Inhorgenta 2022 settles on the border when Casio leaves

We’ve started again.

As a rule of thumb, the bigger the case, the sooner you have to consider whether it will happen or not in the time of the ban.

The Olympic Games may need to make a decision next year when the Downing Street party can be given a green light in a minute.

Somewhere in the middle is Inhorgenta, Munich’s best jewelry, which is due to take place from February 11 to 14, just two months from now.

And today one of his biggest watchmakers, Casio, came out hoping the covid block would make this possible.

“Given the prevalence of Covid fever in Germany, Austria and other neighboring countries in Europe and the uncertainty of the coming weeks, we are forced to refuse to participate in these major events,” explains Marc Czemper, director of operations. on clocks in Casio Europe, step. “Safety and health are paramount.”

Inhorgenta has been in the spotlight since Baselworld banned its 2022 show, leaving it as Europe’s biggest show and jewelry.

WATCHPRO is in the process of organizing an international trade fair called the London Time Festival, which will coincide with the end of Watches and Wonders Geneva in April.

If Inhorgenta is suspended, as it did in 2021, questions will be asked about Clocks and Marvels, especially if retailers are flying around the world to pick up their Rolex shares (please sir, can I have some more!).

The Time Festival, in its first year, will be a very exciting, and flexible enough to change if there are central restrictions in the UK. It can happen as a physical event, even if Watches and Wonders are suspended.

Inhorgenta’s covid policy

As a result of what is happening at Covid in the Free State of Bavaria, the new rules for commercial participation are active. The following principles apply.

  • Only guest admission is 2G + pass
    Business visitors to Munich will have to prove that they have been vaccinated or recovered from registration. Visitors must also submit an incorrect test (antigen test immediately with a valid 24 h / PCR test validated for 48 hours).
  • 3G combining the idea of ​​exhibitors and partners
    Employees who work in the exhibition, co-workers, service providers at Messe München or a commercial construction company are required to provide an official 3G + license to travel to the exhibition space. People who have not been vaccinated or cured should provide a standard PCR test.
  • FFP2 masks are forced on all displays
    Looking at preventive measures to find it is possible and more FFP2 mask.
  • In all cases, a minimum distance of 1.5 meters should be maintained between non-family members.
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