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Some watches simply rest. The Zenith Elite Chronograph Classic we will discuss today is one of the cases. Let’s get started!

Today we will take a closer look at the Zenith Elite Chronograph Classic which is a good example of how flexible designs and finishes can attract the attention of collectors.

The collection contains as few examples as today. These collections will not require many examples because everything on this list looks as good as it gets. To put it bluntly 100%, it would be difficult to choose the one you like the most because of the simplicity, we will use model # 18.2270.4069 / 18.c498.

One of the most striking features of this watch is the beautiful bronze instrument with the finest dye of sunray dye that runs from the center of the chorus to the outside. The song has an almost smoky brown color with rounded lines that are black at the top and bottom of the song but light in the middle. It absorbs light in a way that makes the clock look bright everywhere you go.

Zenith Elite Chronograph Classic case

As if that wasn’t enough to impress me, the 18kt gold instruments used in the case, the crown, the chronograph pushers, the index hour markers, and the hands are the perfect tone to bring out the beautiful singing of the past. It looks good, and it’s very fun, yet it remains simple and high quality in its design. The Zenith Elite Chronograph Classic metal version also has the same melodies but the gold rose color tends to appreciate the warm tones of the gradient in my humble mind. It is more personal than anything else. To each other.

Zenith Elite Chronograph Classic Crown and Pusher

One thing I noticed about the hour notes is that it uses a dual pointer for a few hours and a one-hour marker for odd hours. I admire a watch that can be easily styled without having to go through complex artwork with unnecessary bells and whistles.

A small 30-minute chronograph counter with a few seconds of sound recording directly on a large dial in a very small sans-serif format. The song consists of a white song, recorded in seconds and seconds in a circular motion. Split seconds are useful because this is a very accurate chronograph.

Zenith Elite Chronograph Classic El Primero Caliber 4069

This should not be surprising because the Elite Chronograph Classic is operated by anyone but the famous El Primero caliber 4069 from the Zenith El Primero 400. Other brands have used this base as well as Panerai in their OP IV version found in some of their Luminor Chrono watches, with a look of the Panerai OP VI found in the Luminor Chrono Flyback (model # PAM00060). Hublot also uses this foundation in its HUB 4700 model found in most Big Bang Spirit watches, as well as in the TAG Heuer in its Carrera Caliber 36 Flyback watches, and BVLGARI also displays in its BVL 328 which empowers most of its Bulgarians. Octo Velocissimo watches.

If the watchmakers do not have enough evidence that this is a good move, let the well-known name of the COSC certified Chronometer speak for itself because of its accuracy. The Zenith El Primero 4069 is a self-driving machine a big hit a movement that captures frequent 36,000 vibrations per hour or 5Hz. This finely finished caliber can be seen running through the sapphire backyard. It has 31 gemstones and has a storage capacity of about 50 hours.

The 4069 is a 30mm caliber that uses the chronograph machine which is generally preferred over its CAM actuated counterparts as it allows you to start and slow down on the rectangular chronograph buttons. This move also provides hours, minutes, and even seconds. The self-propelled semi-skeletonized weighted rotor can be seen through the case and is decorated with the word Zenith El Primero, Manufacture Le Clocle, and features the well-known black Zenith star.

The 41mm case has a very good size and is 11.80mm thick and is well polished. The back case is fastened with 4 straps, one on each corner, and contains sapphire crystal against the front and back of the case. While this is not the type of watch you would like to swim in, it does have enough water for you to do the rest light swimming on the edge of the pool.

Zenith Elite Chronograph Classic Strap

All in all, this is a watch that is easy to maneuver and attract attention. They fasten a leather belt of deep and green leather attached to brown. It fastens in your hand with 18kt rose gold connecting buttons. The rose gold dress has a final polished and polished finish and features a polished star. It is a very well-designed watch and looks impressive on every hand.

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