Top 10 Diesel Watches to buy in 2022 – 10 Haut!

With 2022 approaching fast, it’s time for everyone to toss old, restrictive memories and mindsets down the drain; to clear the ways for bright, bold, brand new ideas to pour in. This applies to even altering or improving something or the other about your personal dressing and accessorizing styles; the difference you’ll find here is you can get the same thing done without spending a ton! That’s an essential part; for the post-Pandemic world has still not allowed many among us to be entirely back to our pre-pandemic groove of prosperity; every penny you’ll save now shall benefit you in some way or the other till things fall into place like before. Then you can go for a Rolex or a Breguet or a Patek; till then, let’s be reasonable with ourselves and make the best out of limited watch-buying budgets.

  1. Those old queries (and a couple of plausible explanations)
  2. What’s so cool about DIESEL?
  3. Does Diesel make heirloom watches?
  4. Feeling a little overwhelmed?
  5. The starter set for a well-dressed man
  6. Let’s look in deep!
  7. Conclusion
  8. F.A.Q.
  • Why must it be a watch and not a bracelet? Or maybe, a wristband?”

That’s a million dollar question and there’s no problem if you want to go without a decent watch. The number one reason – as and always – will be that you like the look of a watch; more so, because you like the way it looks on your wrist. To go a little further, it actually depends upon the kind of outfit you are used to and if you are anywhere near to semi-formal, smart casual and formal clothing, you’ll need a watch to put that finishing touch to your ensemble.

A few other reasons might be flaunting wealth (which is not the primary objective for this post); to hint about your preferences, lifestyle; your object of admiration or a cult you find yourself one with!

  • “What if you don’t?”

Imagine a gold bracelet with your office wear. Or, a wristband (a Fitbit?) with the suit you’ll wear at a wedding. Or, carrying around a phone in the pocket of your jogging shorts when all that you need is just to remain aware about how many minutes you spent exercising! Pulling out a phone to check time every time is a bit too much to endure. Just like the gold bracelet with corporate wear or a wristband with a suit. For you, or for others; it’s all the same.

Sure, nobody is going to scream at you for not wearing a watch. More so, because ethically we shouldn’t judge others’ tastes or preferences at all, unless those tastes or preferences start proving harmful for the rest! Watch wearing (or not wearing) in that case, possibly won’t benefit or harm anybody apart from those directly or indirectly involved in the watch trade.

But a watch; for sure, makes your day-to-day life go better. In a time when everything is time-bound and controlled by deadlines, a simpler way to stay in touch with them or to remain aware of them approaching helps in handling them far more efficiently.

Here, let’s have a look at some pieces from a brand that is a stark contrast to the watches worth thousands – or even hundreds – of dollars. They are pieces of art no doubt, but art that is suitable for a modern, everyday life. So, go ahead; spend on a nice watch; just not too much. Diesel fits the bill!

It has kind of become axiomatic that Diesel’s style is very much suitable for young people but of late, they have started creating watches that are suitable for the slightly- to the aged crowd. These are automatics and their quartz cousins alike, designs are inspired by the bits, pieces and fragments of a daily urban life and exemplify the brand’s youthful character. That is actually what we call their appeal. So, we can say without any doubt that – Diesel makes watches for everyone!

Irrespective of whether it’s the industrial, rugged designs from Diesel in nylon, silicon rubber; or the classical, statement pieces in stainless steel, leather and/or gold, every watch from Diesel is a substantial offering for a price that highlights a fact – A good watch must not cost a fortune!

Automatic or quartz, Diesel watches look modern; their detailing are absolutely mind-blowing and all are sleek to look at irrespective of their sizes. Not just the quartz; it’s the automatic versions too that often come with more than just the time-telling function. This is primarily a turn on for technology lovers but even non-tech guys find them highly attractive for them being outside the set norms.

That’s another question we see lurking in your mind! An heirloom watch carries the legacy effect best and that is also a big reason behind why people love buying watches. It makes them invest hefty amounts after them; however, if there’s an alternative available for a lesser price; something of a sentimental value and with a bit of personal history attached to it, it too can become a potential heirloom. Diesel is that alternative; not just the Diesel automatic watches but also that Mega/Baby Chief or that Mr./Little Daddy is well-fitted for passing along to your children in the future. A Patek or a Rolex won’t quite fit on his wrist (figuratively) till he has covered a decade of his professional life; your Diesel shall stay with him from high school till he finds a proper job.

