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How deep can you go?
All swimming clocks with a depth of 1000m on their dials indicate at the beginning when the watch – perhaps – will fail to work and perform for a number of reasons; from broken crystals to end explosions and entry points but due to the fact that most fun SCUBA swimmers do not exceed 130 feet and traders can reach a depth of 2,000 feet (with the help of air suits). In the center are advanced swimmers that drop down to 1000 feet (300 m) and continue without worries, immediately or in the future.


How did their clocks feel?

Water pressure test
Swimming clocks are rated according to their resistance to artificial water pressure. The test environment is made in labs and not taken to the depths of the ocean.

So, what could they do against the real situation? Or, real events?

1000m and hard to reach. No swimmers – except in the car (e.g. Ic) – has made it. This is where Helium release valves are most effective.

Approximate 1000M

Effects of stress: Water gets better
People would be able to withstand a great deal of pressure under the superficial conditions of the land; testing inside the hyperbaric chambers imitating 700m of water pressure has taken place. All people survived without showing any signs of health problems.

The fact is, deep breaking it does not really work for people so, we will not fight too hard if we cross the border. Instead, the system will be shut down when individual organs and anatomical systems change.

To control hydrostatic pressure, allow it to sink under the swimming pool. It’s not fun; even strange. How strange would it be if it changed to a few thousand tons of water cubit from a few hundred and more and more?

Various swimmers can descend to within 30 meters without being disturbed. For us ordinary men, it can affect the inner ear which allows you to blow your nose hard and close your nose with a pinch. It was four times more powerful than the surface.

When you cross a 30-meter barrier, oxygen and nitrogen become toxic and make you suffer nitrogen narcosis (and Jacques Cousteau– in particular, a French soldier and detective – identified himself: deep rapture). You feel drunk as if you were drinking alcohol; it only grows more slowly and deeper. At 90 meters, you may experience severe skin, fainting and even death.
Ratio Freediver 1000M

This, when swimming with equipment, requires a good mix of air (including helium) to reduce toxicity. With the right mix of air, Nuno Gomes in 2005 he recorded the world history of Scuba’s deepest maritime life. At 318 meters, he encountered a dangerous force that came when he crossed the 100 meters.

First of all, his camera was mounted at 110m, even though it was custom-made, solid metal houses, glass and plastic – because, it is not as stressful as human tissue! But again, empty spaces like the lungs, sinuses and Eustachian tube it should be kept at the same pressure as the outside.

Apart from stress, depth changes natural light and thus colors; becoming a purple mist until they lose light together. You enter almost black monochromatic darkness. Then between 180 and 200 meters. Temperature drops to 4 ° C; even warm water. A dry suit will not save you long.

The sound, too, is also very loud – especially, deep sound. A maximum speed of 300 meters carries the remote noise of propellers and engines of passing ships with incredible sound. Without a dry suit, less than 150 meters, you will grow high-pressure nervous syndrome – which causes hypothermic convulsions and sudden muscle spasms and dangerous degrees, you will lose the strength of both of your legs, along with mental comparisons and vomiting.
Water baths

Midnight: Where light does not reach underwater
Whether people can withstand over 700 meters of pressure without any breathing apparatus is a myth. No one volunteered to be tested outside the hyperbaric chambers. Unless you get to the top of Chrysler House, and Eiffel Tower and Empire State Building loading each other up and then looking down with a little thought, you can feel it at 1000m! That’s right complete darkness to bathypelagic or Midnight Zone, except bioluminescence – artificial light and living organisms in it. This is where you will find the fish that seem to have no land; sperm whale and squid giant squid – and all other living things that are small and just living. At this point, the vibration of your watch is heard up to several meters.

Ratio view

Can Ratio survive there?
So, how strong should the watch be to survive there, under an impressive pressure of 1,456lb per inch is not the same as the temperature drop down to a cooler, cooler water?
Everyone Ratio 1000m Freediver watch tested under such extremes followed by the manufacturer; 316L stainless steel, floor-to-back crowns and stainless steel, sapphire crystals perform as expected. Seiko’s obvious move – under such force – does not show more stress than usual, breathing on a table next to the bed. However, since a good swimsuit is always tested at a proven depth, you can increase your jump to another 100m or if by any chance, you can jump so deep!

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