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Hamilton watches are solid entry points to Swiss luxury watchdom if you want to head straight into that domain from quartz and entry-level mechanical automatics. They represent the level of luxury that matches every kind of occasion. Hamilton watches for men and Hamilton watches for women have been many people’s first nice watch; there were, are and will be a Hamilton watch you will feel drawn towards, no matter if you are an amateur or a seasoned collector. There’s nothing that can come between you and your Hamilton unless aided by a great deal of snobbery!

Currently a Swiss brand, Hamilton watches have American roots, which make the brand put a clear, honest effort towards offering strong value through its products that longtime collectors – on one hand – continue to appreciate while on the other, it allures new users to try out something with a total new approach to something they’ve tasted only in bits and parts.

The broad-ranging Hamilton automatic watch collection comes for largely under $2k and a large section of it is well under the $1k mark; making Hamilton an approachable brand with promises for a lot of fun. The solid build quality of every piece brims with Hamilton’s rich history, with roots in the railway-era of the United States. It was also the time when United States was considered a major force in the then-existing watch industry. Starting in 1892, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Hamilton shifted to the Swiss soils in 2003. Hamilton transferred both their headquarters and production facilities to the heart of the Swiss watchmaking industry in Biel though their original administrative and production structures at Lancaster still exist.

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Hamilton: Past accomplishments

Hamilton earlier produced its own movements to meet the stringent requirements of the American railroads and also to supply the military. Their marine chronometers, field watches and canteen watches for early navy divers’ .are now considered as landmark pieces though much more innovative models were introduced later. These include the first electric watch Ventura, the first LED/Digital watch, the Pulsar and the later Khaki Flight Timer in collaboration with Air Zermatt. Many of the brand’s innovations found way into Hollywood, with Hamilton watches appearing in over 500 films to date.

Hamilton: The strengths

The company, now under Swatch Group, still draws inspirations from its American background and creates pieces that are not merely reissues or vintage-inspired; instead, their design philosophy reflects original ideas and further innovations, which keeps them ahead of the competition in the affordable luxury segment. Benefitting from Swatch Group resources, today’s Hamilton watches are powered by reworked/modified ETA calibers, loaded with latest tech. The modifications help them newer working parameters through upgraded components and materials, resulting in further enhanced performances. The ETA calibers are customized specifically to fit inside the cases of the Hamilton watches, which is an innovative step that’s challenging at the same time.

These specially-adapted Hamilton movements have ‘H’ as their prefix. It’s a full range of different Hamilton branded movements – with different functions, capabilities and power reserves, developed according to the requirements of the purpose the watch is built for, to take you to your every destination – whether elegant banquets to high-profile corporate setups;  from high skies to below-zero temperatures into the glacial crevices; sparkling coastlines to untrodden wildernesses; silver screens to the deep, dark sea – Hamilton’s impact on your next journey or destination will be a memorable one. The wide arrays of Hamilton field watch and dress watch collections give you glimpses of the experiences waiting to be unleashed.

Hamilton pocket watch: A different face reveals

Apart from the most popular lines like the Hamilton khaki watch or the Hamilton Jazzmaster, Hamilton also treads into a design domain with not too many names mingling around there. The American spirit and Swiss precision together brings back the railroad days’ glory through a pretty diverse range of pocket watches. Nothing compares to them if you know how to carry them right. Since we won’t be mentioning them under section 5, going through the link shall reveal a lot of information if you can get your hands on Hamilton vintage models like Broadway Limited Railroad, the Hamilton S18 or the 992 Railroad Pocket Watch.

A dozen of notable Hamilton watches

A detailed study of mentioned models/lines

Khaki King

We have sliced and diced the entire Hamilton range to come up with ten top choices any watch lover would love to not only own but possess. Some of these offerings are military themed and fall within the Khaki collections, in three distinct categories:

  1. Field (land): Hamilton Khaki Officer Series, Hamilton Khaki King
  2. Navy (sea): Hamilton Khaki Navy Frogman Automatic, Hamilton Khaki Navy Scuba
  3. Aviation (air): Khaki X-Wind Automatic Chronograph, Hamilton Khaki Automatic Titanium

The remaining four out of the six watches in the collection are built on a contemporary/fashion-oriented motif, namely:

The Jazzmaster Automatic Viewmatic Classic, the Hamilton Ventura XXL Automatic, Hamilton Jazzmaster Regulator Cinema Automatic and Hamilton Jazzmaster Square. The last two – American Classic Chrono-Matic 50 Limited Edition and Hamilton American Classic IntraMatic are good both for fashion and sports related utilitarian use.