In short, make his watch journey a unique one! Go forth and enjoy yours till it finds place on the wrist of your boy. Or, if you are a lady reading this – …upon the wrist of your girl-to-be-a-lady-soon! That is, if you are not gifting them one exclusively.

That’s perfectly normal; provided such a huge collection of quartz, digital and automatic watches Diesel has on offer. Probably you are perplexed about which Diesel watch to choose and while it’s entirely going to be your choice about the one you’ll be going for, it’s our humble and sincere effort to familiarize you with 10 Diesel analog and digital quartz watch models that not only shall up your style game but will also give you something to hand over to your next generation during their tender years.

1.Diesel Quartz Mega Chief Chronograph Gold Tone: An impressive watch! Take it out under the bright Sun and get to see its crisp details and clean lines. Feel the weight in its rich, top-quality materials. Maybe there are many other gold-tone chronograph watches that you own (or, have owned) pricier than the Mega Chief but at this price point, none of them would have matched this gorgeous offering from Diesel. There’s nothing about it that feels thin or flimsy; its crowns and pushers are thick, sturdy and feel firm, offering very reassuring clicks when pulled or pressed.The chronograph function is way advanced than the rest of the watches within this price bracket. It’s a split second stopwatch i.e. instead of the usual 1-second increment, it shows 1/10th division of every second it counts. That makes it very much an efficient instrument for tracking lapsed time and can be highly put to use in the professional fields. This quartz movement is a reliable and an accurate one, low on maintenance.
Aesthetically also, the Mega Chief outperforms most other watches from this price category. The slab of metal residing atop the crystal is not just visually pleasing but also puts up a fair degree of protection in case you bang the watch-face head-on against a flat surface. The date window; however, might not be suitable for anyone with a weak eyesight; you’ll need glasses to read it. This is the weakest part of the watch battery life aside; if you use the chronograph function frequently (more than 4 times a day and for 15 to 20 minute or more at a time), be prepared to go for a battery change every couple of years. Else, the battery shall last for a little more than 3 years before it asks for a replacement.
The whole watch looks expensive, it’s nicely and richly plated resulting in a smooth finish; applies for both the matte (the bezel and the plate covering the mineral crystal) and shiny (the case, the crown, the pushers and the bracelet) surfaces.
The latch of the bracelet is wonderfully smooth and holds very firmly without any play in between. Overall, it delivers a very secure feel, which is essential for a watch of this size and heft.

2. Diesel Timeframes Rasp: Over-sized, still under-priced, this Diesel analog plain 3-hander watch will always keep youDiesel Timeframes Rasp Quartz DZ1764 Men’s Watch covered! The ‘Rasp’ apparently comes from the edge of the watch and the crown’s texture resembling the diamond-pattern file teeth of the same name. It’s a damn nice watch for them who like theirs to be satisfyingly heavy, durable and strong; to last a little longer than other watches at this price point, even with pretty heavy usage. It is also very attractive to look at and has a very decent look; appropriate as both a work and leisurewear unless you have to follow very strict dress codes.
This fairly large, solidly constructed watch comes with an easy-to-see dial with a time-only function. It has a 150 feet water resistance, so safe to wear in the shower or pool and can be washed under running water. The Japanese quartz movement is fairly accurate, hardy and consumes very less power, thus increasing battery life. The black finish is durable and will stay probably for a lifetime, unless subjected to intense abrasions. A simple, elegant choice when you are not sure what else might go with your outfit.

3. Diesel Griffed Chronograph: A gorgeous watch, split-second chronograph watch that looks very stylish! The iridescent dial takes some amazing shades when placed against the light. The three sub-dials are easy to view at a quick glance and so is the date window. The watch has all the points that make for a great, inexpensive watch yet the looks of a watch that’s expensive. The best thing about it is that it offers all functional features that one might need on the go.
The best thing about the Diesel Griffed Chronograph is it’s a split-second chronograph; which means, you can use the chronograph to track the time for two different events, without stopping or resetting the stopwatch mechanism. You do that by pressing the ‘start’ button, which will get the chrono-seconds hand moving. You got to press that again to stop it at the end of any event that you are tracking, but it will keep tracking time internally. As you press on the start button again, the chrono-seconds hand shall jump forward to catch up with the lapsed time and will then continue tracking the duration of the second event.
Is it fit for professional purposes? The answer is both yes and no. Definitely, the time you’ll count for Grand Prix is not going to make way to the scoreboards but it will be sufficient for you to determine who finished first.
As for other events in your day to day life and semi-pro level sports, the Diesel Griffed Chronograph proves to be an efficient instrument.

