Do car-recognized watches really mean anything?

The goals pursued by automakers who adopt a particular brand or produce watches under their brand are very different from everyone else’s.

Their only interest is the same, however; and – and always has been – commercial marketing.

For the love of machines

A watchmaker may have car cramps somewhere dug under his skin; of course! Read all; whether it is an elitist snob or someone who considers everything in the world to be good and wonderful – by any means – they find it fun and often, it contradicts the philosophy between the years of the connection between the clock and the car type knowingly, or unknowingly. Jaeger Lecoutre agreed with Aston Martin or Breitling and Bentley it was not a joke made by the millions of people who run the institutions; it was a well-thought-out step taken to raise the price of any kind.

Who has the most people?

Ferrari, of course! It seems to be going well with almost everyone.

If a Ferrari is available, it can Maserati and Lamborghini to stay away? The two are the most popular among Italian cars among the crowd after the Ferrari; Bugatti, Alfa Romeo or Pagani with mild heartburn.

Back to the deal

Supercar Blondie could have explained better, however; either way, it shows that both the clocks and the cars are of the human mind. Of course, motorcycles and modern equipment are also (at least, technically); but again, they are not for everyone. With so many different types of mechanical devices, it has to be focused on the object itself – their design, function and decoration make it difficult to put them in a watch (tires or chrono-pushers do not count). But, surprisingly technically it is as well as a bit of a bittersweet beauty, a true match could be a real, high-quality watch followed by a real-world sports car!

They all have personality traits that they appreciate. Not only how the car or the watch responds to you but also to the person who designed it, the one who designed it, or perhaps the owner of it!

Or, who owns (or owns) the same? It opens the doors to a new world of like-minded people, well-versed in BaselWorld as of Geneva Motor Show. Now, there is another connection that appeared!

With passion or money?

This is like asking if making a watch is a skill or a science. The watch can be called scientific technology, so put another way; watchmaking can be referred to as the science of art, such as building a car or making weapons.

A tool for making art? Absolutely! Maybe this is the time you should look at Kimber 1911. Or, on items that came from Korth-Nighthawk Ceremony agreement. I urge you to do it; know skillfully in all aspects of human nature, how dangerous it is. Cars can also be deadly.

Let’s be careful. For watches, cars and rifles are three different sections with unstable boundaries and one going in before you even notice it. Let’s move on to the first two for now.

The truth is still there: Attitudes and car enthusiasts share a similar approach when it comes to changing their preferences. As children – before they have the means to buy the thing they want – they become very interested and thus, appreciate what they want and afterwards, have it. satisfaction things like cheap color (s). The original items are loved and are often stored forever. Their search for gain items or items (very expensive, innumerable or both); however, they remain the same. There is a special satisfaction that goes hand in hand with having it. Up to this point, it is money.

Some frustration (or hopelessness) that comes at the right time is when you start to think seriously. You start asking – “Why a car or a watch should be as it is? ”

That is when the desire begins. Your preferences improve!

Only valid watches: Limited by all countries

Contrary to many people’s beliefs, some watches with a brand-new car brand or some other brand are better than the cheapest ones that you can take advantage of.

The obvious information may be strange or direct.

The Tissot T-Sport V8, for example, receives a regular signature while the Tissot Alpine On Board Special Edition Automatic states the car it wants. The V8 promoted by racing cars since the 60s; The tachymeter bezels are inspired by the dashboard and the slope is part of the ergonomics of that time. Alpine, on the other hand, embraces the return of Alpine cars and celebrates the establishment of Alpine A110.

It’s about concern. How your watch is affected by the car. That puts his dignity; it does not matter if it is a cheap watch or something worth a few hundred dollars; high type, low or a to.

However, we did not discuss only the official watches that are not for sale at all! Monga Bugatti; and Parmigiani Fleurier / Bugatti watces, and part of the package when you buy a car Bugatti; a Veyron or a Chironi. that’s a story for another day.

In the meantime, we have compiled a collection featuring brands of well-known car manufacturers. Surprisingly, they will not come.

  • Casio Edifice Scuderia AlphaTauri: Scuderia AlphaTauri (Scuderia and Italian of believe, a horse-house) with Italian Formula One running team and competing F1 builders Scuderia AlphaTauri Honda and is another F1 builder than Red Bull Competition written by Red Bull, the Austrian beverage company. The Scuderia AlphaTauri the series of integrated units also includes the same type of 6K carbon fiber used in Formula 1 racing cars and is designed to withstand the rigors of competition. Smaller colors have group colors and a logo made of fluorescent colors.
  • Ferrari Scuderia Speedracer Chronographs: The Speedracer team offers a sleek and stylish selection for Scuderia Ferrari enthusiasts. It also incorporates the latest and most advanced sportswear from the 70s with a theme from Ferrari 575M Maranello. It has a 1/10 seconds chronograph and a large selection of music and strings.
  • Ferrari Scuderia Forza: Taking the racing spirit of the Scuderia Ferrari, Forza or 2007 Ferrari 430 Srun to Forza Motorsports (all major themes), their aerodynamic details, inspired and excellent Scuderia Ferrari fani
  • Ferrari Scuderia Evo Chronograph Driver: The Driver Here and a team that has the original design and functionality of the cockpit in a speeding car; has now been redesigned and remodeled due to its superior design and its unique, playful design. Aside from the colors, there are knurl-shaped aluminum blankets that add a touch of glamorous welding and rubber bracelets reinforced with mesh cores.
  • Maserati: Era, Legend, Finish Line, Circuit and Competition, each showing the beauty and quality of the Maserati cars.

Keep logging in leave your answers below. Name these watches you want to love the most, and what?

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