Chinese coming stairs: Beware of Shanghai and Sea Gull!

There are more people who oppose the mention of Chinese watches than those who dress straight without looking at what others might say about it. That must be a spirit; it should be for everything in life and not just for your watches. What you need to see is that it does not hurt anyone (no snow counts) and does not completely violate what we accept as maxims.

Surprisingly, people – especially young people – swear by Fossil are also angry with the Chinese movement! Probably unaware of Fossil’s original 800,000 Sea-Gull mechanical system. And counting now through another pair of it, we can say that the Chinese movement makers are becoming a force to be reckoned with soon. Chinese Designer watches are excellent to the highest quality and most valuable.

The Chinese market, despite the global suspension, has shown impressive growth and 3.7 billion people (48%) of the world’s population, who are interested in the best of low-quality goods, are the biggest buyers.

Who are the big players? The key is Shanghai among Chinese movement makers, then Sea-Gull. It all started in 1955 to make cheap watches for the people but now they are changing their color and are slowly climbing to a higher, more complex – and more expensive – clock.

The Ideas for company Shanghai Watch Industry Corp The General Manager spoke of action “- whatever Switzerland can do”But well, he was also honest about not coming back to the same race as the Swiss as now; However, it does not seem possible far from Just wanting Shanghai to resolve the conflict between sticking to what they do best or putting themselves at risk of progressing with their skills. But even if they do well, we can expect the prices to be as high as the Swiss ones, especially around 10K euros. They have started to make better watches than cheap watches and have reduced their staff from 6,000 to 1,000! The 1.2 million watches they make now each year are given more attention than ever before. Reducing the amount of production has helped them to climb high stairs forward. So far, they have over 200 weapons in their arsenal to make their galaxy a Universe clock; opportunities for additions and updates are unlimited.

Shanghai brand watches are currently not for sale outside China and cost between 100 Euros and 30,000 Euros. Now they claim to make watches that others do not. Or, I can’t. This is why their ancient examples have found a money responsibility.

Sea-Gull and complete production – or home-made manufacturers – who make everything in their own space. From bracelets to springs, glass to crowns – everything about their watches is made by their 6,000 employees. He longs to close the horns with the Swiss in ten years and quickly finds the Swiss beauty and attention to detail, while everyone else, too, fails.

For example, a Sea-Gull tourbillion with sapphire bridge, minutes to repeat the difficulties with or without endless calendar indicate the level of expertise the brand has achieved (though not reaching Switzerland); it can easily pass like a European clock on strange and non-Swiss prices.

Another movement of all kinds is reflected in the so-called color Ingersoll they are the builders of the most famous clocks. They are major players in a variety of contexts; you get the best watches, casting between USD 300 and USD 500.

Germany is a good example of not only Seagull but also other Chinese movements. Ingersoll aesthetics are German in origin and some embellished Gandhi and Mark Twain.

Another type of Chinese travel service is New York Stuhrling; providing mechanical clocks on the price of quartz. There are a lot of choices, better prices and something else that has not been there before – Good Direction, in the same lines as Miyota, Seiko and to some extent – the kind that goes to the Swiss to the middle of the elite.

However, the truth is that the Chinese movement is not close to the Swiss movement and even though they know it is going well, it will take time for the big problem to end! This type ‘chicken or egg ‘ The high-stakes problem persists until their color, accuracy and finish are better than they currently are, but this does not happen until watchmakers are ready to invest in better equipment, training and the state of the art. Everyone wants to get their money back; so, as of now, a few steps in the form of Stuhrling and Ingersoll he has gone far away.

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