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One of the things that watchmakers hate to hear is how accurate the quartz clock is but how does the original type of quartz compare to the Longines VHP?

Let’s face it. Mechanical clocks will not be as accurate as cheap quartz but not all quartz systems are recycled. Let’s take a look at how Longines VHP stands out against your type of quartz.

First of all, to those who are wondering “What does VHP mean?“It stands for”very accurate ‘. This should be a good indication of where this article and comment are going. Exactly Why is that true? …very accurate!

At first everything The clocks were mechanically made and had frequencies that were set to control the speed of the gears on the move. These frequencies were measured either by the frequency of vibrations per hour (VPH) or Hertz (Hz). When battery-operated watches came into use, they introduced a new mechanical mechanical system that used batteries and quartz crystals. The battery sends a small electrical cord to the crystal and causes it to vibrate and helps control the clock’s frequency. Quartz is known to vibrate at a very high price and resonates very consistently compared with traditional watches. Hi-beat (high frequencies) traditionally the clock can be heard between 5 Hz (36,000 VPH) and 18 Hz (172,800 VPH) depending on the genre.

Quartz crystal, on the other hand, vibrates at 32,768 Hz. Again, that’s it Hertz, no VPH. This could translate to 235,929,600 VPH.

This can be compared to a Bugatti fire truck that leaves a cheap sedan in its dust on the highway, except that the quartz drive is the one that sells at the lowest price. And the speed difference is very similar to a rocket, or rather, a very fast ship. The speed of the model above using a motor can be said to be accurate compared to the speed of oscillation or vibration. That said, some battery-powered systems are more accurate than others and today we will be highlighting one very special watch called the Longines Conquest VHP 41mm. Let’s take a look at how the clocks are measured to be accurate and see how the normal quartz movement will stand out and show a difference compared to the Longines Conquest VHP.

How accurate are the Longines clocks? In the manufacture of traditional clocks, clocks are measured accurately using a metric of +/- several seconds per day. This means a break for a few seconds a day. The extra sign means it is running fast and minus means it is running fast. Some great opportunities in detail a mechanical machine having a time interval of about -4 / + 6 seconds per day and these are often given a unique name from a third-party lab called the most accurate COSC and the name is known as Chronometer. Many Longine clocks are COSC certified Chronometers. However, the initial movement of the quartz will have a deviation around +/- 15 seconds per month that around 180 seconds a year. An interesting example of the hybrid between these two caliber models is the Grand Seiko clock with Automatic Spring Drive interface that also uses quartz with integrated component. However, it is accurate but not necessarily considered a quartz clock per sec.

According to COSC, which also verifies certain HAQ (quartz high accuracy) specifications of the COSC’s standard Quartz Chronometer, at an average daytime temperature of 23 degrees Celsius or 73.4 Fahrenheit, the Quartz Chronometer can expect a deviation of ± 0.07 per second. per day which translates to about 25.55 seconds per year. Most quartz clocks today are not the most accurate chronometer. Breitling makes several of them but is shot directly by Longines Conquest VHP which has a high accuracy and accuracy of ± 5 seconds. per year! Again, that’s it per year, not daily, or monthly. Complete suspension.


How does Longines VHP work?

Longinees are made and used information technologies that are used sequentially to achieve the exact level that would be expected from Longines VHP.

  • Magnetic Recognition & Adjustment

There are two built-in clock sensors designed to detect magnetism. When the clock detects a magnet, it stops moving immediately and resets the hands when the magnetic field is no longer available.

  • Gear Position Detection System

There is a system built into the system called the GPD system that constantly remembers the last places where the hands were.

If the watch was touched or shaken, it returns the hands to the position where the vibration or impact was not detected.

Longines Win VHP 41mm Luminous Dial

The new Longines Conquest VHP watch is available with a stainless steel cupboard or stainless steel Black PVD case and has a garden with hour markers, an hour hand and a minute, and has a window to the right of the instrument. place 3 o’clock. The case provides one water resistance but 5 bar / 50m / 150ft water resistance is not specified. It is not a diving watch so it is not expected to have a major water problem. Maybe that will be something he will use for future photos. In the meantime, it is best to have your hands swim a little closer to the pool.

Another feature of the watch is the EOL battery indicator (end of life). If you change the battery within six months from the start of EOL, it will reset all functions properly and start reporting real time as usual. However, if the battery is only replaced after six months it should be sent to Longines premises for the battery to be replaced.

An everlasting calendar that is abstract and lunar is made in this clock and should not be fixed for centuries. In addition, there is a smart crown that allows you to advance for an hour in an extra hour by turning the crown quickly. If you turn the crown slowly it will allow you to change the moment.

In addition, the price is lower than most Longines watches. Luckily it made it cheaper and you can get the new Longines Conquest VHP for sale at a price starting under $ 1,000. VHP comes in a variety of forms and some come with a variety of features. You can find different sizes and shapes in this group:

36mm at 41 mm | at 43mm | 42mm Chronograph | 44mm Chronograph | 41mm GMT | 43mm GMT

Or use the button below to browse the entire group.


Longines Overcoming VHP 41mm Comments


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