The bells ring Patek Philippe wonderfully the Christmas singer

Patek Philippe Researchers at Advanced Research have developed a sound system with a number of patents that are used to replicate in less than 15 minutes.

The fortissimo (ff) module is made from a fixed and integrated composite made of clear sapphire crystal which, according to Patek Philippe, provides “clear high-quality sound”.

Patek Philippe monitors the adequacy of his chimes, so President Thierry Stern listens to every repetitive moment before leaving.

The ff module transmits sound from gongs to the sapphire-glass oscillating wafer via sound metal sensors. One end of the lever is attached to the center of the burner, the other side resembling a repair fork.

When the hammers hit the gong’o, its vibrations are transmitted to the vocal cords that amplify it and send them to a solid rotation compound as they amplify.

The twisting motion of the curved flame causes the air above and below the sapphire crystal, producing a very high-pitched sound, says Patek Philippe.

Repetitive clocks are often used in the gold watch, because the metal sends a good chiming.

Patek Philippe has opted for platinum in a brand new version of Ref. 5750 Patek Philippe “Advanced Research” Minute Repeater, which requires an additional engineering approach to assist in sending chimes.

The watch has a stopper made of high-quality material designed to connect to the amplifier from the movement.

The noise is routed first to the sound system and then to the sound system, then through four openings at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock in the titanium ring and finally through a small section between the case and the trial team. .

This means that the watch does not run on water, but is protected from dust by a special filter.

Patek Philippe says that the noise is amplified until it can be heard six times longer than it normally is and then fades away.

Ref. 5750 Patek Philippe “Advanced Research” Minute Repeater

Ref. 5750 Patek Philippe “Advanced Research” Minute Repeater was specially designed to showcase its movement and its new chiming system.

It comes in a standard color of 5750 40mm in width, but is 0.6mm thick.

The device, which lasts a few seconds at 6 a.m., features an open-air design inspired by the twisted wheels of old cars.

White gold hours and hands-on moments are in the Dauphine movement.

The watch sells for crocodile leather belts, priced at £ 539,000.

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