Is Morellato the best color to choose from?

Morellato: Symbolic, touching

Believe that you could easily have made your choice “Yes”Or“No.”For our part, but we insist on a thorough examination of the type and type of material first. Learn more about Morellato’s beginnings, achievements and other goals and decide for yourself if Morellato it’s worth a try. We can say that it is so and it is important that you know the reasons before submitting our opinion.

Morellato’s story

Morellato makes the finest watches made of precious stones and ornaments (stainless steel and silver) for men and women, each piece unique and original. Morellato watchmaking has entered Lugano, Switzerland their jewelry is made in Veneto and Tuscany regions of Italy, the home of Italian professionals.


Apart from its kind of watches and accessories (watch strings, bracelets and bracelets) aimed at high-end men and women today around the world especially in Europe and the United States; Morellato also controls the type of Swiss watch Philip Watch (now more than one and a half years old) and since 2006, he is also overseeing Section. It is a well-known watch, with a license plate Roberto Cavalli, Pirelli PZero and John Galliano the color of the clock and all the clocks and jewelry Sixty Girls (Guangzhou, China).

Morellato, too, comes under Gevril Group.

Morellato is currently expanding his fashion portfolio based on new designs, high-tech technology and a selection of manufacturing licenses to boost the volume of his reputation. Global growth takes new influences and partnerships with people in the fashion business for a long time.

Morellato: Quick facts

  • Morellato Group is the most important watch and jewelry group in Europe.
  • It is a global leader in the cable and watch companies and leads the fashion and watches markets of Italy and France.
  • Morellato came to Venice in the 1930’s. Its headquarters are in Padua, Milan and Evreux.
  • Shipping: 38 percent of total sales
  • Institution: 57 Morellato stores (30 in China) including New York.
  • Types under the Morellato Group: Morellato, Sector, Philip Watch, Lucien Rochat, Chronostar, B&G, Oui & Me, La Petite Story, Live Diamond, Bluespirit.
  • Types licensed in the Morellato Group: Maserati, Chiara Ferragni, Trussardi.
  • Morellato watches are built: Smart and integrated watches, mechanical clocks, quartz clocks with or without special functions.


Morellato: A modern high-end lifestyle for those with a selfish mind

A unique legacy of Italian design as defined by Giulio Morellato now talking to fashion forward watch lovers, sometimes different generations. Normal burners, highly active in metals, resin, rubber and silicon are anti-allergenic. These are toys with toys, modern. Young, modern styles are offered in many ways, defined by bright colors and are very different from traditional hand watches. This change brings with it the emergence of fashion.

MorellatoSo, are Morellato watches safe for everyday use?

One of Morellato’s wonderful things is that he has come to know people of all races and nationalities.

It is a symbol of knowing the realities of life and comes as a mistake full of hope that the world is – not the way it is – in a nutshell, showing the best that can happen, without a doubt. not getting anything in return; giving no as a valid reason – others for good reason innumerable – looking for a watch from a colorless model.

Morellato watches are simple words against the idea of ​​expensive watches that you love in the first place, just realizing better architecture and keeping your value is important rather than just developing personal pride. It is a type of watch that will not – if you spend money on them – give you any problem that often causes people to stop looking at digital watches.

Keep logging in leave your answers below. Say why you want to go to Morellato and what could be?

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