  • Hamilton Khaki Officer: Rugged, robust and resilient; it is imposing in its size, bold in its appearance and very, very strong in its build; the clear dial design offers a stylish view to a force to be reckoned with! Is it the ideal military watch? That depends upon who’s looking at it but it definitely showcases a classic army style, tried and tested over time, It’s always ready for the outdoors. You can take it to the club to participate in social sports as much as to the hilltop. It has a plain yet sharp look is ideal for smart office/business casuals. Work or pleasure, either is an adventure to them who live life to the fullest. The Hamilton Khaki Officer keeps your company for both.

The Khaki Officer Auto collection is unique in its blend of designs and elements from the Jazzmaster into the core Khaki concepts, ending in a masculine, multipurpose and truly classic watch that appears powerful and represents the best of both worlds. The smart, monochrome colorway in simplistic, shiny stainless-steel adds a sophisticated charm to its nature, making it appropriate for casual and semi-formal evening wear.

In simple words – A well-built, sturdy, sternly masculine design with plenty of exciting features executed to represent authority with controlled aggression.

  • Hamilton Khaki King: There’s no denying that a certain mystique and esteem stays associated with ‘Swiss Made’ and unfortunately, a high price tag; which the Khaki King (here, we’re leaving the King Quartz aside and taking only the King Auto into account) puts up a stark contrast against. It’s an excellent piece that doesn’t break the bank and flaunts a size that neither appears gaudy; nor tacky. The Hamilton Khaki King is right in the middle, its size making it more attractive than most other options within the price bracket. It is not exactly slim, but slimness was never an impressive factor in a field watch. Also, it shouldn’t be confused with the Ventura King, which was worn by Elvis Presley in Blue Hawaii.

So what is the kingly thing about the Khaki King? It isn’t the large sized; the most complicated or the most expensive among the Khaki watch family. Maybe the King is just a deviation from the President, which is a nickname used for the Rolex Day-Date. The Rolex alike, Hamilton also decided to use the entire name of the day instead of the usual three-letter abbreviation. Fitted with the Hamilton’s H-40 automatic movement, with a 3Hz frequency and an 80-hour power reserve, it is visible through the case-back window. The plain, undecorated movement goes with the infantry soldier theme of the Khaki Field, a rare combination of function and elegance through a nearly-minimalist style, which most can agree to be quite beautiful. Its classic, masculine look offers plenty possibilities for fashion combinations and is not restricted to dress limits. Its strengths are a great build quality, a reliable movement, and a powerful design.

  • Hamilton Khaki Navy Frogman Titanium Automatic: Those who are willing to go through the Navy Frogman in details will be delighted to go here; to get the same info in a nutshell, read on.

Originally, the Hamilton Frogman belongs to the U.S. Naval ‘Frogman’ teams. It was built specifically for them and after 7 decades, with watchmaking technology advancing further, the vital features of the old Frogman changed: An unidirectional rotating bezel, an extremely sturdy built, supreme water resistance and excellent underwater luminescence makes the massive 46mm Khaki Navy Frogman Titanium ideal for the wild oceans and great depths. Could you imagine things down there at 3,300 feet? Okay, 3,000 feet! That’s tad far from the Midnight Zone. But that’s less of a concern. In real, at that depth, you’ll be crushed to death. Even atmospheric dive suits can’t take you that far; far less keep you alive. You’ll require submersible and then you can actually take the Frogman to slightly greater depths than it’s meant for.

