PCAT STATs: Hidden, unemployed citizens were created around the E660

Chronograph fans are happy, here’s a great load for you down your throat! You should have no problem falling head-heel in love with PCAT.

Some prerequisites

PCAT! It does not count P-CAT; but PCAT. It’s a summary of The Eternal Chrono Atomic. For the uninitiated, this will require an explanation, so here it is. Some may jump to the next level.

  • Forever meaning a calendar for example date / date function.
  • Chrono refers to the work of a chronograph or stopwatch.
  • AT it’s an atomic time. Britannica says- “It is a time made by atomic clocks, which give time more accurately than they did with previous astronomical observations.”For citizens, the accuracy of their PCAT clocks is one second every 20 million years.

What’s so special about a Citizen PCAT?

  • One of the most popular watches so far from Citizen for a small area of ​​$ 1000.
  • It’s one of the most expensive items from Citizen, starting at $ 650.
  • It shares a spot with other Citizen fighters such as Promaster and Blue Angel, who are above the $ 800 mark.

What are we trying to see?

Whether the Citizen PCAT Radio Controlled Chronograph Atomic Eco-Drive really has a higher price than others in the league; not from the same race. Just get three of the 20 odd colors on this line.

A brief look at the list

First in a nutshell; then in detail.

PCAT series, though built in the same way Type: E660 as some a Promaster several clocks – Sky Eco-Drive, for example – are probably the heaviest among the entire Citizen Atomic Timekeeping team, which is bad in some ways. It is not necessary to live a sedentary life unless you want to play with them during your break. Even then, you may not be able to play fully. The real pleasure is to put it to the test. You can start with guided tours of your fun park. As you go through the stages, you will gradually get to use its form and its functions. Many users report problems at the outset of the use of the clocks because they do not place them in the specific function where they are used. For new chronograph users, this will take time to get used to. Do not rush to start and everything will be fine.

The additional function of PCAT is a second indicator that is useful for frequent travelers or in business and overseas customers. Once you become familiar with what PCAT watches have to offer, moving on to something else may not be easy.

Now, to long conversation.

The Citizens PCAT watches and high-end watches that show solid points that promise and provide better information compared to many others on the prices. We will start with Making.

Being a chronograph clock, it is large and its size can be detected before anything happens. .Of course, there are chronograph watches with a slim profile but the stability you want on outdoor trips is not possible through a small wallet. You need a lot of metal to avoid excessive exposure. This is why PCAT looks good on people with seven or more hands. Metals (iron and titanium) are hypoallergenic and crystals are anti-reflective sapphire; Extremely incompatible with scratching and enhancing the singing form.

The Perpetual Chrono AT collection uses the E660, a lightweight chronograph to walk which displays fixed hours, minutes and seconds in addition to allowing unlimited use of built-in applications.

Citizens - PCAT Chronograph, 43mmCal. The E660 is accurate to ± 15 seconds (with no signal reception time) and has a duration of more than 10 months, which can be extended up to 36 months with 24/7 energy saving methods. It contains:

  • Chronograph: 1/1 second measure for 60 minutes
  • Alarm
  • An ‘Insufficient payment‘warning function (two-second jump).
  • Work to curb the amount of money.
  • Global Time in 24 cities that display the time and date of 24 cities at the same time.
  • Radio / Atomic receivers from Japan, USA, China and Europe monitor fixed time, perpetual calendar and global time operational once per day or any time you want. The firmness of the signature determines how quickly your watch responds.

Brief description, Perpetual Chrono AT- when it appears to be crossing the surface it sets the brakes to a good position, to be comfortable inside the very rich and avoid high-quality items that may look good but are not used all the time; for example, 1000m water resistance. Other than that, this watch was not designed to be a jumper; not more than 500- to 600 feet. It is expensive, unless you get a good deal with all the fixed paper, it may make you wait a while to get one in your hand.

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