Seiko 5 automatic vs Tissot Swissmatic – Looking back (II)

Established Warning: High-end watches are addictive, expensive and very fun.

Something we missed already mentioning 7S26; it’s over now. New alarm clocks (e.g. Next Gen Monsters, now part of Images for Prospex) therefore, receive 4R36, in particular. It makes many Seiko collectors – swimmers, many of them – happy. 7S26 did not break or wind manually and both functions were actively known at the time.

When you start digging into Seiko 7S26-shaped clocks, you encounter many colors. Most of them are jumping clocks and the numbers are not too short!

This is a lot of clocks, again, from SKX list, which has now been updated with the latest Section 5 (more on them Pano) which maintains a high standard of bathing and feeling alive!

The Price 7S26 was part of the rest of the past Section 5 (entry points) too. Change, however; it was not a straight path. From 7S26 to caliber NH35 was the first; because 7S26 did not have a hack and control machine. 7S26 – as it can be very low – competes with the highest calibers in terms of reliability. Moving power, its efficiency is commendable, often surpassing the highest calibers; some of them may not be worth the price. It is accompanied by the most authentic scuba diving watches, with the highest standards and is the favorite of those who are – albeit less – on Seiko’s list. More about that Pano; you will also find more information about 6 r15.

Type 7S26 was given to a Seiko Monster list (as mentioned earlier). Their robust construction improves performance and reliability of its operation. But shouldn’t we go beyond the differences between the three 7S26 models today? It’s time to dump her and move on.

  • 7s26A: Many say it is poor for timekeepers. The fact is: 7S26A can be modified to suit the B and C variants. Its controller can be adjusted by twisting the control pin and the hair spring does not jump and get stuck on anything like a sudden knock. This is because the spring is attached to a control panel / pin. To make adjustments at the end of the stud, the spring needs to be twisted. To adjust the straightener, the pin should be slightly bent so that the hair straightener is inserted between the wound. It must also be bent to close the gap so that the spring does not move back and forth. You try to adjust the watch in some way and the bad interference in the spring will deprive you of the right to enter the controller. Once these adjustments are made, the 7s26A can be as accurate and consistent as the two models.
  • 7s26B: Seiko replaced the 7s26B system with the Swiss Etachron stud and straight, with rounded heads for rotating rotations, which change the shape of the spring without bending. The two steering pins are the same; around the head opens / closes around the spring, with no need to bend. Makes the best performance from possible traffic. However, the classification of this model has its drawbacks; and new spring items and long adjustable pins. The spring is a bit floppy and easily knocked on the spot, circling outside the stud or regulator on jerks and knocking over. gentle.
  • 7s26C: It looks similar to the 7s26B but the difference starts with the shortened pins with a well-designed band that cannot be replaced by colors A and B.

The next day, we go to 7s36 and Tissot Swissmatic i see the technical and mechanical punches they offer without tons of money. In the meantime, Tissot has upgraded many notches and theirs Always Swissmatic, which we will see in detail.

Keep logging in leave your answers below. Say which one you like best and what you do for a living?

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