IWC VS Breitling – What Is Best?

IWC and Breitling go to the winner’s head takes all the comparisons. Read more about these two watchmakers to find out what is best for you.

IWC VS Breitling Watches

In this example, we will introduce the Breitling VS IWC brand differently in an attempt to give you the perfect way to make the right purchase. We will compare them to many groups such as:

EditorLong-termHistoryBrand recognitionHorologyRetail PricePrice


Most IWC watches come with a transparent sapphire case that gives you the opportunity to see the movement of the clock that supports the clock. These systems (AKA calibers) use a number of financing mechanisms that allow for the movement of light in ways that unfinished metals would not. It adds a bit of excitement to the charm of the watch to see the movement decorated in this way. It is often also written with various notes that tell you about its movement and color.

Breitling watches are another type of watch and although they are very sophisticated, they do not have a visible problem. However, with that you can see the beautifully completed movement. On this note, there are also many Breitling watches that do not use electric motors but, battery-operated quartz clocks. This does not offer the same opportunity for a watchmaker to complete a variety of dishes and to produce a spectacular display just as one would with a mechanical watch. Perhaps many of their watches have a solid problem because of this.


Breitling watches have a very heavy design. While it is not recommended to provide a watch, machine or other means, dangerous or powerful vibrations, it is possible for this to happen. If that happened then, I would be comfortable wearing Breitling instead of the IWC that tends to be a more sophisticated watch and a slimmer watch like most Breitling watches.

Many watchmakers have developed a fearsome technology that they combine with their watch. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.


Both Breitling and the IWC emerged at the same time in the late 19th century. The IWC which began its journey in 1869 in Schaffhausen, Switzerland has about 15 years in business than Breitling which started in the Jura Mountains in Switzerland in 1884.

All of these are considered to be well-known names in the watchmaking industry and have invested their money in this project for a century and a half or so in the business. To learn more about these two types use the links below to view our color page and learn more.

IWC price change

Brand recognition

BREITLING: According to a recent report from Interbrand, a valuation agency, Breitling is The most popular type of Swiss watch in the world * is priced at 359 Million Swiss Francs (CHF). Breitling is a major player in Swiss watchmaking companies and is well-known for pilots and pilots who enjoy the many watches Breitling makes with specialized aircraft control systems.

IWC: According to the same report the IWC Schaffhausen has the upper hand over the issue of identity. They are like 10th The world-famous Swiss watch has an estimated value of 779 Million CHF. Many watchmakers also see the IWC watch as a popular brand compared to Breitling because of the magic they put in their Grande Complication watch that incorporates many other mechanically operated watches.

All of these are very popular and should be on the list of the top 50 Swiss teams. However, we are comparing different types of colors here. In popular competitions with pilots, you may find that many prefer Breitling (although the IWC has an excellent line of personal pilot watches). However, if you ask the top watchmakers, you can find a great reliance on the IWC. Both are excellent brands that contribute to a different niche.

* Sources & Terms: Interbrand Report: Best Swiss Brands 2016.pdf

Breitling VS IWC


In the case of horology, all watchmakers have made generous contributions to this technology, each in its own way. The IWC manufactures high-end simple watches that speak to each other on a daily basis as well as the most sophisticated watches. Grande Complications watches use a number of mechanical compressors that allow others such as a stand-up timer, a perpetual calendar, a monthly component, a minute repetition, a repeat, and much more at once, all powered by springs and gears.

Aficionados often see the accuracy of the clock and use it as a metric to see if it is relevant. For these reasons, many watchmakers pay extra to test their watches with COSC. Obtaining a COSC certificate allows them to put the word ‘Chronometer’ on the clock. Doing this shows that the clock shift has a slight accuracy with a difference of no more than -4 / + 6 seconds per day. However, not all high-end watchmakers do this.

The IWC is one of the leading manufacturers of traditional watchmaking and is very proud of its in-house experiments and design. Other watchmakers who feel the same way are included Top brands like Patek Philippe so clearly COSC does not guarantee the type of horology that goes into the clock.

On the other hand, Breitling has most of its COSC-certified watches and comes with a COSC certificate with the word ‘Chronometer’ inscribed somewhere on the watch. On the contrary, even their battery-powered quartz clocks are often over-the-counter COSC Certified Quartz calibers and have the Quartz Chronometer name. The quartz movement is more accurate than the mechanical shift. What about the Quartz Chronometer. A warning is that many high-tech collectors do not really appreciate the quartz movement because they do not have the ancient skills and traditions such as traditional mechanical timepieces.

Retail Price

When the time comes to buy a watch, many simply look at the price of the new watch. However, some people also see the average price that a watch can have once it is worn. Like any other purchase, the watch loses its value when used for the first time and slows down over time. Regular watch buyers often see the re-selling price of a watch or a watch with a watch if they choose to sell or replace a watch that they already have, they can increase their return (not to be confused with a return on Investment).

Some people just use the term as “investing in a watch” but the reality is that a watch would not value its value if the traditional currency is run by SEC-protected security or hence the term investment is wrong to use. any clock. The rare event that the watch value so highly is a fact very rare that it really is a gamble trying to buy a watch with the hope that it will become more expensive.

That said, if we look at the number of re-sales of Breitling watches by IWC, IWC will have a higher value when it re-sells on the existing market.


The IWC has a state-of-the-art airplane alarm system that starts at a cost of about $ 4,150. Their in-house Big Pilot watches offer more and come with a higher price starting at a price tag of around $ 13,200. At the high end, some of the most complex IWC watches such as the IWC Portuguese Grande Complication can cost up to $ 283,000.

Breitling has Aviator watches starting at a slightly lower price. The 41mm Aviator 8 watch, for example, starts at a price of around $ 3930 for stainless steel and about $ 26,920 for 18Kt gold. The cheapest Breitling watch would be Breitling Endurance Pro Quartz 44mm which has a price list of only about $ 3,000.

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