Locman has initiated the return of Made in Italy mechanical movements

The star of this article is the new OISA team, developed and manufactured in Italy.

Historically, this year OISA 1937 marks the re-launch of Made-made clocks in Italy.

OISA 1937 is the brainchild of Domenico Morezzi, Maître Horologer and, to date, is the only Italian manufacturer of mechanical engineering that has ever existed.

Morezzi founded OISA – Orologeria Italiana Società Azionaria – in 1937 at the Viale Regina Margherita in Milan, beginning to produce handmade, machine-made and “in-house” collections.

OISA 1937 is patented and sells a wide range of handmade watches, while simultaneously continuing to produce a wide range of precision timers such as 13-line, 11-line and 1/5, 10-line and 1/5, 7 and 3/4, 6 and 1/4 calibres, which were donated to other manufacturers.

In the war years later, the company grew and relocated to Viale Bligny and then, in 1955, relocated to its headquarters at 10 Corso Como.

OISA has always been a family-owned company with about 120 employees under the leadership of Domenico Morezzi with the help of his grandson Carlo Boggio Ferraris.

After his grandfather died, it was his grandson Carlo who took over the company and led it to success. However, with the advent of the quartz movement in the market, he was forced to stop production a few years later.

But Carlo, who still manufactures the most advanced Swiss Made motion pictures, did not give up.

Now the leader of the new OISA 1937, he explains: “Do not be afraid to be bold are the words of my grandfather and, remembering their amazing skills, my dream has always been to resume their movement.”

Addition: “At that time OISA was a customer and seller of Genesis, a well-known watch factory in Milanese now owned by LOCMAN”.

To fulfill the role of the rebirth of Italian mechanical engineering, Carlo Boggio Ferraris has received the full support of a number of key individuals who have decided to embrace this new challenge.

“Together with Marco Mantovani, LOCMAN President, Benedetto Perrotta of Officina Meccanica Futura and a top financier like Andrea Morante, we have developed a sustainable corporate project. continues Ferraris.

He concludes: “The idea is to present the whole range of high quality, accurate and reliable Italian production process. The production in our meetings in Pavia has already begun, with very good results. to make it very high. “

Today, OISA 1937 Manufacture was dedicated to making the caliber 29-50 Cinque Ponti, manufactured in the early 1960s by Domenico Morezzi, which was redesigned in terms of machinery, beauty and equipment.

The smallest 29-50 movement is made of copper, titanium or nickel-plated 19 ounces. finishing hands in the house.

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