Citizen Promaster Land: Opportunity tools at Terra Firma

Perhaps the biggest difference between Citizens lineups, Promaster never ceases to amaze!

Promaster Land: A brief introduction

Ask anyone with expertise in outdoor gear to recommend a variety of watches similar to those that support athletics, mountaineering and wilderness wandering; you will probably hear them praising it G-Shock, and Garmin, and Seiko Prospex and possibly Tissot T-Touch. What most people ignore because of ignorance and all sorts of fascinating and sophisticated tools – Citizen Promaster The world, to increase the number of possible scenarios which, in turn, proves to be relevant and EFFECTIVE! Since 1989 i Promaster Altichron (with more accurate altimeters), still, they are getting better over the years.

Image BN4048-14X Promaster: He Knows Things

Citizen Promaster Land: Things that WOW!

Although three distinct divisions were formed by the production type, the Promaster – being watches designed specifically for professional use – they go beyond the functional parts; sharing traits from one another (The sea and Air) and provide a flexible design which, strength and water resistance are very important. But again, a Promaster Country the family loses more than the couple in the face of physical hardships; a type that can start from very high speeds and long distances.


G-Shock is not the only one that can boast of a solid track record

Citizen: Looking for ways to deal with fear

Looking back on the history of the Citizen, we see them as leaders in developing the extra tolerance of their watches and refusing to be shaken by one of them. Their own way of dealing with fear – the Parashock – belonged to a mechanical watch; It is a system that protects the most vulnerable components of mobile devices such as delicate pivots of enough wheel; which, when stopped, causes serious problems with the accuracy of the mechanical watch. Although, from the fall from the height to 6 inches. Parashock became effective even in the fall of 30 meters; as the 1956 Citizen public demonstration proved.

Surprisingly, the leader of the PROMASTER series, which sank in Long Reef Beach in Australia for a long time (1983 – 1989). Although the watch had barnacles and algae, its self-propelled bar was very efficient and looked brand new.

The Promaster Land Series watches, no doubt, being the modern wonder, have taken this strength several times higher than ever before; now, we need to look at the strategies that have put them in their own new league.


The altimeter sensor uses barometric pressure to measure depth

Altichron USP

  • The analog altimeter allows measurements from 1,000 feet to 32,000 feet.
  • Three Scales – Hundreds, thousands and ten thousand feet
  • Electronic compass bezel, accurate daytime carrying.
  • It measures the length of the first five minutes gradually, followed by a reading of every three minutes, for the next 12 hours.

Altimeter and Compass

Guided by a wide range of mechanical devices, the development of microelectronics and self-contained sensors allows more precise altimeters to be developed in the clock. These sensors are able to detect air pressure and its variability; 14.70 lbs / sq. An inch at sea level decreases with increasing altitude, with the air gradually turning thinner and higher. However, you can also use altimeters to see dynamic barometric changes including high calculations.

The Altichron‘s compass bezel allows users to focus on the Sun and is a very useful feature for hikers, hikers even for them to take a road trip and hike.

Altichron was designed to allow for the rapid detection of important information, which establishes a secure limit without delay. However, there are significant differences between the 1989 Promaster Altichron and modern times; now features one of the most important wristwatch sensor features. The similarity is over Aqualand; left ventricle screen with LCD display screen.


Promaster Land: How the newcomers started

Not only is fluctuating atmospheric energy, Altichron also provides warnings of impending weather and allows you to anticipate when you will need to return to the safety of the bivouac or starting camp.

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