TAG Heuer VS NOMOS: Which Is Best?

In the detailed comparisons and depth of NOMOS VS TAG Heuer watches, we compare them in multiple categories to determine which ones are the best.

We are here to provide an answer to a well-known question: “Which is better, NOMOS or TAG Heuer?”. Click on each section below to find out the answer to what is best for the group and from there.

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Brand recognition

TAG Heuer is a brand that has been around for over a century and a half and has been making many popular watches for at least a century before NOMOS. Nomos Glashutte is a very small company compared to TAG Heuer and produces about 20,000 watches a year. To use Glashutte’s name in your brand as it does, your watch needs at least 50% of its brand made in the town of Glashutte in the Saxon region of Germany.

Although NOMOS is the most popular brand in Germany, and has entered the hearts of many viewers across the North American pool, TAG has been popular for a long time and has had time to develop its brand worldwide. in a way that NOMOS does not.

TAG Heuer is one of 15 well-known and valuable Swiss-made watches. They are valued at 764 million CHF / swiss francs. They are also enhancing their brand by giving licenses to companies that make eyewear, fashion clothing, and even mobile phones. IN ADDITION to the foregoing, TAG Heuer has put his mark on major events such as Formula 1 Racing and others. The TAG Heuer model is more stable, larger, and more well-known than the Nomos.

* Source: Most Important to Swiss Brands is Interbrand, an organization that measures brand value.


TAG Heuer and Nomos are both interesting species in their own way when it comes to horology. Nomos is one of the most independent watchmakers capable of producing up to 95% of all its household items. This gives them the ability to better control the way they do it. They make hand-operated wind turbines and self-propelled. However, with the exception of GMT or World Time clock, they do not produce the most sophisticated clocks.

TAG Heuer relied on 3rd the movement of the parties for many years and they have been using the ETA process in their most popular watches. He recently released a few home invitations. In addition, they have developed some high-resolution watches such as the Carrera Caliber Heuer 02 Tourbillon Chronograph which is also the official COSC Chronometer.

NOMOS Glashutte VS TAG Heuer

Accuracy & Accuracy

In Swiss watchmaking, accuracy is measured in seconds on a separate day. Some of the most accurate watches have the name of the Chronometer provided by the lab of some people known as COSC who try to test other currencies. If the clock achieves a accuracy of less than -4 / + 6 seconds per day it is considered the most accurate clock and will get the Chronometer name that the clock can display on the clock.

The important thing is that you have to be a Swiss watchmaker to use. Good and good for a Swiss watchmaker like TAG Heuer who has many watches with a COSC history. The question is how do you know if a German-made watch like NOMOS Glashutte is the most accurate?

Nomos states on their page that their clocks are compliant with ISO 3159 standards for chronometers. However, later in the same passage, he argues that COSC only tests the movement of the machine, not the whole clock as it naturally wears it, and many factors can affect the accuracy of the clock as soon as it is worn. Things as they were recently damaged, the location of the watch no dressing (night for example). Even things like temperature can affect the accuracy of a watch. In many cases, it is said that after a thorough effort to improve performance and performance, they can be accurate for one or two minutes. sabbath.

Some high-end German watchmakers such as Glashutte Original use German testing stations called Wempe to comply with the specifications and standards of DIN 8319 on their other units such as Glashutte caliber 36. In other words, this high German business even beyond COSC standards for ISO 3159. Nomo, on the other hand, is a much lower market than Glashutte Original and A Lange & Sohne and do not use labs to test their watches. Obviously this is a reduction in cost.

In short: NOMOS no longer tests other people’s labs or makes cheap but very accurate quartz. On the other hand, TAG Heuer, (with more mechanical clocks and COSC certified chronometers as well as most Quartz battery-powered clocks that are 10 times more accurate than the most accurate mechanical clock watches) are considered to be more accurate than NOMOS clocks. Complete suspension.

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Duration & Artist

Both Nomos and TAG Heuer make excellent watches and take extra time to complete various machine dishes. It can be said that Nomos takes their finish and decorates to a different level from TAG Heuer. They combine several finishing techniques on different plates and surfaces to make the move shine brighter and brighter than TAG.

In terms of stability, in most cases, NOMOS is a highly sophisticated watch that can be classified as a modern and wearable watch. On the other hand, TAG Heuer watches are often more playful and versatile. In general, they look much stronger than NOMOS. Not that you should deliberately drop a good watch but like me was to knock them down and bet on survival, my money is on TAG Heuer.

When it comes to the choice of watch teams, Nomos uses the well-known Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan leather to make ropes that take about six months to make according to the Horween Leather Company website. TAG Heuer, in particular, uses alligator leather or cow hides.

Caliber 5 and DUW 6101

Water resistance

Most Nomos watches do not supply much water. The NOMOS central clock has a water resistance of about 30m / 100ft with the exception of its Ahoi team which provides a twisted crown and a large water resistance around 200m / 600ft which at the safe end should be sufficient for right use. swimming, other water baths, or cold showers.

TAG Heuer has a team of Aquaracer that provides watches with a maximum water resistance of 300m / 1000ft which is sufficient for other water sports such as climbing, diving, and diving. There have been other types of Aquaracer with water resistance of 500m / 1650ft and these were found in the list of Aquaracer Automatic 500m Caliber 5 which are no longer available.

Tag Heuer watches Nomos Watches


It is not advisable to try to compare NOMOS and TAG Heuer in prices. First of all, they are all very cheap compared to many other brands. Most importantly, TAG Heuer, which is based on the most important type, manufactures mechanical clocks that use expensive machines for making spring wounds. and manufactures quartz clocks that use low-cost quartz batteries. Since TAG also produces quartz types, the TAG Heuer entry-level watch is naturally cheaper than the Nomos cheap watch.

Therefore, in order to be fair in comparing prices, let us compare apples with apples and see the value of a manuscript clock in both colors. The cheapest men’s watch from TAG is the TAG Heuer Formula 1 Automatic 43mm and has a price tag of around $ 1800. The cheapest NOMOS men’s watch is a 38.5mm Nomos Glashutte Club 38 Campus and has a price tag of about $ 1650. However, due to availability and demand, you will see a bigger discount on TAG Heuer watches than you would with NOMOS when you shop online on a page like ours. That is why you can get the most expensive one, which is TAG, at the same price as NOMOS.

Retail Price

When it comes to selling, selling, or selling your watch, the retail price is worth considering. Not all species have the same price. However, both brands are close to a resale price with a small piece in favor of TAG Heuer considering it is a well-known brand. Some watches from TAG Heuer are well-known why they have a higher retail price. In most cases, the resale price of the watch depends on a number of variables, including the color, the color, the color of the original box and the paper, and whether it is still under warranty.


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