Chopard VS Longines: Which Is Best?

Today we compare, and distinguish two popular types of watches. One is Chopard, a Swiss watchmaker and jeweler extraordinaire; the other is Longines, a world-renowned watchmaker. Which is better?

We get all kinds of questions from people looking for the perfect watch for themselves or someone else as a gift. These questions are often on the lines of “what kind is better” and we understand the question in a variety of ways that most people do not understand.

Being in business, we get watches from many different brands, pre-sold and after-sales. We can see which brands are fulfilling what they say and take their reputation seriously, especially when it comes to post-sales marketing and information fulfillment. We look at which brands are playing hard to meet the demand, we are also looking at which brands offer the most value for their value. We see which varieties are best sold in the new market and in the existing market and which are more priced than others and those that do not. So naturally, many people turn to us for advice. Not only because of our many years of experience in the business, but because we often act as intermediaries and thus become a customer representative who directs and facilitates the fulfillment of that kind of assurance.

Based on the above information you can see that not all colors are made in the same way and there are many things to consider when buying a watch from. each type. Now that we have left this let us ask the question you are looking for to answer here today:

Which watch is better for Chopard or Longines?

We will divide the answer to this question based on the various questions we can ask. This will allow the story and post to be easy to navigate.

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Accuracy is a major topic of discussion in mechanical design and in nature as we measure time. However, not all watches are designed in the same way. Mechanical clocks, for example, derive strength from the pressures that are emitted largely through several gears and parts and are often more expensive to manufacture than cheap quartz clocks that became popular in the 1970s and still exist today. .

Most mechanical timepieces have a very good track record from 3rd a party lab called COSC and come with a COSC certificate and a Chronometer name.

Most Chopard clocks meet this COSC standard and come with a chronometer name and a COSC certificate. This can be found in their top-of-the-line LUC group with the most accurate watches such as LUC 8HF Control Limited with 8Hz (57,600 vibrations per hour) degree of oscillation during movement (see image below).

Chopard 8HF Limited

At the same time, some mechanical Longines watches come with a COSC certificate, such as the Longines Record collection but there is nothing as impressive as the 8HF above in terms of mechanical accuracy.

The fact is that people buy mechanical watches because they have a secret and esoteric value in terms of how they work and how they are made. They certainly are no the world’s most accurate clocks. The real Surprisingly, low-cost quartz motors are more accurate than even the most accurate mechanical timepieces. That said, when it comes to quartz watches, not all are made of the same material. Longines has an excellent quartz clock called the Conquest VHP (Very High Precision) that takes Quartz accuracy to the next level with more information to keep as accurate as possible.


Longines is the 24th most famous Swiss breed in the world and the number 5 most famous in Switzerland in the world. According to a recent study by Interbrand * (a national value chain), Longines has a value of 1.089 Billion CHF (Swiss francs).

Chopard is the 23rd most popular Swiss name, 4th the most popular type of watch and at the time the report provided a value of 1,098 million CHF (Swiss francs). Unlike brands like Panerai or Tudor, Chopard is a company known for its gemstones more than the maker of high-end watches. very good guard. Hence, to say that they surpass the Longines as a watchmaker may be incorrect in their identification. It is a large and well-known species, but a kind of what that is the real question. Much of their brand value comes from their popularity of high fashion trends in high-end jewelry.

Source: [1] See the Interbrand 2016 Swiss national report on Best Swiss Brands 2016.pdf


Chopard has some beautiful clocks that have attracted the attention of match aficionados and horologists. Some have solid gold and internal calibers, which cost over $ 60,000, and come with major problems such as minute repetitions or a combination of Perpetual Calendar / Moonphase available. LUC Lunar One. The LUC clocks are their classical watch, and some watchmakers confidently say that these can be compared to clocks in some of the most well-known disciplines in terms of horology, technology, and finishes.

Longines they do provide other clocks with other problems such as a combination of Chronograph / Moonphase (see image below) or reversing but not any problems such as perpetual calendars or around.

Longines Master Hard 40mm


The retail price of Chopard’s watch is about 600% higher than the cheapest Longines watch. This also applies to all types of battery-operated (quartz) batteries. Automated (automatic) watches are about 400% higher than Chopard’s compared to standard Longines watches and cost about $ 60,000 in retail price.

Longines’ new watch has a $ 750 sales list while the cheapest Chopard has a $ 4,500 sales list. Longines ali only one The model is priced at 5 people but for less than five people it costs less than $ 12k. Longines’ very expensive Most Longines watches are under $ 10,000 while most watches in Longines are under $ 2,000.


In the pre-existing market, you will find that Chopard watches, for the most part, are able to sell their original price when it comes to mechanical watches. They are also more popular than the Longines so they are not made as much as the Longines.


One of the areas where Longines shines brighter than Chopard is water resistance. Chopard does not make swimwear or any other type of watch that keeps water from moving in the same way that swimwear watches. Longines has a well-known group of swimmers called Longines HydroConquest owned information types including HydroConquest chronographs for swimmers with a mechanical stopper.


When it comes to certification, Longines and Chopard both offer the same 2-year duration. However, what sets them apart is how the process works with these brands. Chopard provides simpler information than Longines when it comes to warranty fulfillment.


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