Hamilton Intramatic H: All-American ’60s cooler with European modes.

The H it has an integrated design and a well-chosen watch for luxury car owners; not the chauffer-driven colors, though. Its grapevine, chronograph flow sharing history and history! Mustang meat lovers, you will love it so much.

Well, we will address a problem that looks very good right now!

Nazi –

Famous words – “budget” and “luxury” it is a vague word. Any watch that costs less than $ 5000 as a budget is not what we call “budget“Look but it is the beginning of”high quality”Budget. However, as with most things in life, they are all related, aren’t they?

When most people think of horological behemoths, their thoughts go Rolex, especially a Sailor which, consumers can buy with royalty. Or, he could pay a little less for the price of even driving a Ferraris or – even sometimes – eating golden caviar! The idea behind it do not show yourself respectful while shaking your head is the most accessible and profitable target display of luxury when not shaking enough.

Dressing high quality requires psyche priming. Cheap tools do just that. Jumping from a $ 1000 piece to a $ 5,000 (or more) watch is extremely difficult; the $ 1000 to $ 3000 range helps to hide more. It helps you get used to feeling and moving around without feeling too sorry for yourself. That’s when, my friend, you start to feel the reality of wearing a high-waisted dress, characterized by unadulterated blithe.

H38416141In contrast to our previous price tags, this time, we bring you some of the most interesting items in the $ 1000 and $ 3000 range; side-by-side, waiting to be transported – it does not matter if you want to wear it here or in Helsinki, famous for being known to be expensive even if not as much as it is in Stockholm.

We bring it to you Hamilton Intramatic Chronograph H!

These are high-end watches, led by grapes, pilots who maximize the quality offered by the brand and deal with the ’60s panach. In contrast to other ancient Hamilton models (chronographs A and B; 1968), chronographs play these wind instruments – in many ways – a vital clock to close the gap between three or four people. Different types (panda and panda panda) are very useful for accreditation; the matte finish works well against small circles with a rounded shape.

The intra-matic H chronograph is a large clock. Now, that doesn’t work for the whole Intra-Matic team; all the rest of the races are smaller. Its hardness is mainly due to the sapphire-crystalline stones and is most noticeable when you look at the clock, similar to a short and sturdy flying plate. Likewise, a few millimeters smaller would make it more acceptable to them for liking smaller watches but again, they would not doubt its size to be greater than the number of its components.

Surprisingly, its size does not look good on the arm and this is due to the slope of the slope. The curved corners – we would say – made the makers able to spend a few nights without sleeping on their desks.


This probably adds a lot to its naked, beautiful, simple, melted look from the obvious. Intra-Matic they already watch. The hand ulcer Hamilton Intra-Matic Chronograph H they look just like any Mustang color, old-fashioned. Some chronograph designs do not actually draw flesh-hearing. The Swatch team did a great job of providing the highest quality work through the old, hand-operated machines and keeping the lowest cost of others. Fast and handsome, and what Pennsylvania was like in the late 60s.

A quick look at its management

The H-31 flight is based on the ETA / Valjoux 7753 with 27 Jewels and a 60-hour power supply (max.). It hits at 28800 vph and has several modified features from its old version.

  • Everything kinematic chain they were rebuilt, from jars to jars.
  • The escapement regulator is pressed to be reliable and accurate.
  • Improving the main spring; saves more energy than any other standard vehicle.
  • Mono-block rotor with well-known shells H
  • Aircraft embellished with a Hamilton signature.

Why should you go to H?

Of all the grapes made of grapes, the purity of H and its simplicity combine dramatically into a charm of competitive competition. With so much charisma we can find it by reading it all on its own.

Leave a comment to say which of the three is your favorite, and why.

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