MY old-fashioned watch notes that should be on your radar since your first choice is to include all ‘fashion watches ‘ndi’real clockes’, quartz is automatic as well. O yes, fashion may be only too; though not often as well real watches can be better with quartz movements, which are less common.

It’s time to dump her and move on. I think you already know!

The point is, today we will discuss whether your first watch should be a fashion watch or a real clock. Although the final decision should always be yours, you need to know a few things before making a decision.

While it may sound silly, fashion watches are not always bad. And because of this, they do not always need a Swiss agreement. It can be easily written as real clocks without it Swiss mark it certainly adds an extra level of reliability. This is good as we often put it real guard. My current release has been on fashion watches that show bad behavior but are tempted to be spoiled; these are fashions that are worthy of criticism! We will lock them in today’s negotiations and name only those who – at least – do not try to hide traditions or heritage in order to confuse new, innocent customers.

A fashion watch lasts for about five years.

Interestingly: Fashion watches vary between $ 50 and $ 500, so color varies greatly. And there are fashion watchmakers who pay extra for you because their products look good on the shelves. This is why you should know how to judge between a good fashion watch is a bad fashion watch. The best way to do this is to compare them with well-known watchmakers whose products often go beyond that. 5 years brand, look and work as good as new. These are good fashion watch.

Made with cheap materials.

Again, whether it is cheap plastic or 18k gold, stainless steel for surgery depends on its type; even then, the question arises as to the adequacy and completeness of the components and equipment. This distinguishes the Chinese watch from the Italian or US brand, which is known worldwide for its art and craftsmanship and the latter, for its durable, practical design.

It has a less built-in shape than high-end watches.

It is natural for a $ 500 fashion watch to show a minimum of $ 5000 or more. real watch even the fashion watch offers everything – and sometimes more – that five hundred dollars that ends. That’s through the door; however, the door can cross over to the other side, even requiring the same cost of it or more. The only way to prevent it at first is to go to well-known fashion designers in their field.

The fashion watch is accurate and reliable.

Unless something is seriously wrong, quartz motions are always more accurate and less flawed than mechanical operation. Most fashion watches run on quartz motions, so this term is not appropriate. Accurate and reliable information can be a problem if the rest of the clock is not properly designed, which allows moisture to pass through and does not protect against temperature fluctuations.

A fashion watch has no price for zero resale.

Well, that really is. A fashion watch will have a resale price based on items; if there are goods or diamonds and gold around the quartz chain made by China, you will be selling only those; not a watch. However, as a legacy, there is nothing wrong with a good fashion watch.

I am high clocks only real clocks?

That is a question that has always bothered the novice and the elderly alike, albeit differently. So, here is the important explanation.

The first and most important identification of high-end watches is that they have a very high to very high price. Well, almost inevitably; depending on the level of special care and attention, exclusively with the quality of movement and equipment. It varies according to the levels of quality of life. There is a difference between a high and a high place, the latter being not worth starting with even with this kind of money. You need to know what you are wearing and just knowing the model name is not enough. That comes from appreciation. It is not immediately accessible. You must build from the beginning; from the beginning.

A real clock for example, a race that has value or uniqueness for them is beauty on its side and has earned a good name from horologists around the world. It does not always have to be expensive. Or, any high-end watch is a real clock but not all real clocks and high-end clocks.

Table I

Real / High Fashion
1. Built on specific ideas or as additions to previous ideas. 1. They are made to look good.
2. Receives special care and attention. 2. Looking great and beautiful.
3. They have a very high flow rate. 3. They are often built around stable ideas, based on appearances but not all.
4. They use high-quality materials. 4. Only good quality results in lower prices.
5. Maintaining integrity is seen in form and function. 5. Reducing the emphasis on movement or shape does not make them more vulnerable to abuse.

Group II

Real / High Fashion

Create Quality, Equipment & Transportation

  1. 316L Stainless steel is the least you can find! Or, as with Rolex watches, the 904L stainless steel. In addition, titanium, gold, platinum, silicone, ceramics and gemstones and materials are used in real / high quality watches including sapphire / mineral glasses.
  2. These clocks show more water / moisture / dust / vibration / magnet resistance than conventional clocks, especially when they come in different sizes. However, a high-tech watch can be as strong or unstable as a standard field-of-the-clock watch, but it is usually quite durable.
  3. A move in which high-powered watches use high-tech technology, even when they have only a day and time. In many cases, they add complexity, which requires a great deal of precision and is better adapted to more accurate quartz movements. And many of them are housed indoors (all or all of the stock exchanges), which makes them stable in the race.
  1. The highest quality metal you can find is 316L or it can be a cheap combination of metal studs for cases and bracelets; polymer compost or rubber. The glass can be mineral crystal and can also be glass or acrylic.
  2. Medium to medium, water resistance in fashion watches does not exceed 100 meters and this also does not guarantee its suitability for swimming, diving or any other type of water. The same is true of moisture / dust / vibration / magnetic resistance.
  3. In most cases, it is the Chinese form of quartz. For fashion watches that are better than lot, Japanese quartz sets the standard. These vehicles are inexpensive and easy to manufacture.

Design & Styling

  1. Real / high-end watches take the smallest approach in all of their designs and styles. There are certainly high, pieces of experimental time; but this is just different than it usually is.
  2. High / real clocks represent position, success, power, success. For this reason, high-end watchmakers only look for the highest quality.
  1. Fashion watches show many styles, varying according to culture and current trends. At times, they even resort to their own superficial styles and styles that are based on modern fashions.
  2. They cater to young / ordinary consumers at their lowest prices.


  1. Ever-lasting art that never leaves.
  2. A symbol of popularity and success
  3. More than saying time, it gives you the opportunity to say it.
  4. Advanced and restricted in design.
  1. Available for free, everywhere.
  2. They look good.
  3. A sign that you are following what is happening.
  4. It is cheap but sometimes, it looks very expensive. You are mostly from the well-known Italian and US nations and sports.
  5. You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo.
  6. Make good gifts for teenagers and adults alike, you do not need to spend a lot of money.


  1. They are more expensive than fashion watches.
  2. You will not be able to use them with difficulty knowingly.
  3. It also buys well.
  4. Service is cheap.
  5. Wearing one can send the wrong message about your wealth, and save it more often than it really is.
  6. False / false can be easily detected.
  1. Snazzy.
  2. They often come as a tribute / image of a famous / high-quality watch.
  3. They look good sometimes, to the point of being amazing.
  4. The life of the clock usually ends after the battery has changed several times, unless it is from a well-known brand.

Keep logging in leave your answers below. Mention that from mentioned above you want to go more along with the reasons.

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