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A well-known chronograph with rich text and history finds some major changes.

The famous Zenith El Primero story is interesting, to say the least. It’s the kind of thing that movies are made of. The company’s journey to produce El Primero, one of the most well-known chronograph systems ever started in 1865. El Primero was not just a very accurate machine. Announced at a press conference in 1969, the Zenith 3019 PCH team as it is known, was the first to have a self-propelled rotor and the first chronograph. That is why he was called “El Primero” which in Spanish means “First”.

El Primero has developed many innovations over the years from high-speed, 5Hz speeds that operate at 36,000 vibrations per hour, making it the first self-driving chronograph caliber. It was also the first to run very fast calendar ready chronograph and had a very thin profile of only 6.5mm which made it much thinner than contemporary chronographs. It had a simultaneous switch between night form, tachymeter, and pusher-to-zero pusher. Most importantly, it was the only chronograph that allows one to do the most accurate up to 1/10.th in seconds! Since then, Zenith has received numerous awards for its many hand-held watches, pocket watches, and accessories.

With all that being said, the most exciting part of El Primero’s success is how Zenith viewer Charles Vermot saved El Primero from being lost. It was at one point in the quartz crisis that many manufacturers went up because of market ideas about a new battery management system that is more accurate and cheaper than machine tools. It was a game changer for many watchmakers who tried to imitate this new trend in their production or cash out and closed their doors.

The U.S. management company that ignored Zenith was one of the last to decide to sell weapons and tons on scrap metal after losing confidence and how traditional clockmaking goes into the quartz crisis.

Zenith El Primero Chronomaster 2 Comments

Workshop 4 was a department in Zenith Manufacture where Charles Vermot oversaw each El Primero production team. He firmly believed that the market for the classic watch was not in danger and clung to his guns until he inquired whether it was necessary to stockpile the necessary equipment to make El Primero. However, she did not receive a reply. With other well-known and legally dangerous professionals for him and his brother who also worked at Zenith, he smuggled machines, cameras, printing presses, plans, tools, and anything else needed to make El Primero from Workshop 4 and hid them inside. a wall above one of the eighteen factory buildings. This was done under the cover of night darkness and was aided by the fact that Charles Vermot was a supervisor who had all the keys and easy access.


Millions of dollars of unmanned weapons were saved and when Rolex arrived at Zenith in search of a reliable and accurate chronograph in their Daytona watches, Charles Vermot’s predictions were fulfilled and he resumed business. The Zenith company was once linked to Movado, a subsidiary of MZM. This was a corporate company owned by Movado, another company called Zenith Radio Corporation, (must be something MZM liked the name) and Mondia. Zenith Time SA has gone through a handful of almost 160 years in the business and has recently been in the top hands of LVMH, (Louis Vuitton, Moet, Hennessy) the top team that has brought Zenith and many other watchmakers. large at a very high price.

With the help of LVMH heavy-duty money was made and with a few years’ research, they now made watches that were part of the hardest team like El Primero Grande ChronoMaster XXT Tourbillon. This sweet thing was the first Hi-beat tourbillon, another first to El Primero. Some of the more complex examples are followed such as the El Primero with a permanent calendar and another with a machine known as a minute reviewer. He soon began to incorporate several simultaneous simulations that led Zenith to become a chronograph artist into an artist who could have many complex and complex problems.

Zenith El Primero Chronomaster 2 caliber 3600

All this time, the things that made El Primero famous, its high accuracy, have always been very accurate. The 2017 version of Defy 21 was now 10 times accurate and timed and could reach 1/100.th secondly due to the 50Hz oscillation rate which had 360,000 VpH. The Zenith El Primero Chronomaster 2 we are reviewing here is a unique color that is the first to have a bezel, a minimum ceramic bezel, and has a three-dimensional shape in gray, anthracite, and blue with shells. window at 6 o’clock place. This was last seen on El Primero’s 50th anniversary pageant but this genre has a bone marrow transplant. The unique feature of the 42mm Zenith Chronomaster 2 is that in just 10 seconds the middle hand of the center chronograph rotates around the singing. This allows very real time.

Zenith is one of the few manufacturers of a mechanical watchmaker. The wheel chronograph is smoother and more accurate to start / stop and is more popular than other cam-mounted machines. For a high-speed watch, it also has a storage capacity of 60 hours. El Primero ChronoMaster 2 is powered by the Zenith El Primero 3600 caliber, a 35-point gemstone system that, like its predecessor, comes in hi-frequency of 5Hz or 36,000 vibrations per hour. together.

Zenith El Primero Chronomaster 2 singing

The two models available here are 95.3001.3600 / 69.c817 which comes with a black leather strap with a black ceramic (non-round) bezel. The second type from the list here is 95.3002.3600 / 69.c818 with a blue ceramic polished bezel and a blue leather belt. Both models come with a sapphire crystal display on the front and rear which gives you the opportunity to see the Caliber 3600 working on both sides of the clock. The lightweight titanium suit has 3600 caliber and consists of polished cords as well as a combination of polished and polished crowns and chronograph pushers.

In a nutshell: This is a well-known watch with the best design that can be passed on to all generations as a family heritage one day. To view these incentives and see discounted prices, click the button below.



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