Visual clues: Rules against demand

A ghost in a machine

A malawi Just one group may seem like a good idea at first and if one feels confident, open and content with what is under it – especially, ideologically – no one can argue.

Problems start as soon as you mix things up quickly and do not match / appreciate your efforts or, in its absence. It is true that whims, they are often translated into very good success stories but breaking any rules does not always raise the charts. Brown / Gold and black / gray / blue black, which goes well with silver and gold / black. This is a point that, if you try to break it, it can show enough self-loathing to give you a shame that is often difficult to remove.

Inner shot

There are other axioms that you should do the same for. Fold it if necessary, though not quite. An improper watch indicates (or loses, anything that makes you go away) disaster on all your clothes; Presage with beach shorts, slippers and casual coats is still more acceptable than Garmin for dinner, except by fire. So avoid all faux-passers doing a few things. Cheap, cheap or cheap are not necessary here.

The A handbook Repetition

  • TThe simplest rule is to choose a hand. Ideally, it should be of an uncontrolled hand (which makes it live on the left almost always); however, the right hand works only for a few. If you break the law, make sure you can get rid of it. Wearing a watch on your big hand – unless the colors are small – can interfere with your work with your hand. Doing makes it perfect, though. It also gives a senseless, arrogant sound.
  • Next in pliability and color selection. During the day they always appreciate light-colored faces while darker shades are for Sundown time. But again, there is nothing wrong with wearing any type of music and body that your heart desires, whenever it may be. – This brings us to the most important part of turning on the clocks! In the same way, you should wear dark dresses and dark and bright clothes and light clothing; it’s also great if your music watch fits the color of your shirt! Since the types of mechanical watches are much smaller than those of coats, it is not possible to form a small group of no more than 5 watches to match the tones of the coats in the original colors.
  • Fcasual, business or formal attire does not go hand in hand with sports watches. Always try to combine them with simple wearing watches. If you wear one, choose a casual / sporty outfit. Remember, anything big or small or insane will impair good dress. Also, for casual wear, keep your pocket watch as high as possible.
  • Ddo not check your watch from time to time.
  • THEmulti-colored watches and party- than casual wear. It screams for the people to listen and even if it is good for a house party for a week or at a club, it is not a customer meeting – no, even the inside of the music booth sounds great! The point is: do not extend your watch too far; if your watch is too big, it loses everything accordingly.
  • Bling watches (with a gemstone or gemstone) are ideal if you are a celebrity – singer, e.g. or a movie specialist on the night of the award. For the general public, it is best to go dancing at the weekend. It was all shiny and shiny at the time, so the watches wore watches. not even a singer can do that. Bling attracts and confuses by focusing all attention on one point. But oh! Diamonds and gemstones also enhance women’s attraction to women’s watches without a doubt.
  • You can wear a standard watch anywhere if you want; as long as it does not wear too much. If you are wondering if this includes the playground – well, yes; for less sport than rugby or polo.

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