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Change by Person

There has been the slightest change in men’s fashions throughout the 19th century (1800-1899), regardless of European or American style. This does not, however; works on women’s age fashions. Here, we simply focus on the changes that have taken place over the years; from Regency dandyism of Beau Brummell A sleek 3-piece Victorian-style dress late, made with great success and professional advancement.

It was a slow, subtle change, however, necessary! Everything we did brought us closer to the men’s fashions we do today.

Fast running on fashion trends

  • 1800: Outside and beautiful fabrics and ornaments from the 1700s; inside with simple lines and cuts from black or neutral fabrics, many ornaments placed on metal. George Bryan “Beau” Brummel turned fashion into a restraint and a cautious one. Short back dresses, with waist; bright, white linen and tight-fitting clothing seized the long brushes of the knees, and Hessian shoes changing shoe laces. Extremely clean, white, linen necklaces were inside.

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  • 1810: The fashion of simple, well-cut dresses with tight pantaloons by Hesse caught on; being the most common of the town but for rural, high-rise men, the inclination of a pair of women’s coats (made of shiny fur), a light waist and a white, linen coat; buckskin breeches and top-boots continued. The frock coat began in the middle of this decade, soon becoming the most important item of clothing for casual wear. But evening wear includes satin / velvet knee-length trousers, white stockings, white waistcoats and black tail shirts. This is where the old fashions mixed with the future.

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  • 1820: The coat of arms now rests on the shoulder; Chesty-shaped breasts that are well known for their low waist – padding and corsetry lasted until the early 1830s. The pants now he hugged the front fall with a button at the waist and there was a belt on each foot to ensure a comfortable fall. Various loose varieties were affected by Sharovary, and hips and full hips and thighs.

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  • 1830: Pants now fill the legs; frockcoats incorporate a variety of designs to suit every taste and occasion; The waistband is embellished with embroidery, embroidered and embroidered in heavy fabrics (velvet, silk and jacquard). The underwear was out during the day; black necks shot.

Modern watches that can be associated with such clothing are: Hamilton American Classic Boulton, Citizen Mechanical NJ, Orient Sun & Moon.

  • 1840: Men lose jewelry and jewelry; colors, lace and any accoutrements, match the same dress. The purse (short, single breast, loose, loose) reappeared during the decade, worn during sports or national activities.

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  • 1850: The belt at the foot of the trousers was missing and the parts of the fall were replaced by the shape of a fly. Striped, striped and skinny pants, they are usually very sleek, well-groomed – they are usually very comfortable, made of aniline dye (1856). The line of the woven garment is low; the shape of the upper waist was no longer hot. Sack coats became popular by comparing them with men’s trousers while coats and tailcoats became popular occasionally.

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  • 1860: Sack coats instead of traditional coats; pants show creases and often come in a variety of check colors, stripes and stickers with bright blue stripes and other vibrant colors mixed. This was also the time when three matching suits of black, brown, or other black colors first appeared. White shirts and black collars became a staple.

Modern watches that can be associated with such clothing are: Hamilton Jazzmaster Automatic Viewmatic Classic, Orient Classic Automatic, Tissot T-Classic Automatic III

  • 1870: Clothes are shorter and longer than before; cut close to body shape, had a long waist with narrow arms. Frock coats continued to be as fashionable as everyday clothing as one-breasted morning dress with cut wings grew larger. The pockets of the bag ruled like a business attire / a mini skirt when it matched the waist – now hidden behind the top coat – and the pants changed slightly. They continued to grow as an evening dress.

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  • 1880: Dressier’s appearance in the black bag of the bag was introduced; this is what we call a Tuxedo; from Tuxedo, New York. It was (and still is regarded as) a dinner jacket and became a staple among men’s evening wear for many years later.

Modern watches that can be associated with such clothing are: Hamilton Automatic, Zeppelin Series LZ127 Graf Automatic, Tissot T-Classic Le Locle.

  • 1890: The upper bouts featured two cutaways, for easier access to the higher frets new, worn during the day when the coat dominated the regular season. The pants were just a little thinner, curved front and back. Nowadays, thick coats and cuffs similar to white collars were the norm. Solid or artistic paintings were for the day when it was clear in the evening.

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We I hope the above gives you more insight into what you should choose if you are going to wear the occasion. You can go here for more information. Leave a comment as well as informing us of some of the requirements for making a list.

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