Grab the Pocket Watch and roll the dice up

Skillful rejection it is a powerful means of determining time. I realize that came back with the Powermatic Silicium shape. Every day I like to dress like casual clothes at any workplace where smart people and business people are comfortable but not wearing two or three breasts. This is not a watch that I will always be wearing for a good meal but for lunch.

Two- or three-breasted dresses demand a pocket watch – especially three-piece suits! The DB a well-mixed gel with a wristwatch that can be more or less the same with American Classic Boulton (one more here for them in dark blue, gray and black) but pocket watches are great to go with a three-piece suit! Traditionally, pocket watches were almost always worn with coats; however, since the waistcoat is no longer a part of modern clothing, the best times to wear a pocket watch are for weddings or other similar occasions.

The downside here is, it’s too cool to go with a white shirt and jeans; fasten the belt and insert it into the edge of one front pocket. Or, in wallet; depending on the size enough to receive! In both cases, you can carry an old charm, with information from the fascinating traditions of horology. It illuminates the sign of taste and class and the beacon has been long; from the earliest of the 20th century. They are interesting as a masterpiece that once dominated men’s fashion.

Tissot Pocket WatchEntering the world of pocket watches it is not easy. There were so many of them; some of them now at prices that can get you a high-end sports car and of course; That is not for the faint-hearted. The decision goes awry; the same technical difficulties and operational difficulties. They are wrapped neatly and differently on their own watches, providing enough inspiration to make it look like a bunch of high-end budget-loving bags. The ornaments range from vintage and retro to modern and minimalist, which are often mixed together to make it more comfortable so as to be as dignified as a wedding from a new watch, in the end.

Wear Pocket Security The traditional way to wear a pocket watch or the old way it is necessary to put a watch in your pocket pocket, with the chain through the hole. The fob or the end of the chain is inserted into another coat pocket. The variability of this method is minimal, depending on your wardrobe and chain chain, which greatly affects how the watch is attached to clothing and clothing. In order to choose such a way to wear a pocket watch, it is important to understand the nature of the watch.

Apart from the big clock, there are:

  • Humility: The name says it all. It is the link between the clock and fob. It can be simple or decorative.
  • Fob: This is not short; instead, it is the name of a small, decorative piece that sits on the end of the chain and acts as a clip so that the watch does not fall off if it comes out of your pocket or in your hands. Very beautiful, as it was in the Victorian era or it could be simple. They make it easier to pull the watch out of a pocket.
  • Tied: It replaced the most fob these days and comes as a T-bar, belt ring or clip. It helps to keep the pocket watch in place. The belt loop is fastened to the waistband of trousers and should be worn with modern, unusual and not traditional clothing.
  • Albert Single: This is one of the chains that binds the vest / waistcoat to the outside of the garment.
  • Two Albert: The chain is strapped to the waistcoat or vest in the middle with support by a T-bar while the end of the chain sits in a special pocket. They look so cute and cute.

Pocket watches come in a variety of shapes Pocket watches come in a variety of shapes styles and designs; from high-quality analogs to digital, flexible formats. But with pocket watches, the image that comes quickly to mind is that of a golden tone, white music, Breguet-hands, Roman numerals and, perhaps, a small counter, varying in seconds; but in reality, you should consider the type of clothing you are wearing.

Choose your pocket watch according to the instructions below.

  • Materials: Various metals are used to make pocket watches, which are usually stainless steel – with or without or plating gold or other finishes. For shades of brown, gold is the most suitable; for gray, blues and white, silver and gun-metal are very good. Gold or silver, both go well with black.
  • Type: It has your own intellect to the extent that you want the face of the clock to be displayed. It could be open (no face cover); or, closed with a metal cover (mlenje); slightly closed e.g., glass window on metal cover (mlenje watheka) and double huntere. covered front and back but can be opened. Wear a dress with a skirt open look at what’s hanging on your dress and let it look but with a traditional three-piece suit, the mlenje it will be well. Clothes for two breasts, a mlenje or a double hunter it would go very well.
  • Call the color: Choose white music to match traditional clothing but your jeans and your outfit, choose anything.

You can wear a pocket watch in a variety of ways, depending on your clothes or preferences. But when should your watch fit into your wallet?

On the right hand, the watch should fit in the left pocket and on the right if you are on the left; that is, it can be released without the use of your control hand.

When should your watch fit in your pocket? Now, that’s another great subject that needs to be clarified another time.

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Leave a comment say how you can wear your watch and what color you prefer when choosing a pocket watch.

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