Monikers: Representing more than just a watch.

Whether it was the form of the case or some other form or association with an important person, the question “Why?”Disappear with the passing of time, leaving only the pronoun!

Secrets of proper names

Contrary to many people’s belief that the brand that puts the top brands on its products from the factory, brand names or monikers are found.

The main requirement that a watch has to meet is because of its amazing personality with extremely high temperatures. This provides an opportunity to debate the origin and validity of the name; if it adopts the real spirit of the clock and gives it its own popularity. Unless their names sound funny and clear – and pragmatic. They are easy to remember. It’s easier than just remembering alphanumeric codes and / or layouts. However, the most important thing remains – a team of watch lovers must fully care for the model to give the moniker on! Consider Earvin Johnson; the world calls him – Magic!

Here are a few more examples:

  • Disco Volante (Flying Saucer): Patek Philippe ref. 2552 (1954-1960)
  • Dark Lord: Heuer Monaco Reference 74033N (1974)
  • Ed White: Omega Speedmaster ref. 105.003 (1964)
  • Hulk: Rolex Submariner ref. 116610LV (2010)
  • Pepsi: Rolex GMT-Master and GMT-Master II, (1954 & 2005 respectively)

Who received the most?

Probably no other brand than Rolex has found more monikers and the next responsibility, no doubt, belongs to Seiko. Some of these names are well-known, anonymous, these exhibitors offer great insight not only to the personality of the watch but to Seiko as a whole; do not exclude quirks.

The existence of Seiko culture can be felt through the many names that have been discovered by many people so far, several of which we have already mentioned. This is an unfinished subject that we must conclude.

Seiko monikers: The role of race

Seiko has a tendency to charge his watch with more than the reference number (for example, see Cocktail Time or Alpinist) which, in turn, contributed – to a greater extent – multiplied these well-known terms. However, there are many well-known and relevant examples right now that are waiting for a name that can stick.

Pictures of Seiko for a post by Serbanssn - 1362 - Free on ZEDGE ™Seiko monikers: Where do they come from?

In the meantime, let’s take it from where we left off. The information provided herein is provided by fans and not by the company itself.

  • The beast. but there is no denying The beast enough for this cheap watch! You will not hesitate to hit it from time to time. It also applies to all Beasts that have been seen for generations, including a few that have appeared in the middle of the Prospex – carelessly and slightly dangerous. Variety: Seiko Prospex Monster Automatic Diver’s, Seiko Prospex Monster PADI Special Edition Automatic, Seiko Prospex Automatic Diver’s Monster Save The Ocean, Seiko Prospex Sea Monster Automatic Diver’s, Seiko Prospex Antarctica Monster “Save the Ocean” Special Automatic Edition.
  • Kamba: Named name Kamba it makes sense. This watch receives a twist; it looks like a bullet. The tortoise is part of the Prospex collection and manufactures one of the smallest, most popular, the cheapest watches. It comes down from Willard (Captain Willard, for others) after the participants in the Variety: The Little Turtle and King Kamba.
  • Samurai: There is no known reason for this name Samurai caught. Even the makers of Seiko were amazed. Does it (or any of its components) resemble a samurai helmet, weapons or perhaps a sword (or some other weapon)? It’s hard to say, but there are references to what is usually Seiko! It is one of the cheapest dive-type clocks that sits next to them Kamba mu Images for Prospex Different: More extras, King Samurai.
  • Arnie: Named after anyone but Arnold Schwarzenegger, he starred in a number of his films, some of which became well-known. It originated in the 80s and is now reborn in a non-existent, warlike form.
  • Ripley: Ripley was a man in the 1986 film Aliens who wear a sci-fi-looking chronograph. Beating or smelling, has a personal preference. The relationship between Seiko and Giorgetto Giugiaro (a famous car designer) gave Ripley its shape. Released in 2015.
  • Mohawk: Mohawk it is different from its bezel and is characterized by this. The first part of the bezel is raised dramatically instead of just painting the first 15 or 20 minutes. It makes it more efficient and flexible, making it more stable; asymmetric and pleasantly disgusting. No one else but Seiko could pull it off! Valid name: Seiko Prospex Automatic Air Diver’s.
  • Urchin Sea: The Urchin Sea and one of the esteemed Seiko 5 Sports family. The most original swimming clock, Sea Urchins offer unique color, price and personality. The long-minute recordings on the instrument resemble the backbone of a marine animal; hence, the name.

ArtStation - Marcin Konior

  • Starfish: Exaggerated, character Seiko Diver; its cross-references make the given name sound natural.
  • Ashtray: The Ashtray he has his name from the bezel and his grooves and has a murderous personality in the ’80s. Seiko’s solid swimsuit with titanium and quartz flow, is and still looks ready to take action.
  • Shogun: The Shogun indicates that the watch originated in Japan and represents a super Shogun refers to the tyrannical ruler in Japan and here, it is the traditional form of Seiko’s beloved people who are given precious weapons and finished with a horse (6R15).

Keep logging in leave your answers below. Name your favorite and why.

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