Do wearable watches have to be expensive?

ABy the tastes of most men, watches are one, which occupies a large and prominent place in their hearts and in clothing and in many cases, which most of us originally wanted – names like Patek, Lange and JLC – are often removed. of the list; the price tag is the main reason. However, our love of dress is alive and growing through names like Emporio Armani and Skagen, also from Europe but cost less than big names.

The newcomer needs to understand what they put in the bracket and that the taste of the watches is not defined exactly by the high price; That way, no high school student – unless Ritchie Rich is from a royal family or a descendant of a businessman – can taste the joy of a watch with his or her travels or first corporate career. Tribes like Emporio Armani or Skagen look good on their price; we have a big difference between the form, the layout of the singers and the choice of colors and oh! The most important part apart from the price tags – you can forget about the timing of the battery changing if it is a quartz clock and once in a few years (or a little longer) if it is just a change. Either way, that’s what you would call a casual dress.

Now, some would argue that it is the watchmaking industry that has to make watches while the fashion designers have to stick to fashion items (sunglasses, handbags, handbags and keychain etc); with a watch, they can’t make a sound. But instead, the new lines of all kinds of watches are much better than the clocks you usually buy at the dealership. For, when they can never meet the standard of money, will give you more pleasure to wear and look for years to come than modern pieces of quartz will fade away in a few weeks or months.

Let’s see some of them; two for men and two for women.

1. Emporio Armani Luigi Open Heart Automatic

No, do not expect high quality products from them high-end watches with a history of watchmaking the same. But again, you will be wrong to think that this is one of them until you see the Emporio Armani logo. The Luigi open-hearted watches make excellent men’s clothing watches at affordable prices; their unique design and amazing interest in every detail of the class and style. The automatic movement inward provides accuracy and resistance to instantaneous vibration.

2. Skagen Horizon

The influence of the Danish coast in the production of Skagen clocks is well-known; as well as the Danish architecture that makes ay a popular sport. The design of the Horizont clocks incorporates modern, minimal and playful aspects of raw energy, including appreciation for various aspects of nature. The Skagen Horizont look great works with any style and when you slip on one, it prepares you for a whole week from Monday to the weekend. Refined; they are a new level of expertise!

3. Emporio Armani Gianni T-Bar

These sleek watches and gowns for women go well with any outfit; from leading companies to the genre you like at theaters. These fine materials are designed to last – and a stainless steel fixed guarantees durability. Perfectly carved, this watch is built to fit any modern lifestyle that fits a high profile.

4. Skagen Anita

Styles, designs and other side effects, when you buy Skagen Anita, you help protect the Eco-system. The paper used for Skagen placement is certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) as 100% recyclable. This means that, no more trees need to be cut down; no more birds and animals losing their homes and no more water and air pollution. Make saving Nature your own way!

Leave a comment below for your favorite EA and Skagen watches. Tell us what made you consider them equal or superior.

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