Diver Clocks: First & Angry [I]

One hundred years ago, people had very different ideas about the meaning of the clock. Understanding that changes in thinking can tell us more about modern fluid production, says Gonzo.

The beginning of the beginning

In the early 50’s, it brought a number of watches that you could wear in the water and in the middle of the decade, swimwear – in their watches. modern emotion – began to appear. First, it was Blancpain Fifty and Rolex Submariner. They shared the great artifacts that were later made, later becoming the cornerstone of modern swimming clocks. All that high form, good luminescence and round bezel the first two debts.

Lots of modern swimming pool clocks. In the meantime, a Fifty throw in enough secrecy.

Bob vs. James

The name, in fact, refers to the old English measure of leaps and bounds. It can count up to 50 (approximately 91 meters, underwater). Followers of James Bond, note – here it is Captain Robert ‘Bob’ Malubier, and French Secret Agent (Former WWII war veteran; it destroyed British intelligence and formed French troops fleeing the country ‘Combat Swimmer’) who tested the clocks by placing them in deep mud, mud and cold water. Nothing met his needs and led him to start making his own. He approached Blancpain – the maker of a small watch at the time – to build. Blancpain began designing a project with black, bold and clear numbers. The outer circle bezel should also be visible and all its notes should glow in the dark. It should be useful for monitoring the waves and the end of the waves (start and end time) at night and for the rest of the air.

The 50 Fathoms, though well known in its methods but are Sailor voted as the most popular watch ever! He was first shown inside Baselworld 1954, his first repetition was black and white singing with a bezel and Mercedes hands – also appearing in other colors from this brand. The Submariner is a real tool for a wide range; its durability is incorporated into the classic beauty of the wristwatch.


Sailor – which is why it is such an important part of Rolex, because it beats 50 grams about 10m. The first type of Submariner was displayed by various refugee populations Auguste Piccard and her son, Jacques. They attempted to jump as high as 10,000 feet[10 m]and beyond. The model met its expectations, and it returned to the surface fully functional. This made Rolex very popular and well-known Sailor the line started.

blue and silver analog clock

After the noise is over …

A quiet murmur is heard Panerai and here is the point! The Panerai Radiomir 2533 came in large before the Sub and 50. It was 1936 when Panerai, Rolex and Royal Navy (Italian Navy Special Diving Forces) together formed an army Panerai The crown-Guard system – now a symbol of this type – seals the crown from external sources. Panerai, however, is not a Rolex stopped by theirs’oyster‘patent has other types that are trying to get around it. And so, he discovered Omega; and the old old system – of case within the case – of Omega Marine! His waterproof, waterproof coat was released for industrial use in 1932 and exactly seven years later, Marine Standard were available to the public. It was an adapted and revised version of the past Omega Marine, which many consider to be the first, real water clock. But what about 1926 oyster patent with Rolex? Is he not the first to give a hermetic seal?


Problem solving

Zedi! But that was not the case factory-grade and of course was notOmega SA twice the slope and extractor. The Omega Marine can withstand pressures of 1.37 MPa (13.5 atm) – equivalent to a depth of 135 m or 443 ft – beats oyster it’s too long.

This, in the 1960s, was favored by maritime and commercial operators and by them in jumping institutions; solid designs that are suitable for very deep action.

But Rolex lowered Omega again with his first ultra water resistance Sea-Dweller 2000 (with a depth of 2000 ft); and Omega PloProf and Omega Seamaster Professional 600m / 2000 ft. that watch; we think, is another story that was well told one time.

Leave a comment which – of the three – do you think is the first and why?

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