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Let’s take a look at a special Speedmaster clock that shines and shines like the stars in the sky.

The venue was Basel, and the year was 2018 when Omega decided to unveil the new Speedmaster Blue Side of the Moon with its glittering Aventurine vocals. Today we will take a closer look at this clock and show you why this is not your usual Speedy.

While this is not the first Blue Side of the Moon group ever made, it is pretty much in my humble mind. The diagram below shows you two different colors when side by side. On the left is a blue dial with the end of the sunray and on the right is a bright blue Aventuring dial.

Speedmaster Blue Side of the Moon

As the title suggests, the brand has a clear Blue Aventurine soundtrack that sends the sweetness of this sound to a level that is out of this world. Named after the Italian word ‘Adventure’, the singers share something with the astrologers and are eager to one day join the growing number of ordinary people shooting in the sky.

The instrument has a uniform and clear shape with a large distribution of the visible weight around it. An eye-catching design is the use of 18kt Sedna gold accents on the equipment such as a moon made on a moonphase window with real-life virtual reality, medium-sized hands, and bright and minimal markings. rose hands of gold on the small irons.

The use of pink gold is also found in the Ceragold ™ (18kt Sedna-plated gold) Tachymetric scale on the blue ceramic bezel. The white printed seconds and the split seconds revolve around a circular chord with the white markings printed around the 12-hour chronograph sub-dial at 3 p.m. The day is marked by a small hand with a red circle that rotates around the day of the month.

Omega Speedmaster Blue Part of the Moon Aventurine Made from Leather

The blue cord is made of pure blue seamless leather and has a soft leather on the back of the belt where you get the red seam. It has a strong and durable blue rubber component (pictured above) to prevent damage to the belt loops.

Another beautiful and practical feature of this watch is the lightweight, practical and time-saving bond that binds the titanium buttons.

Omega Speedmaster Blue Side of The Moon Aventurine Titanium Buckle

When it comes to beauty and beauty, Omega has done wonders with this wristwatch. Amidst the beautiful singing and beautiful finishes, the makers of Omega clocks have created a masterpiece. They even went so far as to label a blue enamel Aventurine glass moonphase disc and an 18kt Sedna gold textured moon.

The group has a round arabesque shape. Several references are available on the list including ‘Omega Master Co-Axial 9904’, the name of the most popular motto that runs this period, ‘Fifty Four (54) Jewels’, and the words ‘Barrel One’ and ‘Barrel Two’. showing the design of two barrels that allow the central power to last 60 hours.

Omega Master Co Axial 9904 travel

This self-propelled timepiece features some excellent features, such as a chronograph that gives the clock a suspension function. The chronograph starts well and stops the operation of the wheelbarrow. The second middle-hand hand is chronograph and has a bright light point with a long red cursor at the tip. At 3 o’clock there is a small record containing a minute and hour counter that is integrated into a single call.

Omega Speedmaster Blue Side of The Moon Aventurine Dial

The MASTER Chronometer line provided by the team is a stand-alone and relevant theme. Instead, we wrote more about this in the previous article. The whole name process is more complex and you can read all of them in this article. To summarize some of the organization’s priorities, and more, here is a brief list:

  • Antimagnetic properties produced in this movement allow exposure to electromagnetic fields in excess of 15,000 gauss.
  • Omega ‘Co-Axial Escape which facilitates precision, functionality and consistency that results in a longer interval between full-time operations and improved mobility. This is done by having a small amount of spray space, reducing the need for lubricants.
  • Proprietary Si14 silicon balance spring spring made of non-magnetic materials. It is very resilient to vibrations unlike its steel-made counterparts.
  • The name of the MASTER Chronometer is 3rd– a Swiss laboratory party from METAS (Swiss federal Institute of Metrology) which only Omega owns. In addition, before the machine migration to METAS is tested, it has to be tested by COSC and acquired the well-known name COSC Chronometer. Unless he passes the test all 3rd party labs, does it meet the requirements of the Master Chronometer.

The watch is a 44.25mm Speedmaster series with 44.25 mm made of solid blue material, non-abrasive and has curved edges and finishes. Permanent sapphire sapphire stone that prevents singing and backing and is very impressive.

This all-in-all is an amazing watch. Beautiful in every way and a perfect addition to any collection that is looking for a unique piece that will attract the attention of watchful afficionados everywhere. It is possible that this could be a combination and come with type # 304. Blue Side of the Moon.

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Omega Speedmaster Blue Apart from Moon Domed Crystal


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