The demands of the toughest underwater environments are met well by the lightweight, extremely strong and durable titanium. The rubber bracelets are of the quality any other vital safety equipment for ocean explorers would come with. Recreational scuba divers exploring wrecks and coral reefs now might venture a little further down and some are actually going to succeed at it. Its earlier trait had been being hard enough to be worn while clearing mines and obstacles at the warfront, which has been further reinforced; thanks to modern technology. The Naval Combat Demolition Units loved the Frogman for its screw-cap that prevented water from entering the case and reaching the movement. Its unusual styling of a locking mechanism is sportier this time than its predecessor. The latest updates bring it a technical, aggressive edge, so it’s a noticeable presence you get both in and out of the water. To read more about it, go here.

  1. Hamilton Khaki Navy Scuba: This one is just enough for recreational Scuba diving; at the most, semi-pro level. It doesn’t fit the bill as a true watch for serious diving. Its fantastic sporty style, however; is a lot of class. Starting from its crystal and the dial down to its bracelet clasp, you come across a lot of interesting things; some even highly polished and highly reflective but none that glares at you. There is a lot to differentiate it from a ‘standard’ diver, which gives this watch its own feel. It’s not too imposing on its surroundings with its sports backgrounds; just looks a young executive who’s serious about going to the gym.

Luxury and sports influence this aquatic-inspired timepiece in appropriate proportions, designed to be equally home, whether it’s the seaside or moderately deep into the sea. The ceramic bezels feature precisely engraved numerals; it’s how the high-sea style adds to the Navy Scuba Automatic. They are safe from corrosive and abrasive elements (e.g. salt and sand; acid, alkaline vapors etc.) and an almost 1000 feet water resistance defines why they are fitted with extra-legible dials. The Scuba are high performance within their previously defined territories; for yours every such adventure on land or in the seas.

There’s a vintage feel in them, while lending to a very modern styling with steel thrown around in abundance. The bezel rotation is excellent, with solid clicks securing its position with just the tiniest of force applied.
Movement accuracy is +10 seconds a day.

The Scuba is a watch that kind of smitten you. It grows upon you as does its value with the years.

Guess that’s common with every classy looking, high quality watch.

  1. Khaki X-Wind Automatic Chronograph: There is a World Timer, quartz version details of which you’ll find here. As of now, we will stick to the automatic versions only.

The Hamilton Khaki Aviation X-Wind Automatic Chronograph is a beefy and utilitarian piece that has been proved highly effective at its intended role.  Showcasing the first ever, drift-angle calculator in a watch, telling pilots accurately how much drift crosswinds shall bring. They got a very technical look and the automatic movement reinforces that feel. Urban aviators will find it handy when flying from one city to another.

The Khaki Aviation X-Wind Automatic Chronograph has a sizeable wrist presence but it’s not just the sheer size that will bring it under your attention; on the contrary, it’s the complex layout of oversized, heavily toothed crowns and pushers around the side of the case, protected by squared-off guards (@ 2 and 4) while the rectangular pushers at 8 and 10 on the two sides of the left-hand crown make the chronograph work. The bidirectional outer bezel scale aids in performing crucial flight navigation calculations through a total of six, tactile elements. There’s a wealth of visual complexity all these bring together and well, appears pretty daunting for the uninitiated. But learning is fun with this watch!

  1. Hamilton Khaki Automatic Titanium: A lightweight, titanium build defines this functional heavyweight of a watch known to stick to its job no matter what without any fuss or fanfare. The Khaki Titanium Auto does its job quietly and their simple, clear dials and thick-gauge metal and rubber components put this into the no-nonsense category of tools you require on an outdoor mission. They symbolize the perfect combination of traditional and contemporary ideas about military-themed watches with extended night legibility. The 25-jewels, ETA C07.111 based caliber- operates at 21600vph and has 80 hours of power reserve, making these models ideal for field use both in terms of design and engineering.

In case you are spending the day indoors, they will be your laze-around watches or an easy-wear for the club.

  • Jazzmaster Automatic Viewmatic Classic: Both the dial and the case back play their parts responsibly in the watch aesthetics. While the see-through case back presents a view of the harmonious outcomes of contemporary watchmaking concepts and quality craftsmanship inside, the front part of the watch present an Art Deco-ish influence through tasteful dial details and the dauphine hands. It’s a very pretty and interesting watch and a tasteful display of your fondness for both warmth and depth. It’ not Haute horology but neither does it present a single grain of pretension. Elegance doesn’t need to be snooty; it can be playful just as well!

