Patek Philippe family of merchants pays tribute to Mark Hearn

Patek Philippe’s UK network of retailers sees itself as part of a single family, a partnership formed and nurtured by Mark Hearn during his 20 years as the nation’s general manager.

With the news of Mr Hearn’s death reaching out to these retailers this week, several have shared the honor of a man they admire for transforming Patek Philippe in the UK, and taking their business forward.

Some have chosen to send confidential messages to the Hearn family and the Patek Philippe UK team.

Charlie Pragnell, Pragnell’s general manager, said he was disappointed to hear the news.

“I had the opportunity to share with Mark my experiences, interviews and experiences. From the time he joined Patek Philippe he had a clear vision of how he wanted to make a nation in the UK. thoughtful, immovable, and impartial, ”he recalls.

“Perhaps the most inspiring thing was his constant zeal, loyalty and hope. He formed many intimate relationships due to the abundance of special events and, while maintaining high standards of professionalism, was able to allow good times to flow. Mark was very important to our business in the UK and encouraged us to develop the best practices possible. He was a dear friend to many of us and will miss us very much, “said Pragnell.

Simon Walton, Berry’s general manager, spoke on behalf of the entire company.

“We would like to express our deepest condolences on the death of Mark Hearn. He left a huge legacy in the theater industry and played a major role in the development of Patek Philippe in the UK. He was greatly respected by every Patek Philippe dealer, Mr Stern [Patek Philippe president] and a group of Swiss officials, “Walton said.

“He was a man of integrity, honesty and hard work with a sense of humor and could hardly have adapted to the cold northern climate. He will miss us all very much and has passed very early. Life is precious and health is everything, “he says.

John Robinson, David M Robinson’s general manager, always remembers his team’s relationships with Patek Philippe’s management under Mr Hearn.

“It’s hard to know where to start when I think of Mark Hearn – a friend, mentor, lover of all evil,” Robinson begins.

“Mark, I truly believe, realized in DMR what kind of people we were in our companies and did everything they could to help us grow our business with Patek Philippe. He loved to hear our story. I think he liked the idea of ​​being a creative and respectful business like The makers of watches and goldsmiths alike gave us the confidence to go on a tour of Patek Philippe with our clients.He showed me the success of other dealers and gave us confidence from his faith, so that we could move on. “We found a Patek Philippe account at Canary Wharf in London. I’m both owe a lot.

“Looking back, I think it was Mark’s (and now Adrian’s) unwavering faith in the moral values ​​of the Patek Philippe family. It was a matter of head and heart being a good connection to the stomach as well; “The belief in doing things right, for the right reasons. is evident in everything that happens at Rhone Products today.”

David M Robinson has an insider from Rhone Products (trade name Patek Philippe distributing in the UK) as Liz Allister, who spent four years in Mr Hearn’s team before joining DMR as head of technology in 2012.

When Liz joined our business she shared with us her experience of working with Mark and the Rhone team and understanding Patek Philippe’s “way of thinking – and doing.” Careful detail, patience, preparation. Communication, always. Probably the most important thing, was “You feel part of the Patek Philippe and Rhone family. Mark made my friends feel part of that family, that journey. A gift in itself,” Robinson explains.

“I will never forget her personal support. Looking back with great excitement when we saw his beloved Nottingham Forrest (or Chelsea, because of Adrian) at Anfield, the best times (often crying and laughing) on ​​the golf course. Most of the lunch and dinner were when, in most cases, the discussions were about family and life and not “references”. I will remember the pride he spoke of his family especially about the Clarissa era in the Alps. And when we actually met Clarissa on vacation, in the Alps, it became clear that she loved her father and the way he loved her. “Many people will miss Mark but not only his family but also the DMR, our hearts are full of grief over their loss,” he concluded.

Adam Spiers, Michael Spiers’ general manager at Devon and Cornwall, joined the Patek Philippe family of retailers a decade ago, but worked with Hearn in his days with Zenith.

“We first met Mark in the 1980’s when he was with Zenith,” Spiers recalls. “Our chairman, Keith White, and my late father Michael immediately argued with Mark and became a lifelong friend. We were given the opportunity to work with Mark again when we became Patek Philippe sales manager in 2011. Mark was instrumental in Patek’s great success. Philippe and his passion for the brand and the film industry were, and still are, an inspiration. ”

In Ireland, under the umbrella of the Patek Philippe UK team, the famous Weir & Son owner David Andrews paid tribute to working with Hearn for more than 30 years, and provided information on his success.

“I have known Mark for 32 years. His ambition was to become the general manager of Patek Philippe UK. This was achieved in 2000. Mark formed a group within Rhone Products which is the envy of other distributors. “There was no arrogance in achieving this,” Andrews reveals.

“I will always remember his smile and his humility. He was a real Patek Philippe ambassador and that is important. Rest in peace, ”he concluded.

Karl Massey, Prestons’ general manager, is another senior who has worked with Mr Hearn for 30 years and has vivid memories of his past experiences.

“I first met Mark in 1990 when he was representing Zenith in the UK, he came to save anonymously, as was the case in those days, trolley and models. would give more to Zenith and then Patek Philippe, “Massey recalls.

Along with technical skills, Mr Hearn is best remembered for his qualities. “Competitive, driven by dedication and compassion quietly. When personal or professional experiences did not go your way, Mark was very loyal. I am proud to have known and worked with Mark throughout his career,” Massey adds.

Jon Weston, Patek Philippe superintendent and colleague Ruddell the Jeweler in Birmingham, also worked with Mr Hearn to support the British School of Watchmaking.

“I have known Mark for 36 years and I was thrilled to have Patek Philippe join him. Mark was a gentle, kind, helpful, and humble man,” says Weston.

“We had a keen interest in the training of watchmakers in the industry, Mark also contributed to the development of our business through our partnership with Patek Philippe, to which I will always be grateful.

She was my constant companion and my thoughts were cohesive. Mark was a wonderful man whom I respected, worked with a number of charities, and always volunteered his time to assist them. “

The closeness of the Patek Philippe family of merchants is reflected in Mr Weston’s last words: “Mark was a great man to some of us, a brother to others. A straightforward young man with a passion for work and a kind heart, he was always respected by others. Rest in peace my good friend, we will all miss you very much. “

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