Hublot VS Breguet: Which Is Best?

A detailed comparison of the two well-known types of watches. Let’s see how they do it, don’t they?

We will be comparing the two famous watchmakers in many categories. Why? Because when people ask us “what’s wrong with Breguet or Hublot?”, It is often a question from many places and can come in a variety of colors. As a result, our comparisons will be divided using different compression angles. Use the menu below to view this article.

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When it comes to accuracy, we need to separate each type into two groups: quartz clocks (battery-powered clocks) and mechanical-powered clocks (powered by a series of spring-loaded motions in motion). First, a brief description of the ignorant, if any.

Surprisingly, the correct movement is also cheaper to produce. Obviously, these are the most expensive quartz that came on the market in the 1970s. This utilizes a battery that sends money to the quartz crystal which makes it much faster, more efficient than any machine that can be made on its own. Hublot delivers battery-powered quartz clocks with the most precision. However, Breguet only manufactures mechanical clocks. Many high-end watchmakers love mechanical timepieces because of the ambiguity of how they are made and the added esoteric value of how they work.

When it comes to the accuracy of chronometry, especially information mechanically mechanical clocks (and no-quartz flow), this is a place where watchmakers talk. Some common words like COSC certified by Chronometer are often thrown around. For those who need to know what it is, COSC is a French version of the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute. It is a third-party laboratory that tests the movement of the clock to display accuracy and rewards a unique ‘Chronometer’ for those who achieve a minimum deviation of no more than -4 / + 6 seconds per day. For mechanical watches, this is considered to be the most accurate.

However, not all high-end watchmakers use COSC in their testing. Instead, some of the most popular watchmakers do not use them at all and prefer to experiment in-house and often have good results. That said, Breguet became known in the early 1800s on the Marine Chronometer of 1815 for the Royal Navy. At that time, however, the word Chronometer meant something very different.

Although the Breguet company does not guarantee their watches at COSC, they have confirmed in the past that they can produce more accurate watches than COSC standards, such as the Classique Chronométrie 7727 which had a very high-precision timing. twice the frequency of 4Hz at the highest frequency of 10Hz. It used a silicon spring, a lever, and an escape wheel as well as electric pivots. Note, this is not their entry clock. In addition, they do not advertise their products to be more accurate. They are accurate but are known to be the most well-known type of history compared to Rolex.

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Breguet Heritage Chronograph


Breguet is very popular type in 6th the most famous Swiss viewer (# 25 all Swiss locations type) on the list of the 50 most valuable Swiss items and has a value of 1,004 Million CHF (Swiss francs). The list was recently published by Interbrand, a brand price rating agency that tests price type and selects the most expensive type.

In terms of race popularity, Hublot is more popular than Breguet. Probably because they are a information the youngest sign. However, Hublot is still a very a popular, as well as high-50 Swiss luxury type (including Swiss watchmakers, Swiss banks, Swiss chocolatiers, etc.) are ranked # 40 at the most famous Swiss making clocks type. It is valued at 401 million CHF (Swiss francs); less than half of Breguet.

*Source: Interbrand, an organization that measures brand value and brand identity. [ See ]

Hublot Big Bang UNICO 45mm


Breguet is one of the oldest watchmaking manufacturers to date. They are well known by those who know their horology and love the history of making clocks. It is the most famous in history compared to Hublot and has made information valuable contributions to the ancient art of making stickers (especially in their early years).

Hublot, because of its age, is considered a Less more popular than Breguet though still a top brand. In other words, their watches are not cheap. They are aggressive with their business and form small groups of small clocks to keep things as stable as possible. Being a new kid on the block is not easy for a watchmaker who competes against the most common types, really hundreds of years older than you.

Regardless, they are a leading brand that has been moving steadily since its inception. They have made some incredible clocks and have found the strokes among reputable watchmakers. However, Hublot is still a different type of watch that manufactures very different watches from Breguet and manages a very different team.

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Breguet and Hublot have swimming watches in their books and even jumpers can wear them A Breguet Marine Royale watch with 300m / 1000ft of water resistance, for you to pass very efficiently, you need more than that.

Hublot Carried out a 4000m high-speed water clock called the Hublot Oceanographic 4000. However, they no longer make these models. The closest type of genre you can find with the highest level of water resistance is the Big Bang Chronograph Black Magic.


Both Hublot and Breguet offer a two-year warranty on their watches. There are several types of high-end markets that offer long-term guarantee. Although smaller markets like Omega have been expanding their warranty periods, the timing in the watchmaking business is still a two-year warranty.

Hublot VS Breguet High Challenges


All watchmakers are capable of making highly sophisticated watches and even most of their watches are no, in the past, each of them made a few notable ones. Above is a picture with two good examples. The Hublot Masterpiece MP-09 features a bi-axis tourbillon with a power saving signal. To the right is Breguet with a timeless and challenging tourbillon. While both of them were capable of producing the most sophisticated watches, it was Breguet, who in 1827 exhibited the Marie Antoinette Grande Complication 1160 watch bag which was presented to the Queen where it became known. It had more problems than any other clock in its time and took 44 years to complete. To this day, the clock is still considered one of the world’s most challenging 5h clocks. Breguet is also known for developing tourbillon complexes, as well as for innovating the mechanical clock used on an automatic watch today to help maintain full power. So in terms of horology and watchmaking skills, Breguet excels at this and is not a competitor.

On the other hand, Hublot works amazingly with its metals and has done a lot of research by making a combination of different materials to create new licenses like their famous King Gold. Hublot is one of the leading innovators in the field of mechanical engineering. Often these new and innovative weapons enhance the design by making the watch resistant to nicks and dings and thus prolonging the longevity of the material.


Between the two types, Breguet prices start about twice that of Hublot so the entry price is much higher. In addition, they have up to six watches due to their outstanding quality and millions on their old-fashioned products such as the 1160 Breguet Marie Antoinette watch (mentioned earlier.) Cost more than $ 30 Million.


People often ask if they should “sell” in Breguet or Hublot. Frankly, watches are consumer goods, not money. As a result, they are expected to lose some of their value as soon as they wear it. Cash is made to increase value. The amount of time a watch can appreciate its value is so short that it can be expensive to gamble.

However, some directly watches, and other watches, almost, keep more expensive than other watches or watches. That said, Breguet also has control over the Hublot brand. Hublot watches are a favorite no keep their price much better compared to Breguet.

There are other brands that can keep their price higher than Breguet, such as Rolex and Patek Philippe, which are, in particular, those that keep their price or sometimes even more expensive.

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