Hublot Classic Fusion VS Big Bang: Great Comparison

Enjoy an eye-opening look, behind the scenes from the inside man to help you determine if you can choose the Hublot Big Bang or Classic Fusion.

Hublot Classic Fusion VS Big Bang

Two well-known Hublot clock models have been compared today to help you determine which one is right for your hand. We will see all the collections from several different angles plus different clocks in each category, the different series within each category, the variation of the text, the variation of the mechanical clocks, and much more. Let’s start with the style, right?

Style & Design

Hublot has a wide range of designs and manufactures a wide variety of watches, more than most manufacturers can afford. Each of these collections has its own unique and limited clocks that are too numerous to mention here but we will include more colors in both categories.

Classic Fusion Style & Designs

In short: Classic Fusion watches have a very different neo-classic look. Hublot, a French word for ‘porthole’, is a good way to describe the bezels on Hublot’s most famous watches that by accident resemble the shape of a water hatch.

Hublot takes the risks they have paid for and helps establish their true form. Their designs are guided not by imitating other designs as they made the designs that many others tried to follow.

Equipment: The term Fusion is a descriptive term for combining the ingredients and materials used to make these excellent watches; one of the things Hublot was known for. From light titanium to precious platinum, 18kt rose gold, two tones, diamonds, even ceramic, stainless steel, leather, rubber, and fabric.

Its size: You can find watches in this group designed for women and men, and anything in between for those with the middle hand. Some watches are very thin while others have very large cases. The smallest dimensions start at 33mm and at the greater end of the spectrum, it extends up to 45mm in diameter to fit the larger arms.

Lightning: Classic Fusion clocks are easy to identify because many simply use appliqué beveled index or sometimes diamond markers on their high-end watches. Their cases are also similar in construction with real finishing techniques such as the finishing touches applied to the bezel ring and the centerpiece between the two pillars and the polished finish on the seats, bezel straps, side parts, crowns, and sometimes chronograph. voters.

Although most dials have a solar end, Hublot has done and still does a lot of experimentation with the design of dials in this collection, including the use of carbon fiber machines and fabric designs (such as the houndstooth pattern) with the same bracelet.

Bezel: Most bezel rings have a polished porthole shape with 6 H-signature straps. These straps are polished and distributed evenly at 12, 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 o’clock. On some colors, you will find diamond rings, and this is something that has changed a bit over the years. Although the older types had two rows of small round diamonds that looked good, most new ones had one line with larger diamonds. From now on, it is not clear whether this is a permanent change or not. Perhaps in the future, he could bring back two lines into several pieces. In the meantime, you can still find it one colors with two lines but most types with diamond bezels use a single diamond line.

Options: Currently there are several hundred genres that are grouped between the series and sub-series under the Classic Fusion label. It has a much larger band than the Big Bang and most of its contents have mechanical problems that distinguish them from the classic Classic Fusion clock that only states the time and day of the month.

Classic Fusion Collection

Hublot Classic Fusion Collection Collage

Big Bang Style & Designs

In short: This is a small group of special watches from Hublot that you can expect to come back with a much higher price. Let’s just say the Big Bang is not your ordinary watch. It is strong, courageous, large, and often visible. The best watch for anyone who Zigs while all the rest Zags.

It is important to note that those unfamiliar with both Hublot groups and series can test the similarities between the Hublot Big Bang and the Hublot Big Bang UNICO. When they share two words in their name, with different clocks. We will discuss more about this in this post which deals with the mechanization of the Big Bang.

Lightning: The music on the Big Bang watches varies in color and shape but some are similar, such as the use bright (light-in-dark) hour notes. These hourly notes can be hourly notes or combined with hourly notes and Arabic numerals in stencil type. You’ll also see minutes and seconds around the rhythm of the song, while Classic Fusion, in most cases, is not.

Case: You can expect the size of the Big Bang to be at the far end of the spectrum with most clocks starting at the lower 38mm VS the Classic Fusion’s 33mm cases. This is because the Big Bang is a very strong group with a lot of outside and “drawing outside the lines” approach.

Equipment: Everything from the combination of weapons to how it affects you can sometimes and in some cases seem as logical as it was in the past. A good example of avant-garde design is a pattern that uses a clear and sharp denim fabric for a ring and belt, combined with 18kt rose gold with a diamond bezel and diamond clock markings. Like I said not your middle watch.

Big Bang Collection

Hublot Classic Big Bang Collection Collage


Classic Fusion Movements

The Hublot Classic Fusion team uses a number of different systems including quartz calibers (battery-powered systems) and mechanical systems that combine automatic (automatic) caliber, as well as manual (manual) Hublot Classic Fusion clocks and known ones. that drawing calibers; a template base-movement that is usually provided by ETA, which provides high quality of the system and produces the highest quality for most advanced clock manufacturers.

However, there is some popularity that comes from a watchmaker who is able to make their movements work 100% in-house and without relying on any 3.rd party vendors. This does not mean that the indoor orientation is more accurate or better than the non-indoor ebauche calibers, but the standalone combination is impressive regardless. It also provides an opportunity for the watchmaker to monitor and evaluate the quality of the entire watch from start to finish. Which brings us to the Big Bang.

Big Bang Movements

The uninitiated may have similarities between the Big Bang group and the Big Bang UNICO group. Even with the same name design, this can be a mistake. These are two different Hublot bands.

The main difference between the Big Bang and Big Bang UNICO collections is that UNICO is, in particular, either a caliber with a chronograph (stopproof part) or GMT (second part). The most important thing to remember, is that the word UNICO indicates that they are using 100% Hublot machines in the home (UNICO was the first Hublot caliber name, and a fixed name). Below is an example of a UNICO autonomous system.

The Hublot Big Bang Group (without the word UNICO), on the other hand, can use a 3-way system.rd a starting party, which may or may not change in the home. They also have a limited number of battery-powered models and use quartz caliber.

Price range

The Classic Fusion Group has an MSRP entry for $ 5,200 for battery-operated quartz and the Classic Fusion Quartz range can be up to $ 30,500 for solid gold types.

Their mechanical timepieces, like their self-made watches, cost about $ 6,200 and can go up to a 6-digit price and climb the prices of the most complex and stylish colors.

The Big Bang Group has original quartz types with an MSRP of $ 10,400 and this Classic Fusion Quartz watch costs up to $ 29,400 on some types of precious metals with diamonds.

Types of machines in the Big Bang category have an MSRP of $ 11,500. At the higher end of the gem value, they can reach a value of 6 values.

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Classic Fusion Big Bang


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