Rolex and Cartier developed the best cash watch in 2022

Overcrowding and overcrowding will make Rolex and Cartier the hottest watches in 2022, according to second real estate analyst The RealReal.

Next year we will be developing the hottest time in the history of the high-end watch business, resulting in significant reductions in legitimate sellers and rising prices in gray and existing markets.

In a review of WATCHPRO, The RealReal lists the most lucrative watches installed until 2021 before predicting the next 12 months’ forecast.

Not surprisingly, Patek Philippe Nautilus, no doubt looking forward to the soon-to-be-abolished 5711 / 1A, saw a record high price this year with a growth of 61%.

Rolex’s Daytona and GMT Master II took the next two places in the top four most expensive watch watches, with Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak fourth.

Top Four Distribution Distributions Annually (based on the size needed for re-selling YoY)

Nautilus 5711.
  1. Patek Phillipe Nautilus (+ 61% YoY)
    2. Rolex Daytona (+ 37% YoY)

3. Rolex GMT Master II (+ 36% YoY)

4. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak (+ 22% YoY)

What is a good investment watch?

Asked to find out what makes a watch so good, The RealReal sales manager Matthew Clarke said: “The most important way to determine the value of a watch is to stay alive – think of a watch with a history and an impressive design. very. it has been through decades of refinement. Models that are an integral part of the cultural heritage will remain the cultural secret of horology for years to come.

“Another thing to consider when testing a watch is to make sure it can be repurposed and in good condition, instead of keeping its value. This means a thin metal coating, which includes a wearable coating, and retaining the original components and proper operation. The purpose is to keep the clock closer to the original level. ”

The RealReal watch has grown as more and more watchmakers and enthusiasts have come to see trading as a fun and rewarding part of their passion.

“We’ve seen a huge market set-up; our customers cite stability, ambition or ‘hunting pleasure’ as reasons for selling and buying with us,” Clarke says.

Without a signal that waiting watches have reached demand, the secondary market for precious metals will grow exponentially.

“In the first market, the demand continues to increase, which will continue until the new year. We have the opportunity to be free from such issues and we have a large list of popular styles, short articles and old models. Our customers not only get our entire library instantly it makes the purchasing process as stable as ever, “Clarke advises.

The best investment watches in 2022

With unicorn watches already priced, there could be a risk that the hottest market could freeze in 2022.

The RealReal does not see it that way. Modern thermal watches will keep their value and other brands and brands can take part in a party that will continue to be dominated by Rolex.

“Rolex continues to be in high demand and this year we have seen Daytona re-establish itself as the leader of the group among its competitors. Daytona – a stainless steel in particular – our best choice for the coming year depends on the lack, “says Clarke.

Cartier, who has seen retail prices rise in the 1960s and 70s this year, is a new breed to see how to sell for cash.

“We’ve also seen Cartier ‘s modern models become popular, but Tank Solo continues to attract all international collectors,” says Clarke.

“The tank is very popular as a well-known Cartier brand and as more people turn to the already used watch market, Solo has proven to be one of the best starters in the new collection. We hope the demand will remain stable until the new year.”

Next Rolex and Cartier made the best money watch in 2022 first appeared on WatchPro.

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