For decades, people express great frustration without a wristwatch. In fact, if you are not with one; you are out of the circle of people with integrity. Some prefer to put on the wristwatch for several purposes but the problem of this gadget is unique in its own. Most of the challenges faced by wristwatches user is the improper movement or exhausted batteries which sent those watches back for mechanical repair in order to come back to life.

In our today’s poor society, the need to keep close to your watch and check the passage of minutes is becoming bigger than ever. The growth of portable digital products such as phones, laptops, MP3 players with time poses a cluster of clouds in the watch industry.

In the survey of more than 1,500 people in the United Kingdom, 14% said they did not need a wristwatch. That would be 7.2 million people across the country, while this percentage would have doubled among 15 to 24-year-olds. Mintel analysts believe this trend will continue, with market indicators showing 9% increase in mobile phones since 2005 and the number of watch owners remained stable.

Image Title, Digital Music Player or Wristwatch? You Have to Decide

This is a growing trend that poses a potential threat to the standard of wristwatch demand. The study shows that a young woman who has grown up with technology has the same likelihood of controlling time with a mobile phone.

Watches are still popular: 86% of people still own one, although many of them saw their watches buried somewhere in their socks. This proves that wristwatches is becoming more “redundant” and will probably disappear in the coming decades, says professor of cultural trends at the University of Sussex.

“If you’re used to the clock, you’ll continue.”But if you grow up like a” digital homeboy “with a mobile phone and you do not make use of wristwatch, you will definitely lose the will to get one.

At the beginning of the 20th century, fashion was for pocket watches, says Jonathan Scatchard author of the Miller Wristwatch. During the First World War, practical aspects of the warship led the soldiers to join them on the joints of the leather straps.”Even in the late twenties, you think it’s a bit feminine if a man wore a wristwatch,” says Scatchard, who runs a website.

Traditional wristwatches have been a threat to technology when consumers in the 1980s had intense but short interest in pioneer digital watches in Japan.”Fascination is something that is achieved by a hand that has a tick, almost like a heartbeat,” he says.”We all have mobile phones, but for two years they have not been in fashion and you never get used to them.”

However, the evolution of the digital world plays a major part in our day to day activities and so is the wristwatch. The truth of the matter is that the wristwatches as a permanent role to play in the digital world while the digital device has a role to play in the wristwatches world. Both are specific in actions and duties.

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