“You have given the wrong name quartz”: No, no!

The culture of well-known watchmakers has given a bad name to quartz for killing (well, almost) watchmaking companies that the world has always respected.!

Judging a group on the basis of ‘how they are made‘and’to it’s fiction ‘ has sparked a number of controversies along the way. The new side, then, merged sometime later; emphasis fell in the house this time. Now, here is the starting point for a new discussion that just thinks and demonstrates the making of clocks as a mobile technology.

In short, this is not the case.

Expertise in external parts of the watch is essential. That is also the difference between ‘products‘and’made‘. Whether completed by trained technicians for many years or by refurbishment machines also makes a huge difference.

AP is Royal Oak; For example! The amazing move is great, the price tags are also long hours that spend a lot of time completing every part of it. Old-fashioned is still the old-fashioned, with quartz movement being added as a remake of various fans. The watch became available and worn; A well-known, well-spoken piece shows a clear appearance but confirms the need for careful dressing as opposed to machine cousin. The color quartz creates a new mark that you can wear anywhere and give its mechanical color to special occasions.

It seems that the AP really did succeed in day-to-day operations using quartz as its potential, expanding the brand market with less internal investment. It took the name of the company; however, this is not a high quartz flow; it is only second to AP as it fills a niche that other buyers have requested.

The sale of a high-quality watch – best known for its machinery – with quartz movement makes it dark in front of high-quality quartz clocks as Grand Seiko using Price 9F; its quartz crystal is made in the house like a whole clock. Sure, they have death seconds hands not sesa as is the case with Spring Drive but seconds sweeping (as in Bulova Precisionist high-frequency quartz movement) speeds the battery down rapidly due to high-speed hand-held movements. It seems strange how it once was an image of a advanced technology has become everywhere today! So, it was the time of High Accuracy Quartz; continuous movement +15 seconds per month right or around +10 seconds a year! These are Most Accurate Quartz patterns that follow the same principles of stable quartz; but it is thermo-compensable and self-adjustable depending on temperature fluctuations.

Let’s take a break. Let’s take a look at what happened in Quartz Technology.

  • 1880: Piezoelectricity in quartz was found. Extras: Jacques and Pierre Curie; French scientists.
  • 1927: The first quartz clock; Warren Marrison and W. Horton, Bell Laboratories, New Jersey.
  • 1952: Electric clocks made without the use of quartz are Elgin National Watch Companyand Lips; March 19, 1952
  • 1957: Hamilton launches its first electronic watch.
  • 1966 and 1967: Beta 1 and Beta 1quartz wristwatch prototypes made by Omega.
  • 1969: Omega Electroquartz(Beta 21) and Seiko Astron was introduced as the first Swiss and Japanese quartz clocks.
  • 1971: Girard-Perregaux Caliber 350 was introduced, setting the quartz oscillation level (32,768Hz).
  • 1974: Omega triggers Omega Marine Chronometer, accurate up to 12 seconds per year. It showed the conversion of quartz to more accurate quartz.
  • 1975: Seiko initiated Price 0634; first digital LCD chronograph quartz clock.
  • 1976: Omega triggers Omega Chrono-Quartz; The world’s first analog-digital chronograph.
  • 1977: Omega triggers Pictures of 1620, the company’s first LCD chronograph clock.
  • 1980: Quartz oversees the watchmaking industry.

Today, for budget buyers, there is no substitute for good looking, low-cost, quartz analog clocks. Timex, Seiko, Kasio and Citizenship; although other species such as Skagen and Zeppelin are rapidly approaching; likewise Swiss names such as Tissot and Hamilton. These are simple, strong and non-abrasive that do not cause you to worry when you are on your hand or in your hands.

All the rest, all right; it is your choice. We bring it to you Pano some in our opinion. Don’t forget to do that leave an answer and let us know about your favorite quartz clocks.

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