There are openwork versions to it, sporting a multi-level dial and a unique, iconic spiky H logo over the Swiss Automatic writing. It is, arguably, one of the most well-thought and purpose-built skeletonized watches ever built and that’s not just within the Hamilton repertoire. They are very eye-catching and refined pieces offering one of the best value-to-price ratios overall.

The stainless steel case of these Hamilton Jazzmaster Viewmatic watches sport a multi-stepped look, viewed clearly against a lateral view with the mid-section a hair wider than the bezel. The lugs, then, create an added step and connect to the case-sides. The crown is signed and can be easily said to be of an ideal size to accompany the size of the watch.

There are a few ladies’ versions of the watch; the gorgeous Jazzmaster Square Lady watches are all about classic glamour represented at its very best. They sport shimmering mother of pearl dial and dazzling diamonds but is an ideal piece for ladies who enjoy finer things of life on a daily basis.

  • Hamilton Ventura XXL Automatic: Anyone looking for an iconic watch daringly pioneering and unpredictably unconventional in its design shall pull the trigger on the Ventura without thinking any further! It started off as the world’s first electric watch in 1957 and looks even better today than earlier. Ventura draws attention for its triangular shape and dazzles with its vintage style and charm. Its enduring legacy of being the King’s watch makes it quite a distinctive treasure in a serious watch collection.

This is one of the limited edition versions of the Hamilton Ventura; the XXL was seen to appear in Men In Black III. The Ventura is a staple for all of the MIB installments and this triangular shape contributes not just to Hamilton’s history, but also to the American and Global history of watchmaking.

The Ventura is among the most iconic wrist watches ever. It was totally US built and released back in 1957. The Ventura XXL is more angular than the original but similar in theme. The interesting dial has great legibility and the entire thing looks like a gadget from a spaceship at first glance. The case is ergonomic – curved for comfort. The detailing is sharp and precise, the sapphire crystal offering maximum clarity to the view.

Only 999 of the Hamilton Ventura XXL limited edition were released back in 2012. Run by the Swiss ETA 2824-2 automatic movement, it is rather interesting how the round movement was fitted into the triangular case. That’s where the Hamilton-magic comes in! They are known to make impossible happen.

  1. Hamilton Jazzmaster Regulator Cinema Automatic: These make for reasonably priced watches that are not like regular watches. The movie-themed Regulator celebrates Hamilton’s 86 years of collaboration with films and the tenth instance of winning Behind the Camera Awards!

This particular setup provides a lot of depth. The minute hand expands to the outer edge of the dial. The seconds and hours are separated from the minutes hand in the Regulator; the hours and seconds placed in windows that recall the turning reels of vintage movie cameras. The case back offers a glimpse of the Caliber H-12 automatic movement (more about that here) inside. Based on the ETA 2825-2, this 25-jewels mechanical automatic movement beats at 28,800vph (4Hz) and stores 40-hours worth of running power. The name HAMILTON remains engraved on the rotor and is the only decoration in the entire movement. It’s cleanly executed; the other decoration on the back of the watch is a printed film strip on the rear sapphire.

  1. Hamilton Jazzmaster Square: An excellent time piece that keeps accurate and precise time, the contemporary look of the Jazzmaster Square goes great with formals, casuals and smart casuals alike. There are model variations in the range; you’ll find both time-only and chronograph versions. The chronograph versions are unique because unlike the Valjoux 7750 forming the base movement for most of the ETA chronographs, this 2894-2 pairs a traditional base – the ETA 2892-2 – with a self-contained chronograph module. The Jazzmaster Square watches are clearly inclined more towards the dressier side but there’s nothing offensive if you are to pair them up with T-shirts and jeans.

