Tissot T-Classic Powermatic: For those who are about to wear it


Having alienated from all harm, the best way to show Tissot and – with mechanical median who comes cheaper than the Brand of Swiss higher as JLC, Lange or Longines – even Rolex or Omega – but superior fashion civilians who try. take good Swiss restaurant, according to the structure and form.
Putting it aside, the Tissot Swiss Automatic watches are enough to get you moving. However, many seem to be trying to find an answer like Tissot – including its chronometer models – with high-end watches at $ 1,000?
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Now for the Swiss brand especially at $ 1000 price and no top; if it claims – even remotely – only as a true (or white) high quality, then its high quality should be explored.
Tissot would say the same, you should look at their other creations such as Heritage Navigator Limited Edition or Sculpture Line Men’s Mechanical; Bridgeport Men’s Automatic Chronograph or Rose Dream; all of which exceed the $ 5000 mark. Take a look at the Tissot T-Classic Luxury Powermatic 80 Automatic team, and you will find that it shares the same features. Or, it gives the same vibes; perhaps the others are Vintage Powermatic 80.


Not to be confused with the water chronometer, which is used to look up at the sky and detect altitude. Our concern is for spring-operated timekeepers, with better-built equipment than ever before and an increase / decrease in spring due to temperature and variability in gravitational force.

The chronometer boasts of good performance and accuracy and uses precious metals and gemstones. This is to take advantage of the physical advantage of the material. However, combining solid handles, gemstones near special oils and modern techniques to create watches within +4 to + 6 seconds of real-time (atomic) is not so difficult today; what matters is how the manufacturer uses it all. A Tissot mechanical watch – with or without a chronometer – if properly controlled, matches the chronometer; COSC certification confirms that this is even more so. It shows their greater emphasis on technology than on advancement in aesthetics. You have your answer about why a form of Tissot is very similar to a mechanical top 5 but not the same.

Note: Mechanical atomic then measures the accuracy of time and frequency that are known, and are used as standards from the distribution of the world’s largest, to improve the number of waves of television, and satellites travelers worldwide as GPS. [Source: Atomic clock – Wikipedia]


The 80-hour power supply (Powermatic 80) in four gems is amazing! It’s a good success. Sure, there are 10-day power barns from Panerai, Oris and IWC or Parmigiani Kalpa Hebdomadaire running daily (just the name says); you just have to add one zero (or a good number) to Tissot prices. Someone (in a closed court) once made jokes about Tissot making a million dollars worth of watches. Why, we understand now.

Maybe this will make more people put them to use for special purposes! Ideally, unless you are interested in doing this manually every three days. Ideally, keep wearing these watches almost daily, which can keep them cool.


Absolutely! Tissot deserves a lot of respect for the design of the T-Classic; because of the superiority of the many clocks on its price; others, very high. So, is it luxury? Or not, but a noble watch; it does not matter how you treat them!


I. The Tissot CHEMIN DES TOURELLES POWERMATIC 80: A very special piece, it includes part of Tissot’s history, taking its name from the site of the Tissot factory located in Le Locle, Switzerland. It comes with a beautiful backpack that looks stylish, elegant and comfortable, with a bit of a high heel. A time-saving tool with all the right reasons to be a casual outfit.

II. The Tissot T-Classic Le Locle: A wonderful, vintage watch that can also be your first outfit. It’s fun, with a color that sounds solid and smooth. Its elegant design comes from details such as Roman numerals and Le Locle’s traditional signature. Can classical be better?

III. The Tissot T-Classic Gentleman Powermatic 80 Silicum Automatic: Not solid watches and full of exterior and shape, allowing Tissot to disrupt competition even at its double price. The Gentleman Powermatic 80 Silicium fingers the best line between ‘dress’ and ‘sports’ and what Tissot does is bring one hell of a lot of value!

IV. The Tissot T-Classic Carson Powermatic 80: All the pieces in the group offer a simple elegance in its high-quality form, the unmistakable combination between satin finishes and round. It’s a little bigger on an old-fashioned watch; i have a good electric train and it is a watch worth saving!

V. The Tissot T-Classic Tradition: Old-fashioned casual watches, from casual evenings to formal and tie party parties. Its flexibility is unique and certainly something you can appreciate from Tissot Tradition.

IFE. The Tissot T-Classic Carson Premium Powermatic 80: Premium means a slightly higher feel than Carson and its superior design allows it to stand out or style. It has a clear shape, marked by beautiful singing with straight hands.

VII. The Tissot T-Classic Luxury Powermatic 80 Automatic: Tissot transformed the clock into a unique and very accurate piece of science, making it more attractive with a well-known class. It does not take long for us to succumb to the temptation!

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