Seiko 5 vs. Tissot Swiss-Matic: Looking Back (I)

Or, do we call it another conflict of ‘Japan vs. Swiss’?

Important information

It is quite a privilege to try to answer this question; feel free to criticize and criticize what will follow. Such questions have been asked and answered by many; many times so far. But from now on – No one asked and it is not an answer in any way; to a lesser extent, a personal opinion that does not determine the future of one of the two. Kuti ‘printing‘thing is exactly, your job.

Points to keep in mind

  1. Observers and collectors often ask this question about two of the world’s most respected observers from two different nationalities. Based on his experience with many watches from Switzerland and Japan, he has provided some useful tips for many people who have entered the amazing world of mechanical clocks.
  2. You need to keep in mind that both models are standard watches that are reliable, inexpensive and durable. Both were recorded as having worked flawlessly, without repair – for years. Both watches are available but Seiko has many more! This is the first point Seiko made against Tissot.
  3. The mention of large numbers obviously refers to larger and more relevant styles. Being more expensive, they are easier to buy. Seiko builds their entire clock in the house; from components (combinations of movement ‘) to their integration. Seiko also provides and delivers the same shares and services to many other companies around the world.
    The Tissot, on the other hand, is an entry point, a Swiss automatic machine. They use ETA-type modes – sometimes modified – to match the decoration. The ETA course is a working horse with a proven track record; Many Swiss central breeds use ETA systems even though the calibers vary. But Tissot does not seem to fit in. Instead, these beautiful watches are also smaller, suitable for smaller or higher positions; top companies can go directly to the opera without changing his office-dress like with the Tissot Swissmatic he wears. It is a good choice to start if you really want to move on to the beautiful, delicate designs and colors of the Swiss horology fraternity team.

TissotThe Truth is…

This decision is not an easy one. Putting aside the final answer to: “It all depends on your interest in your Swiss or Japanese bias” – and the real, relevant connection you need to hear; the great respect that the watch companies have for the nation. The price you pay, however; for everyone, it is not only different in statistics but also in their results. They vary widely and this also applies to Seiko 5.

Let’s start with the groups.

The Section 5 combines several clocks. This runs on automatic mechanical calories:

The calibers used are:

and. 7s26. Many popular Seiko watches as well as high-end Seiko 5 watches carry this. Released in 1996, it is up-to-date with the latest technical updates. It has found a nest in legends like Seiko The beast. It does not break and cannot be injured manually.

7S26A was changed to 7S26B and 7S26C and it is common knowledge that the caliber name is sometimes misspelled as 7.5 Must be the letter ‘S’; not 5. 7S26A – along with 7S26 – is the first generation of this type. They are the same; “Why A?” – is an unknown answer. Seiko, however, points out the differences between A / B in theirs Sections Catalog / Technical Guide Cal. 7S26B, 7S36B; published in 2007. The difference is in the production date (October 2006) and the change in staff structure.

seiko 7S26B is the second generation and 7S26C is the third and final B was replaced by C, to all 7S26B and 7S36B accounting. The C series is built similar to the B list, but it uses new components and new configurations while maintaining its size. Sections; however, it does not change / change to / from / with the B list. This is stated in Seiko List of Components / Technical Guide Kal. 7S26C, 7S36C; published in 2011.

7s36: Caliber 7S36 has two gemstones than 7S26. 7S26 has 21 gems and 7S36 has 23. lower gemstones for 3 wheel and pinion and steering wheels placed on ground bridge. It turns 3rds and steering wheels find the different lengths of the axles. Some call them useless; yet opinions differ. This bridge was not part of 7s26.

The next day, we will go through the details of 7S26 A, B and C. Until then, keep falling and leave your answers below. Say which color you like best and why?

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