Oris Aquis VS Longines Hydroconquest

Two of the most popular and costly swimming watches go head-to-head in these comparisons.

Two popular swimwear watches from reputable Swiss watchmakers on the low-cost side. The Longines Hydroconquest and Oris Aquis watches have been in the hands of skipper and swimmers for a long time. Today we will take a closer look at the two groups to see how they are similar.


When it comes to size, both Longines and Oris have different case sizes in both collections. I would try to say that Oris measures 36.5mm in size up to 48mm case. The Longines features Hydroconquest women’s watches from a size of 29mm, to a size of men and a size of 44mm for men.


There is a very different view between the two groups looking at the water. Aquis will either have hour handles or diamond hour handles. Oris Aquis has a wide range of short pockets that give the look of a water watch like Fifite Fathoms from Blancpain.

The Longines Hydroconquest used long straps that connect the shape of the case regardless of the bracelet. The Hydroconquest will use a combination of bright index numbers and dot markers. It has a very different shape. Let’s take a look at a factor that causes many people to opt for a waterproof watch instead of waterproof sports.

Longines Hydroconquest VS Oris Aquis


Oris and Longines bath towels both have curved crowns and provide at least 300m / 1000ft water resistance. This is the minimum wage required for a person to dive into the water and climb to the bottom. It is important to note that this does NOT meaning you can jump up to 1000 feet without interrupting the movement of the clock inside it. For deep jumps, you should always go with a water mix like 500m / 1650ft and climb as high as an Oris ProDiver.

Some watches in different categories will have very high clocks so it is a good idea to look at the contents of each watch carefully to better understand what kind of water you can expect from your swimsuit regardless of whether it is an Oris or Longines diving watch. . Find out more about water resistance by clicking here.


One thing you will not find on any of these watches is the helium-saving valve that is available on some swimsuits from the highest quality brands. Not that it is necessary to have an escape helium valve if you are just swimming regularly. These valves are required when using a jump bell to go for maximum depth.

However, in the past, Oris introduced other specialty swimmers, including the in-depth patent measurement found in the abandoned Aquis Depth Gauge Chronograph.


Longines is a well-known Swiss watch and can surpass Oris in this department. There is a chance that many people will recognize the watch that is in your hand when you wear Longines. However, Oris is still the largest type of watch, not the world-famous Longines.


In the case of an entire election. You will find a larger amount of different Oris Aquis watches compared to the Longines Hydroconquest watches. However, one thing Oris does not have in their category is Quartz watches. They make mechanical clocks with spring wounds. The Longines, on the other hand, offer Automatic (automatic) and Quartz (battery-powered) watches in their respective categories. See links below for different types and options.

Only Collections of Longines Hydroconquest

Collections of Longines Hydroconquest Quartz

Longines Hydroconquest VS Oris Aquis


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