Why is Fossil making more watches in Switzerland than in Hong Kong?

Quick facts:
and. Manno, Ticino canton, Switzerland is the only Italian-speaking area near the Italian border. It is 210km away from the Jura clock factory and is a well-known name in Swiss watchmaking companies. With the headquarters of STP (Swiss Technology Production); not a big name but makes more than 100,000 tracks each year.
ii. Most people do not know about STP. They, however; know the owners. The Fossil Group from Richardson, Texas (which also represents the fourth largest company in the world) has had an STP since 2012. It is a conference factory. Apart from the STP, Fossil Group also has a large headquarters in Basel near the Baselworld fairgrounds which serves as its production, design and painting center.

Why did Fossil go to Switzerland?
Martin Frey (MD, Fossil Group, Europe) noted that in Asia, Fossil was selling much lower (20% of the total market) than Swatch or Richemont despite the region having the highest trading volume. In the US, however; the circumstances were different. Natural oil accounted for 50% of total sales from US markets. Frey’s experience with his former boss in assisting Asian advertisers was very helpful and led to Fossil claiming 20% ​​of the ownership of a luxury watch. Opinions of the company Bovet Fleurier SA as a wise move. Boweti, too, was trying to increase their presence and trade there.

The reason for this is Asian psychology, which is disgusted with Asian watches that are under a certain price and demands a Swiss-made brand at its favorite prices. But that is not when the real Swiss story began in the Fossils.

History of Fossil production in Switzerland
In 2001, Fossil bought the Swiss Zodiac for $ 4.3 million after the Zodiac collapse. With the same Zodiac; best known for their Marine swimmers. The old ones now produce achunky quartz chronographs, which look like men and swimmers under the Zodiac name and sell for between $ 700 and $ 1,000.
Next, Fossil also bought three other companies based in Bienne and brought them under one umbrella, Antima. These are:
a. Antima Watches: Its (endless) compact watches of Antima and other types.
b. Meliga outfits: Horloger in the access section.
c. Making synergies: A company that designed and produced prototypes.
Later, Fossil signed a patent agreement with Burberry (British clothing and accessories) and in 2002, introduced Swiss-made Burberry watches with several non-Swiss brands (now abandoned) and began selling 400,000 to 450,000 units each. year to date!

10 years later
The Swiss-based Fossil campaign began to gain momentum when it took a large share from STP where there was a six-year-old organization called Prime Watch Holding Production. Fossil avoided cutting back on Swatch Group’s demands to reduce shipping costs in this way and used its findings to collect shipments and equipment from abroad. These advertisers are usually middle-aged, independent companies in Jura. The current STP is twice as old as it used to be and the new assembly lines are replaced by three functional configurations. Their production ranges from a few thousand to 100,000 thanks to their three-handed, 11½-ligne and 46 hours power reserve automatic movement similar to ETA 2824. Called STP1-11 into three different Fossil models – Fossil Swiss, Burberry. and the Zodiac.

The past is a Horo-Crazy group
As a business, American Fossil is proud to be a money-making company and capable of producing quality watches that are now thriving in recent years, making it as easy as ever to take Fossil’s watches seriously. Those who may not have thought of giving Fossil (even smart) watches a place on their hands will be amazed by Fossil Swiss Made watches.

What does Swiss-made Oil look like?
The Swiss Fossil collection is a vivid reminder of Burberry Britain watches. No, not exactly how they look; that’s a lot of how the company is making them and how they want to do it in the future. However, if you think Fossil Swiss watches will work in the wild, it will not take long to prove its worth. No, it doesn’t look like a G-Shock but much stronger than most worn watches on these poles.

Fossil Swiss: Automatic vs Quartz
In addition to Swiss Automatic, there are two types of Swiss quartz in the Fossil Swiss repertoire – Chronograph and Day + Day. It does not have the lifespan of five Swiss clocks no doubt, but it is good to be compared to the Swiss army and each Tissot entry. Archeology has taken some additional steps to give their Swiss translation personality; does not even try to compete with Rolex or Patek; he understands that it will be cool and unpretentious. Just take this: It’s not bad.

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