4. Diesel Mega Chief:  The Diesel Mega Chief features a huge 45mm x 12mm slightly oversized case made from black ion-plated stainless steel. It has a sleek appearance with the exclusive Diesel crown and crystal guard covering the date window. Its dark, industrial design is very well suited for anyone looking for an exciting watch that is different from being traditional or boring.
One more aspect of the watch is the way it marks the minutes. It divides every five minutes into two halves, thus allowing for a more precise time-telling. This is a feature you won’t find with any other watch.
The Diesel Mega Chief runs on a Japanese quartz movement which I both accurate and sturdy and has a low power consumption rate, allowing you at least three to four years before battery changes, which is the only maintenance you’ll require for this piece. Mounted upon a leather strap with a buckle clasp, th Diesel Mega Chief is going to hold its position firmly atop your wrist.

5. Diesel Chopped Millennial Pink Transparent Women’s: The Millennial Pink is Diesel’s new approach totimekeeping, one which looks to the future and sets new trends. It is more than a watch; it is a state of mind. It is Diesel’s pioneering vision with materials technology that created this unique women’s watch. This is the pink that expresses a gentle, confident approach to life shaped by fresh, young vision that’s full of redefining style-substance.
Now, this isn’t a watch you can wear to office if you hold a corporate job; neither can you wear it for any formal, ceremonial event. But that’s about; there’s nothing stopping you from wearing the Chopped Millenial Pink!

6. Diesel Baby Chief Women’s: With its black sunray dial with stick indices, three-hand time telling format and black leather strap, this is a watch you may pretty well wear with blazers and pants without appearing casual. On the other hand, you may very well put forth a calm, relaxed appearance when you pair it up with your casual outfits.
The metal plate – which is a Diesel signature – is present here as well; apart from adding that extra glamorous touch, it puts up a fair bit of protection against sudden impacts if you hit your watch against a flat surface accidentally. At 8 mm thickness, you don’t need to stay conscious about your cuff rising above and exposing what’s on your wrist all the time.

7. Diesel Boltdown: Call it a style evolution or just a bold, aggressive-looking watch, the Boltdown chronograph with its black dial, black PVD and gold accents represents the stealth side of urban fashion. What’s more, apart from the chronograph, it displays time in three different time-zones at the same time. All you need to do is just set it once and then let it run. The next time you’ll need to set it is when you’ll change the battery. The strap of the Boltdown is genuine leather. But wait, why Boltdown?
The name comes from the 4 bolts on the bezel at 11, 1, 5 and 7, holding it in place. They bring a bold style with a versatile twist, adding a bit of elegance to an excessively bold appearance which otherwise might not fit in completely with urban fashion.

8. Diesel Stigg: The first thing that’s going to probe your mind is where does the name Stigg come from? Stigg, Stig(a) or Stieg is a common masculine Scandinavian name that means Wanderer. This modern Diesel style evolution – the Stigg analogue watch – with its dark grey sunray dial and thick, stainless steel case in matte and polished finish captures a bold style brought about with the kind of twist that makes it a versatile wear, streamlining your style with its smooth lines.
The orange seconds-hand stands stark against its deep grey background offering the necessary distraction that stops things from turning bland. The water resistance capability of the watch is mentioned on the dial.
Powered by a quality Japanese quartz movement, the Stigg is indeed for the wandered who has no time to baby his equipment.

9. Diesel Baby Chief Chronograph Men’s: Apart from marking the midpoints of every 5 minutes interval, the Diesel Baby Chief Chronograph watch is bit different from the rest of the chronograph watch available in the market. Instead of a central chrono-seconds hand, it has a dedicated sub-dial at 6 to count the elapsed seconds while the central seconds hand denotes the regular seconds and instead of 60 minutes, it counts up to 30 that you can see at the dial at 9. The 12’o clock subdial offers a 24-hour time tracking and also works as an AM/PM indicator that’s very helpful if you are crossing time zones and risking yourself to jet lag.
The solid stainless steel construction is your insurance against the hardships a watch faces while on the wrist of a go-getter and maintenance is the last thing you’ll need about this watch. Extra protection is provided by the claw-shaped metal guard that flows over the bezel and forms a protection for both the mineral crystal and the crown. Even if you happen to bang your watch against a flat, hard surface, stay rest assured that the crystal isn’t going to face the blow. Alongside, the tough canvas strap and its buckle clasp ensure your watch shall stay with you, come Hell or High Waters!

