How does the G-Shock compare to other digital watches?

In my last post, there was a promise to represent Suunto against G-Shock; however, later on, I thought it would be better to stick to several digital watches instead of sticking to just one. Garmin we have already spoken; now, it’s time to talk about others.

Without a doubt, it is Sunto, there are several other names that come as Timex, Citizenship and even, Tissot T-Touch (late, Seiko it also offers digital and four-digit watches) but in reality, no one can compete with them GShaken firmness or even the presence of similar or slightly larger; besides solidity, it is also affordability something that the G-Shock wins hands down. While there is no dispute about the most complex G-Shock clocks in the world to date, it is much larger and more numerous (not counting the squares); look very professionally and externally (keep G-STEEL out) and often, it is not ideal for people with small / light bones.

Come on! All other brands have their own unique ability to create GShaken seeming a tool of professionals only and not especially urban clothing.

The list below shows some of the best competitors to the G-Shock.

  1. Casio Pro-Trek: Let’s start with G-Shock’s closest relative. It is a radio-powered, solar-powered, sensor-based, transparent, external device that allows you to connect with the environment around you. It withstands high temperature fluctuations, including Digital Compass, altimeter, barometer and thermometer; showing International Time; Sunrise / sunset times, 1/10 Second Stopwatch, Countdown Timer and several alarms. But, there is no GPS except Pro-Trek Smart.

2. Sunto: It is beautiful, almost solid; and GPS and several navigation features. They have a solid and durable structure that is well built but does not look silly; helping them to gain access to social media. Suunto watches are sometimes much smarter than G-Shocks, but their parts are not as wide as G-Shock. But their resilience can withstand extremely difficult movements and weather without compromising. They excel at using advanced equipment and technology and you can call them the smartest watches that are highly regarded among top runners and outdoor enthusiasts. It is very expensive compared to the popular G-Shock models.

3. Timex: It is a budget choice with good sports and running style; others with GPS (Timex Ironman Run X20 GPS Indiglo Digital for example; or TIMEX® IRONMAN® R300 GPS). It allows you to measure real-time running, counting your steps, distance and tracking calories burned. The latest allows you to control your heart rate as well as the amount of other metrics that help you improve your workout. But well, they’re not as strong as the other two we’ve mentioned and they can’t survive a 300-foot fall or pressure under a car wheel unlike the G-Shock.

4. Seiko: Sadly, Seiko has put all their GPS capabilities into their Astron model; their Executive Sports Line are people looking for a watch that works equally well in the office and abroad. They are as strong but not as strong enough to survive the war as G-Shock is often; however, since these two Solar Seiko PROSPEX Diver and Seiko Prospex PADI Diver had been, a solid the problem was greatly solved. Sam is working on Seiko Prospex Fieldmaster and Seiko Wired Limited Edition Chronograph Alarm with IMHO, it performs well as a G-Shock in terms of durability. It’s just that they don’t look very good.

5. Citizens: Things have come a long way since the impressive Citizen PROMASTER Skyhawk AT Eco-Drive offered the route to Caliber F100 and Caliber F-150; The Caliber F900 affects the 40 components present in UTC, regardless of desert, lake or mountains. The game model you find in this is a chronograph but the main advantage is: You don’t have to worry that the battery is going down as long as you are under the Sun or a production source, very bright. But oh, they’re not digital in any way, which makes them the best dressed in town.

That’s about it. The paragraphs above give you some idea of ​​choosing the right outdoor clock based on the amount of sport or trip you want to do. You have chosen the right one, there will be no complaints you may have but do not think that this will address the violence that G-Shock can get with a smiling face over and over again.

The next day, we just talk about T-Touch.

We want to hear your thoughts on watches that you think will be more successful than G-Shock or its like. Don’t forget to do that leave an answer and let us know what you like.

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