to have a rotating object that enhances the storage space using kinetic energy from moving your hand around while wearing this watch. Fine textures and pink gemstones can also be seen through the crystal in the case.

BVLGARI Octo Bi Retro Deployant Buckle Folding Clasp


The model shown here comes from a black rubber belt with a curved edge in front of the belt that has a carbon fiber structure. The back of the belt that holds your hand is smooth and smooth but with a clear G-pattern and has lines connecting to the shape of an octagonal case.

BVLGARI Octo Bi Retro Deployant Buckle Open


The cable is fastened with a button connecting button. The buckle bends tightly under the strap and has a smooth connector that is still visible when fastened. The BVLGARI symbol is written on the clasp. This closure uses a single overlap finish with a matte finish in the middle and a smooth finish of the edges.

BVLGARI Octo Bi Retro 102208 Comments

This watch comes in a large black wooden box and comes with a tool to help set the watch.


Although this is a smaller clock, there are a number of design changes. Each update contains only 50 pieces available worldwide.

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