Chopard VS IWC: Which Is Best?

These two heavy-duty models are often compared and are considered in search of the best watch. Let’s take a closer look at their similarities.

Many people will ask us questions about these two types so that we know which is best and which is best for them. Let’s get acquainted with these two species and see how they compare and contrast. We compare the two watchmakers in categories, from the many popular ideas. This way, with all the facts, you can make for yourself what you feel is the best kind you can think of.

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Accuracy & Accuracy

Are Chopard’s clocks more accurate than IWC clocks? View the enthusiasts as accurate and correct, especially when it comes to mechanical clocks such as automatic (with a rotating clock) or wind turbines (handwriting). However, the surprise you will find is that these two groups of mechanical clocks are the most expensive types of moves. Right now, they are not approx accurate as their potential counterparts; quartz flow. The battery-powered quartz system uses an electric charge to amplify the quartz crystal that sounds much faster than the beat that any mechanical watch can make. The good part is that quartz movement is easy and inexpensive to make. So being precise does not mean that it is expensive.

Warning? They object to almost everything purists and rituals in high-tech watches collect. On the other hand, mechanical clocks are powered by the malfunction of solid-spring springs. Properly covered, it will withstand a great deal of adverse conditions. These range from a variety of calendars, lunar phases, chronographs (stop clocks), and many more spectacular displays such as tourbillons, to name a few. This adds value, mystique, and esotericism to the wristwatch. As a result for those who know the mechanics, the clock is where they are and many can denigrate quartz clocks as a Cordon-Bleu chef pushes his nose to eat fast food.

Many would like to have a mechanical clock that passed through the COSC testing center and has the well-known name Chronometer that verifies its accuracy beyond measure. That said, the IWC is a high-tech watchmaker and unlike many other watch companies, it does not feel the need to be certified by a third party when traveling from COSC. Chopard manufactures mechanical and battery-powered watches and has one watches with a COSC certificate on the go and coming with the well-known Chronometer name, as they can find in their LUC team.


IWC was founded in 1868 by Bostonian Florentine Ariosto Jones who went to Schaffhausen and founded International Watch Company known as IWC today. For many years the watchmaker produced the most exciting and intriguing watches and was taken over by Richemont, the world’s largest brand in 2000.

Chopard was founded in 1860. Louis-Ulysse Chopard, his founder, was able to design and refine his watches for high-ranking individuals such as Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and has been making master craftsmanship and design from an early age. He wanted to make the most accurate timepieces of his time. Later, the Chopard watch company relocated from Sonvilier to Geneva Switzerland.

Brand Prestige

Chopard has released a number of high-tech watches for machines with a wide range of complexities such as those found in their Grande Complications category. It is considered a popular brand but is one of the top watchmakers in the central market. Many types outperform them in terms of popularity but more watches are seen under them.

At the beginning of the new millennium IWC Schaffhausen released a wide range of watches with energy-saving features and complexity that made them available to companies as well-known high-end watchmakers. Like Chopard, many brands outnumber brands but many brands consider them inferior.

Is Chopard a more popular brand than IWC? No Chopard is a unique brand known as the first precious ornament and the second art. Good jewelry that’s where most of their money comes from. IWC is a high-end watchmaker, time. Good there. The two models make very high-end watches. When it comes to the popularity of watchmaking, IWC is a little longer. The most closely related brand to Chopard would be Cartier, who despite making high-end watches, is best known for his bourgeoisie jewelry.

Brand recognition

Chopard is the 23rd most popular Swiss name and at the time of the report was valued at 1,098 million CHF (Swiss francs). Chopard is more commonly known as a gemstone than a high-end watchmaker despite having some excellent watchmaking. So to say that they are better than the IWC as a watchmaker would be an understatement.

IWC is the 32nd most Swiss breed in the world with an estimated value of 779 million CHF (Swiss Francs). Unlike Chopard, a well-known gemstone, IWC brand recognition can be 100% due to their mechanical performance.

Source: Interbrand, the value-added organization that produced the Top 50 Swiss Brands Report available at

Skills & Duration

All watchmakers are very professional and complete and decorate the movement, clocks, dials, and the use of advanced tools and equipment. When it comes to beautiful design, the two watchmakers are very similar. In terms of durability, the needle leans slightly in favor of the IWC which makes most of their watches have a slightly stronger shape. A true clock lover would not want to bring down a luxury watch, but if I were to bet that I had a chance to survive, it would be the IWC. Just take it with a pinch of salt and without any problems try it at home!

Water resistance

Do Chopard clocks have more water resistance than IWC clocks? No. Most Chopard wrist watches have a water resistance of between 30m and 100m, but many do not offer enough even swimming and snorkeling. The IWC, on the other hand, has the famous Aquatimer switches that offer 300m / 1000ft, almost three times more than water resistance, and Aquatimers can be used for underwater jumping and dancing. There is no type that offers watches that can run very well on deep water. For ideas on watches that can hold that type of run, click here.


The average warranty you will see from a top watch manufacturer is 2 years. Chopard is one of the leading manufacturers with a two-year warranty. However, the mid-range and high-end manufacturers of the market have recently been offering long-term authentication. IWC is one of the longest running averages. Although their new watch comes with a two-year warranty, IWC will encourage you to register the watch on their website and in doing so, extend the warranty by 6 years for a full 8-year warranty from that date. about shopping!

Retail Price

Which one has the best value, IWC or Chopard watches? The calculation of the watch that it already had depends on the variety. As such, the color, the color of the watch, as it were, are included (consider original notes, notes, box, tags, stickers, certification card, etc.), so it will not be easy to wear a blanket all the time. wear all color. However, as with any brand, some brands will take a higher retail price than others.

Giving and demand also play a key role in this calculation and is worth mentioning. IWC and Chopard produce about 75,000 watches a year and as a result depends on the production of watches available in the existing market.

A good example is Chopard Mille Miglia, who is a major figure in the sports industry. Some of their models do not work well in the existing market because they are not as important as Mille Miglia. That said, IWC has a wide range of key brands in its various categories, and in general, it will sell at a higher retail price compared to Chopard.

Sales Price

As with retail price the price often indicates how important the watch is. For example, while the entry price for Chopard’s watch at the lowest possible price may be slightly higher, the discount rate you would expect from a brand like Chopard is much higher.

How much does Chopard’s cheapest watch cost? For women, it starts at the full price of MSRP for about $ 4,500, and for men the models start at a full retail price of about $ 5,200.

What is the cheapest IWC watch? The IWC Women’s cheapest watch starts at MSRP for about $ 4,150, and for men, you are looking at a full retail price of about $ 42.50 and can go up to hundreds of thousands of dollars of solid and high gold. Horology examples.

Both types of watches can be purchased at the lowest possible price at Prestige Time. Use the buttons below to browse for different categories of these two types.

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