Orient World Map Revival Automatic Diver: How it works as a story

First look

Orient announced the re-release of one of its older models in February 2021. The 1969 Map Dial World Diver it is now a rare but replacement piece – now called Diver worldwide – gives you any portion of the wine’s heritage. Now that it is offered in several colors including minimal print and multicolor it has not prevented it from being true to the original art; rather, it remains to help each nation to stand on its own two feet. Even if you ignore history!

The old to be new

Creating the same legacy – if not the whole – process is a daunting task. Not all do well; many so-called re-releases thus it will be common respect guard.

It happens mainly due to the wrong choice of items from the original and attempts to integrate them with modern materials. Providing larger dimensions is a good example of such practices but does not reflect the company’s progress. Orient did not hide his innocence, which shows that he was still intelligent. The case is slightly larger than before (44mm / 14mm).

This is not the first time Orient has tried to make an old-fashioned, high-quality repetition. As in the past, they made it impossible to distinguish from the original! It just seems logical; with the most vivid form of the vine. Orient’s storage in this new clock is impressive.

The New Beast: Released

The World Map at the same time looks like an original form, very different from other swimming clocks or games you can find on the market. A packless case and an unusual 24-hour appearance make it unique! This process alone is enough to set your goal to re-enter the drawing process, which is as simple as the whole clock design. Both are restricted and visually appealing, definitely flexible in appearance; good looking, playful and together, bring the clock to its forefront.

24-hour notes are made on a round head, similar to a bezel. You can match the correct hour with the right location without interrupting the time change; they are very useful when calculating different times. It may seem confusing at first, but trying a little to turn around to find where you are or the time you are going from difficult to more fun.

The Orient World Map Revival clock insists that any item should be used and operated without having to compromise its design. Watch the details and you will not be disappointed. It’s sleek, sleek and sleek; Considering the value proposition, there is nothing to worry about deep singing and all of its well-placed elements that fit together well.

The Orient World Map Revival Automatic is not a small clock and can be considered as hard to bend at the knees in any example of less than 7 inches. Its weight seems to be well divided between cases and bracelets with strong links. Because of this, you can wear your global diver as tightly or freely as you want.

Small, fast form

  • Basic functions: Crown on 3 wind travel; sets the time, day by day. Crown on 4 turns the inner ring / bezel. They are all immovable crowns that seal the same crown water.
  • To walk: Orient caliber F6922 with accuracy stated between -15 and +25 seconds per day unbroken; after breaking, the accuracy of +6 seconds / day can be found, holding almost to the last drop from the energy storage.
  • Approval: Large hands, varying in hours and minutes, help you to read faster and easier during better or less frequent lighting. Second hand; However, it is a little less visible due to its fineness but with dark dial colors, that really isn’t that much of a problem unless it’s dark around. The hour and minute hands are bright enough to make it look good. Do not move the bezel in the dark though; will take away your proper reading time.
  • As a diver, it has less than 200m of water. but cannot be considered a swimmer due to the lack of an ISO certificate and a crash crown.

Orient World Map Revival Automatic Diver: What ‘tool’?

This is certainly not a difficult an instrument clock but with its large, shiny wallet it can block several careless bumps that come as a result of outdoor activity.

Should you get it?

Global Map Revival is not the case perfect watch in pursuit; nor is it a very useful piece. It does not, however; meaning that it is wrong. The concept of knowledge finds Orient World Map Revival Divers an honest, refreshing way through beautiful, dynamic design; they are well-designed to provide great access to hand and comfort.

Final decision

A trustworthy, exciting brand that represents the brand and its legacy!

Leave a comment to find out your thoughts on the Orient World Map Revival Automatic Diver clock. To read more about Orient diver clocks, click here.

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