10. Diesel D-48: Big on style, low on price. The D-48 is a watch that’s a blend of urban style and stealth substantiality,with a dial that fades towards the bottom and aesthetically pleasing hour markings at 5, 6 and 7. The hands too, are a blend of syringe and sword style, with their outer periphery of the same color as the dial and lume-filling at the centre, giving an appearance of floating hands. Sturdy and substantial in its build, this is a watch that goes very well with smart- and casual clothing and also an office wear unless you are dictated by a strict, formal dress code. Built entirely in PVD coated stainless steel, the rugged D-48 is not going to leave your wrist, at least, for the next few years.

Now that you’ve gone through the above paragraphs which spoke about the top 10 notable Diesel watches that don’t cost a fortune, it is time to round up. Sure, there are also a lot other watch models from Diesel that are available both online and through traditional retail shops, but none of them are as economical as those presented above.

Economical; that’s one part of it; what we didn’t mention with it is they are also sturdy pieces built to take a beating or two, which every man and woman can use to improve his/her dressing sense and lifestyle. These Top 10 watches from Diesel will help you build a wardrobe that’s versatile; coordinating different colors, features and usability. This list will help you see the watches that flatter your outfit alongside fitting your purpose. They will also let you experiment with your outfits for any occasion or environment; from the meetings at the office and with clients to weekend dates and nights in the town.

That brings us to the very question – “Are Diesel watches any good?

In fact, Diesel watches are made by Fossil, a brand known for producing quality, inexpensive watches for years. Certainly, you can’t compare a Diesel watch with those from Swiss watchmakers and neither do they make investment timepieces, but as far as stylish, reliable watches are concerned at price that don’t hurt, Diesel really doesn’t  have a parallel. And despite the fact that Fossil builds them, the QC is handled by none other than Diesel themselves! Alongside, they also supervise the production of these watches.

There’s no denying that Diesel watches are bold and powerful, statement pieces that attract a lot of attention irrespective of whether they are on-screen, on shelves or on your wrist! Anyone with a preference for large, glamorous, oversized watches as featured in today’s list shall find Diesel watches to be their truest fashion accessory. They are edgy and eye-catching; making you appear very different than the rest but in a very pleasing way.  They are inexpensive; yet they maintain a luxury edge to their designs.

Diesel watches might not be investment pieces but they offer a good value for the money. You may verify this statement by comparing with pieces from similar other designer fashion brands that fit into the same price bracket. The Diesel pieces stand out from the rest being unique!  A clear verdict on this aspect would be – “For a good and exclusive watch, keep Diesel on your radar!”

With so much being told about Diesel watches, there will still be a few people around who would still remain curious about the brand. For them we bring underneath a set of questions that are likely to put all queries and doubts to rest. So, let’s find out about who owns Diesel watches, where are they made and whether they are good or not from a layman’s perspective.

01. Who Makes Diesel Watches?

A.Diesel began to license other brands the right to manufacture their watches since 2000. It is the Fossil group that stuck, who currently manufacture watches under the Diesel brand name at their Chinese manufacturing facilities. Manufacturing often involve the movements and components of the watches; however, a large section of their watches are fitted with Japanese movement while other components arrive from different countries in the Asia-Pacific region; to be specific, they are Taiwan, Korea and Thailand; sometimes, even Japan.

02. Are Diesel Watches Good?

A. ‘Good’ is a very relative word. How would you mark a watch as a good watch? Is price a determining factor? To an extent it is yes, for quality demands a price. But what do you call a watch that offers quality for a price nowhere near to expensive? We call that – Diesel.
Manufactured by Fossil, Diesel watches are affordable but they offer good quality for the money. Each of the Diesel watches exhibit eye-catching designs and combines modern technology with top-notch materials. The timepieces feature quartz mechanism, which ensure accurate timekeeping and are also very low to no upon maintenance. Diesel doesn’t make very high-end watches but watches that are decent and durable enough to be used without any sort of hassle, at least for 5 years (even with extreme use) from the day of purchase.

03. Are Fossil and Diesel the same?

A. No, they aren’t. Diesel is owned by Renzo Rosso’s OTB Group (Only the Brave), which in turn, owns the brand name Diesel. Fossil is a different fashion giant holding the license from the Italian OTB, who also directly supervises what Diesel is making in their 40+ facilities all over South East Asia.

05. Does Diesel make Automatic watches?

A. Sadly, no. Diesel doesn’t make automatic watches since it won’t allow them to maintain the price bracket and it would make their watches ask for regular maintenance. If they want to keep the prices down even after using automatic movements, they will need to use sub-par Chinese ones, which won’t be good for their brand value. That aside; they won’t be anywhere near to the accuracy and reliability of well-known automatic movements.

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