The last two –

  1. American Classic Chrono-Matic 50 Limited Edition: The vintage sports watch inspirations show clearly through the design of the American Classic Chrono-Matic 50 Limited Edition watches. These are stunning watches limited to just 1972 pieces worldwide and there’s no guarantee if any brand new piece is around now. It’s built around one of the industry’s most iconic automatic movements – the Calibre 11, developed under the guidance of Dubois Depraz after Breitling, Heuer and BurenHamilton decided to build the world’s first automatic chronograph movement for a wristwatch. However, things have come a long way since 1969 April and this Calibre 11 marks its 50th anniversary! The 1970’s sporty look now comes with stunning, new modern improvements.
  2. The ‘70s features are notable through its striking, cushion-shaped, stainless steel case that receives a fine brushed finish; typical of the early 1970’s. The sleek, integrated lugs almost wrap around the wrist and the sporty, black perforated calfskin leather strap actually does that. It is not for them with a preference for smaller watches or for slender wrists. You also need rather long fingers to use the five pushers and the crowns with ease while you are wearing the watch. The arrangement of the pushers are now been slightly changed to facilitate the same. The crown and pushers on the right hand side of the case are for operating the chronograph while on the left, there’s a second crown that operates the countdown bezel and a pusher to set the date.

    The Hamilton American Classic Chrono Matic 50 Limited Edition watch sports a retro-inspired dial that’s visually faithful with a reverse-panda chronograph layout. The sporty red accents increase its visibility further under a stressful situation. The contemporary H-13 automatic chronograph movement provides an extended power reserve of 60 hours.

  3. Hamilton American Classic IntraMatic Automatic: These classic watches mark a solid entry point to the Swiss horology arena for the sensible ones. Sure, you can spend ten times and go for a Rolex but handling experience can’t be bought; it accumulates over time. The Classic Intramatic trains you up for handling the colossal Swiss and German names you’ll own later.

The Hamilton American Classic Intra-Matic Auto uses a movement that’s just appropriate for starters. The H-10 mechanical automatic is fitted with a non-magnetic Nivachron spring that helps in keeping things more accurate at one hand and storing 80-hours worth of power on the other. This is a critical point, for at this price, you usually get a 40+ hour range. So with 80 hours on the clock, you can put the fully-winded watch down on a Friday, let it rest through the weekend and again pick it up on Monday without missing a beat. In a technology-laden time today, the non-magnetic mainspring is also an added advantage that frees you from the fear of damaging unknowingly your watch while handling – say, a huge speaker with huge RMS output? Obviously, it will be fitted with a big magnet, enough strong otherwise to get the mainspring sticky!

These are entry level Swiss watches no doubt, but they can perform multiple duties at once. They are fit for the formal affairs including the office, meetings and corporate gatherings; even corporate merrymakings! The Hamilton American Classic Intra-Matic Auto shines at all these places with its clean and classic two-handed format.


The now Swiss Hamilton still strongly oozes its American legacy and heritage, providing very appealing wrist-wears for every kind of taste. Hamilton is a highly reputable watchmaker with build standards as strict as with any other sophisticated watch manufacturer – some even higher in the horological hierarchy. .

Hamilton’s mid-tier prices offer high-quality wristwatches in return but don’t expect Patek or AP here. The level Hamilton achieves for its price points is simply astounding – even the cheapest Hamilton will provide the kind of reliability that many others will find tough to match with.

The Hamilton watches discussed above give us a fair idea about this magnificent Swiss-American brand and their product range. From the stalwarts’ favorites Khaki Officer and King to a retro chronograph and aviators’ watches and the wrist wear for gentlemen. The list presented above holds 12 great, different options from one of the historic watchmakers who are still most accessible for all.

The Hamilton watches mentioned above offer some of the bests in the most accessible and versatile categories while also being viable options for the beginners into the mechanical watch sector. The range brings simple to complicated watches on a budget, for fans of cool watches that also carry some substance. From a historical standpoint, Hamilton’s long associations with railroad and aviation timekeeping have brought them the knowledge of precision mechanics you can rely upon both eyes shut. Their current Swiss identity resulted in an easier access to ultra-fine machinery and their operators and men with deftness for achieving outstanding spectacular outcomes every time.   Hamilton still continues to draw upon its American roots; their back catalogs bringing inspirations plenty from the railroad-era designs and built. The standard pocket watches to marine chronometers and military watches of all kinds, Hamilton’s ability to think out of the box exhibits the most through the Ventura and the X-Wind; the first one being the first electric watch in the whole world and the other, the first drift-angle calculator ever to appear in a watch. Hollywood has featured many of the Hamilton watches in their movies, the count exceeding 500 films in which Hamilton watches have appeared.

