Eliminate ‘Mall Watches’ (I)

Most of the words that people use are not what you think they mean.

As children, there is probably no one among us…
… Who did not pull the legs of others or was not pulled; someone’s awakening was part of childhood. Unless it would have been innocent and fun in the old world; like being chased by the person you reprimanded, saying – “Cootie!”And then bully the child in many other ways throughout the day (read: school hours) long.

No, we do not walk in an insulting way with meaningless words, filthiness and disease; instead, most of us did not even know the meaning of the word! It just made us repeat it cases loudly; it simply means the person you are angry with and the person you just removed from your league. In the past there were many games, ridiculous rejection and collective ridicule.

The same thing is happening today; not just for the innocent or the players. As adults, we use – in a literal sense – abusive language that often leads to more obscene stories. Inside the closed circles; behind others.

Tissot & Hamilton

At work, family relationships, or legal meetings…
… Aside, abusive speech is pushed against even the most difficult of situations; that is to say, when one does not want to spend much on watch! To label an object (or person) as inferior; worthy of rejection – similar to unclean (“Cootie!”) Triggers the old adage that tells you something is wrong with something in your community. However, the watch will not get koti, even if you throw it in the pit of cooties. For a watch, cooties are different. And absurd coats but!

Extraordinary words …
… Considered by the observer world fashion watch; the other set is market watch – together, they create complete destruction! “- –It looks like a fashion watch bought on the marketthat’s a lot of destruction.

The past
What’s so bad about malls?
The clocks sold out their discrimination; they are considered deserts in the horological world. For most people, for example, markets are a great way to survive the hot summer days; as the streets widen, tiring work and heat dissolve any ice cream you buy in less than half an hour – we all go to great places to shoot for air and fun. And fun – which is different from the individual.

The store brings you a variety of sizes that give you the opportunity to see; listen – all kinds of things you can or cannot buy; looking at an object does not force you to buy. You can see without help. There are all sorts of high quality items on display in the markets; for you and me, your preferences depend on time-saving tools and equipment.


The simple fact is still there…
… Quartz led to the availability of high-end watches. Traditional jewelry sells expensive colors – often made from precious metals – whereas in hardware stores, drug stores and many other commercial products, you find many types of quartz – enough to tell you why. medical watch hated. It is the same with responsibility mall watch given now. They both taste good hands before finding something that can ruin – perhaps – their whole life.

Clocks in the marketplace…
– as some critics might say – is fine until you go to college. Then you start looking Tissot and Hamilton and many other species – especially Swiss! The truth is – for young adults, a fashion watch attracts and sells because it is sometimes expensive; they receive a better gloss and are watches from well-known fashion brands – clothing, pens, glasses and more that they are accustomed to.

Braun view

If there are market watches, there must also be gems!
They are available, and most of them carry mechanical timepieces. You can even find Rolex and Omega in retail outlets! The highest absolute Swiss national anthem, though; you will not find it there. AP, Patek and Vacheron and; so, no market watch. No more in their league, Swiss or not!
Why is the ‘mall watch’ used in a derogatory manner?
Mall Clock – as Ninja Mall – is not a watch that you can see and buy at a mall. You can’t buy or try Ninja at a thrift store. Try him Pano instead (questions were filtered but all his stories intertwined); for all sections, go Pano, Pano and Pano. Come back when you feel your stress too much. We will keep everything else mall watch The discussion is ready for you.

A man carrying an analog clock
Leave a comment say if you want to buy a watch online or elsewhere. We also want to know – Why?

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