The brand’s catalog is a huge one, immensely varied with just about every type of watch style for every design they could think of. The vast majority is under $2,000 despite typical features like Swiss automatic movements and sapphire crystals being present. Solid value and a heavy build quality, that’s what Hamilton-s are liked for.


Who makes/owns Hamilton watches?

The Hamilton Watch Company is a Swiss wrist watch manufacturer (HQ and production) based in Biel, Switzerland – the center of the Swiss watch industry – since 2003. Hamilton merged with the Swatch Group in 1974.

Is Hamilton an old company?

Hamilton is American by origin and was founded in 1892 but its American connections ended in 1969 following which, Hamilton underwent a series of mergers, acquisitions and tie-ups, eventually integrating with the Swatch Group (1974).

Is Hamilton a luxury brand?

Hamilton is not premium luxury that requires consulting almanacs before wearing it. Neither is it just a daily-wear brand that promises more than it can deliver. Many watch aficionados consider it an underrated brand that delivers exceeding expectations. It’s a daily-wear all right for those into daily excitements. Better to say it’s a mid-priced, Swiss watch brand with credentials you’ll find often in the premium segment.

Why is Hamilton cheaper than other Swiss watches?

Hamilton watches are now manufactured in Switzerland under the umbrella of the Swatch Group, who also manufacture stock movements (e.g. ETA), both quartz and mechanical. Hamilton receives these and their slightly/considerably reworked versions that don’t exceed drastically the price for those with plain Swiss automatic stock movements. For quartz, they are automatically less expensive than mechanicals.

What is Hamilton famous for?

Hamilton watches are no less reliable than much higher priced watches in the segment; or, more prone to issues than any other far more expensive watch. Its key benefits are considerably less costs and a lot more watch for your money! For those who want to know about the model: It’s Ventura!

What is special about Hamilton watches?

Hamilton produced tool watches through the turn of the century, stretching to World War I, being a trusted watch and clock supplier for the U.S. Military. This made Hamilton transit towards aviation and Navy-grade chronometer watches, refining accuracy and design standards; adding notes to the basic industrial and/or military style.

Do Hamilton watches hold value?

Hamilton watches won’t match up that of Rolex, Omega, Patek, Lange or JLC; however, you end up with a very high-quality timepiece that garners profuse respect in watch circles that value wealth and rely upon pieces built to last long despite (sometimes) extreme abuse.

How reliable are Hamilton watches?

Hamilton watches are an innovative, iconic combination of American Spirit with Swiss Precision, offering highest performance and build standards. Hamilton movements created in Hamilton’s Lancaster factory (Pennsylvania) were used for the railroad timekeeping and their name soon grew synonymous to both accuracy and with reliability. They run now on highly precise Swiss made movements, produced according to the strict quality standards of the Swatch Group. All their watches – especially, the Khaki Field, Aviation, Navy and X-Wind have stood rigorous tests of time while the Ventura and Jazzmaster have had their shares from the polished urban circles and earned their reputations.

What movements does Hamilton use?

  • Mechanical: Caliber H-(10, 10S, 12,14,20-S, 21, 21-SI, 22, 30,31, 32, 40, 41, 41-E, 50), ETA/Valjoux Caliber 7750, ETA 2892-A2, 2894-2, 2895-2, 2836-2, 2824-2.
  • Quartz: ETA F06.111, 955.132, 955.422,
Which Hamilton watch is the best?

Among the bestsellers are the Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical, the Pilot Watch, the Khaki King II and the X-Wind for outdoor purposes while the Ventura, the Jazz Master and the View-Matic rule the dress circles.

Where does Hamilton get its diamonds from?

Hamilton sources diamonds only from the Top Wesselton VSSI color category; the term Wesselton being used interchangeably with GIA diamonds colored H or white. The sourcing fully complies with UN resolutions and are accompanied by Precious Stone Certificates. The Top Wesselton corresponds to the GIA diamond designation. It could be either be a category F or fine white + or a G i.e. fine white diamond.

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